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Breast Cancer Survival Rates Explained

Breast Cancer Survival Rates Explained

>>>Dr. Jay K. Harness: Often patients think
that a diagnosis of breast cancer is a death sentence and I can see it in their eyes and
the words come out “Am I going to survive this?” As I have shared before, breast cancer
is a huge galaxy of diseases. Multiple different kinds of diseases, from the earliest in situ
or small invasive cancers way up to much more aggressive and frankly very-very dangerous
cancers. So, let me give you an example of a common
sort of result from a core biopsy. Patient has a lump in the breast; hopefully the people
working them up ordered a core biopsy. Core biopsy comes back intermediate grade invasive
ductal carcinoma, very-very common, it is probably be the most common that I see. Remember
now, there are three grades – low grade, intermediate grade, and high grade, so an
intermediate grade invasive ductal carcinoma is a very-very common diagnosis, and then
often the core biopsy will pick up some of the surrounding in situ breast cancer. Remember the cancer has to originate inside
the ductal system first as an in situ breast cancer and then grows out through the wall
of the ducts and invades the surrounding tissue and becomes invasive at that point. So, often
the core biopsy results, let us say as an example surrounding intermediate or high grade
in situ breast cancer and poor patients come in with these reports in their hands that
the primary care doctor has given them just like a deer on the headlights, they came “Oh
my gosh, am I going to die, am I going to survive? Is it serious?” You know, and all
the questions that come with it. So as you have heard me say multiple-multiple
times, this is why this is a multidisciplinary team approach. This is why we need to figure
out all of the subtleties of a particular breast cancer and then obviously maximize
the contemporary treatments, as we understand them today, knowing full well that the future
of these treatments are going to get better and they are going to change. I often had patients coming in already who
has been on the internet all over the internet looking up the survival of stage I breast
cancer, stage III breast cancer, things of that sort. There are some real important I
got to remind you that some of those numbers whether it is, you know, 90 something percent
five year for stage I down to may be, I do not know, 65% for stage III, those are historical
numbers, those who are looking backwards at what happened to people treated years ago
with the therapies that we understood them then. And yes, the higher the stage of the
cancer, there is going to be lower survivability but remember we are talking about incremental
decreases here, and we are also talking about getting way down the road here for new things
to come along. My colleague Dr. David Margileth will be also
talking in the future here about what he sees coming in the future of breast cancer treatment,
how we hope to convert a lot of breast cancers into chronic diseases and I have talked about
this before when it comes, as an example, to stage IV disease. So, what is the wrap up from this? Do not
be overwhelmed by this complicated reports; be in the hands of a multidisciplinary team;
make sure that you are getting the State of the Art Care as we understand it today, so
that you can and will survive and we want you long ways down that road, so in case anything
should come back, we got new cool stuff to treat you with in the future. Hi, I am Dr. Jay Harness and I want to share
with you an important information that I believe that every newly diagnosed patient with breast
cancer needs to know. Susan Denver: “I am a breast cancer survivor.” Katherine Stockton: “I am a breast cancer
survivor.” Coree: “I am a breast cancer survivor…” Susan Denver: “…and I want every woman
to know…” Katherine Stockton: “…about personalized
breast cancer treatment…” Susan Denver: “…and the Genomic Test.” Coree: “A test that helps guide a woman
and her doctor…” Katherine Stockton: “…to the best treatment
options for her.” Susan Denver: “Pass it on!”

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  1. Thank you ! for calming me down with the survial rate. I'm stage 3a and survival rate I was reading was 67%, And your right it was from the past.I was told by my doctor not to read the internet as news on here is old.

  2. What would you say was your key to surviving breast cancer?

    Dr. Jay Harness explains Breast Cancer Survival Rates.

    Watch the video below to find out more.

    #BreastCancer #BreastCancerSurvivor

  3. I have cancer tested pos interductal carcinoma, I wasn't upset and I am happy, no treatments for me I want to be 6 ft under. I was never upset when I found out about the cancer does anyone want to die, I am so tired and nauseous

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