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Brie Larson Thought She Saw Fake Crocodiles While Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Brie Larson Thought She Saw Fake Crocodiles While Running Wild with Bear Grylls

So the movie is
called “Just Mercy,” and it’s with Jamie Foxx
and Michael B. Jordan. And it’s a true story, and it’s
heartbreaking and beautiful and good. And tell everyone
what it’s about. So it tells the story of this
man named Bryan Stevenson, who was a Harvard lawyer, and became
very interested in these cases that were happening of men that
were being put on death row with very little evidence. And so it tells the story of
him first discovering about this and starting his
organization, that is still up and running now, called EJI–
the Equal Justice Initiative. It focuses on one
case in particular, named Walter McMillian,
played by Jamie Foxx. And it’s just– it is
a heartbreaking story, but it is ultimately
uplifting and so beautiful. And we’re so lucky to
have people like Bryan on this planet. Yeah. It’s an amazing story. I hope everybody
sees this movie, for so many different reasons. But it’s amazing that
he– this man does this. All right. Let’s talk about–
you did “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” Yes. Which, I cannot
believe you did that. Yes. I think my mom
feels the same way. I mean, I– OK, so there’s
one part where you have to crawl upside
down on a rope, across a river that
has crocodiles in it. Yes. How is that– how was an
insurance company allowing you? Questionable. And also I was, like, in the
middle of “The Avengers” press tour when I did this. I, like, popped off for
a weekend to Panama. Yeah, this was my idea. I can’t even blame anyone
for this, any of this. But no– but– I mean, how is that– I mean, he’s gotten away
with this for so long. But somebody’s
going to get hurt. It wasn’t me. [LAUGHTER] Thank God. So I walked off that
island, like, good luck to the next one. It’s really fun though. I do recommend it. If anyone– if you ever
come across Bear Grylls and he’s, like,
oh, yeah– if you– if he was just, like, hey,
little lady, come with me. Just go, yes. Do it. I understand the
donkey in Madrid. I get the “yes” on that. Right. This “yes” I don’t get. Because really, there’s no– this is for real
dangerous stuff. I guess the problem
was that I didn’t believe that it would be real. Case in point was the first day. We’re walking
around the mangrove, and as we come around
this corner, a crocodile or alligator– whichever
one, goes, like, “Raa.” And I wasn’t even fazed by it. And everyone was,
like, oh, my God. And the camera was, like,
good thing it did that. So we’ll go this way. And I was, like– yeah,
but that wasn’t real. And they were like,
what do you mean? I was, like, that
was an animatronic. And they were like, no. That was not part of the plan. That’s just a reptile
that lives here. An animatronic? You thought you were at
Universal Studios or something? I mean, yes. I realized that the only time
I’ve been around something like that was at Disneyland. And so my brain just was,
like, this is pretend land. And I didn’t think about– Wow. I know. I’ve been working too much– is what I’ve gotten out of this. That’s amazing. Well, I can’t
believe you did that. But it’s amazing
that you did that. I’m very impressed by
you in so many ways. [APPLAUSE] The movie is called,
“Just Mercy.” It opens in select
theaters Christmas day– and everywhere January 10. We’ll be right back.

87 thoughts on “Brie Larson Thought She Saw Fake Crocodiles While Running Wild with Bear Grylls”

  1. Fools: I am first, second, blah blah
    And then there's brie: that croc ain't real. Its an animatronic
    Edit: I love brie, tho❤️

  2. I used to have a huge crush on this woman till i found out how fake she is, can't even laugh at her jokes anymore.

  3. To be fair it prolly was fake most of the “survival” stuff that guy does is he doesn’t actually do most of what he shows on the show he just films it and then goes back to a trailer with all the amenities

  4. If one day I have a girlfriend, it's gotta be Brie Larson. She's the most wonderful human being on earth. She's the definition of perfection.

  5. @TheEllenShow Hey Ellen! Thank you! Looking forward to meet you one day. Sending you love from India. Please keep going!

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    I just wanted to say that you make me sick if you think male suicide is a laughing matter.

  7. I always found her to be cute but i don't know what it is maybe it's the weight loss for Captain Marvel but i think she has become one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood

  8. Brie Larson forgot to mention the part where she is only doing this to virtue signal that she cares about anyone but herself…

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