67 thoughts on “Brendon Burchard’s Top 10 Rules For Success (@BrendonBurchard)”

  1. I immediately clicked on this video when I saw Brenden! Thank you for so many amazing, well designed, insightful videos Evan!! 😊

  2. Many thanks Evan – This guy is just crazy "amazing" – I have to time my top 6 from all your videos and he is up right there… Thank you!

  3. Brandon ,
    We have to work every day five min. from our goals from all life!!!
    From progress. we have to be focused every moment from knowledge !!
    This is every day!!!Life action with competence knowlegde from you trust in yourself!!!

  4. Great video, thanks for sharing with us. I know that only our attitude determines the quality of our life. So i work on changing my mindset daily .

  5. You are amazing!!!!!!! I am so blessed to have come across your videos, although my time is bleeding over it's okay! I can't stop listening

  6. I love him really wish to meet him in person he has been my inspiration love him wish him all the best in the world

  7. For me, it #7- get constructive feedback. That's where I am right now and it was on my mind to do this and here he says it's good to do.

  8. 0:00 – Brendon Burchard's Top 10 Rules For Success — Founder of the Expert's Academy


  9. All of his rules are great and I love that I can hear and feel his passion in what he is saying. Simple rules that we all know of but don't tap into.

  10. Thanks for sharing this.  It really help me confirm what I was already thinking about myself  but just doubting a little. Now I am sure  about why I am the way that I am and its ok.

  11. Your Awesome I'am so happy I found you so I Suscribed I feel like I have A lot to learn from you so thank you for that, keep doing your best By Inspiring people😘💕💓

  12. "be willing to be different" knowing that what I am launching may have been done before, but not by me. All of what he said is inspiring, but that reminded me it is okay to launch.

  13. obsession is so important in life… but it comes in two way in good and bad but still it will become meaning full in life…so be obsess in what you want in your future live because nothing can stop you if your so obsess in something…

  14. The amount of value you input into my life is unquestionablly amazing!! Thank you so much for your daily inspration! It's becoming a part of my day!

  15. Brendan is Moving into a 7th dimension Level of thinking, CSS at its best. (customer Service Specialist) Living in a perpetual state of creativity CRAZY Creativity. #sosm209 #itispossible209

  16. I love this guy. Practically everything he says resonates with me! Love his discussion regarding doubt. I kept thinking to myself the only thing we have to fear is doubt itself!! We should fear it because it holds us back. Acknowledge it and move on!! So #1 & #2 are my favs, but #4 is close behind!!

  17. Evan, although this video is 'old' and your channel features so many excellent speakers, this by far, is one of the most specific 'success-driven' videos ever. Learning is a different process for each individual and I personally like Brendon's direct approach and clarity. Pleeeeease, don't ask me to choose ONE of Brendon's principles because, for me, it's virtually impossible.😊 Thank you! 👌

  18. Who else heard him say when you create a porn lol but meant to say PowerPoint around 1325 lol everyone makes mistakes he's still awesome!

  19. Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacX6JAo1EpmxT91r6VH53g?sub_confirmation=1

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