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Budget Friendly Food Storage- Start Prepping For a Well Stocked Preppers Pantry

Budget Friendly Food Storage- Start Prepping For a Well Stocked Preppers Pantry

budget friendly food storage how to get started food storage cheap foods to stockpile prepper food basics hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you looking for
some budget-friendly food storage tips what are the best foods to store how to make food storage last it’s a great idea to have a stockpile of
food set aside for your family because we never know when there might be an
emergency how to build a food storage stockpile cheap with little money it doesn’t have to be an apocalypse it could be an emergency as simple as a power outage the water stops running there is some kind of a storm a
weather-related event maybe someone in your family is sick and you can’t go to
the store or you’ve had a job loss and money is short why store food then you can open your
pantry feed your family and go on living a normal life food storage and prepping
is a type of lifestyle insurance to make sure that you have the things that you
need in an emergency if you have the food supplies things you need for emergency situations you don’t need to rush
out and try to figure out how to get those things you have the things you
need which gives you the peace of mind to continue the way you’re going and
figure out what to do next it gives you a sense of security that is a really
wonderful thing to have so what you want to do is make a strategy to store stockpile buy food storage figure out how
much money you have that you could set aside a little bit of extra food if
budgets are tight it could be difficult but it’s usually something you can
accomplish you can set aside a few extra dollars every time you go to the grocery
store the first strategy should be to choose extra foods of the foods you eat
every day or commonly so that you have a few of those extras as backups and cans
of chili soup fruit vegetables ravioli cereal crackers
peanut butter instant mashed potatoes instant muffin mixes things that aren’t
very expensive are simple to cook and maybe don’t require any cooking at all
in case there’s a power outage things that you normally eat it’s not something
you normally eat and you like it’s a waste of money prepping dollars
space and your pantry to stockpile those food items so stick with easy foods that your
family enjoys once you have an extra stockpile of those foods then you might want
to think about the bulk foods for long term food storage even if you can only
pick up one at a time these are great foods to store store it properly they
last nearly forever start with rice and beans you can pick them up in a one or
two pound bag sometimes you can find the beans in a bulk container you can scoop
out as many as you like you can even buy them in huge bags giving you extra food
to feed your family choose as many or as few as you can afford or you care to
have store buy the amount of rice beans that makes you feel like you have an ample supply then think
about other budget friendly long lasting foods that are easy to prepare get some oatmeal and
some pasta those are both dry foods you only need to boil them with some water
and they can be very filling and they store very well in your pantry for many
years when Y2K was coming I bought all kinds of pasta but nothing happened we
threw open the pantry and we enjoyed having pasta to eat for 12 years
all of it still tasted fresh and fine and that’s the point about storing foods
that you actually like stock up on long lasting foods you actually eat and then
you can eat them if you find a good deal on honey buy some of that get as natural
a honey as you can find make sure it isn’t processed pasteurized or it doesn’t have
any additional ingredients like corn syrup in the honey
it’s a sweetener but honey also lasts nearly forever and has lots of potential
uses in any long-term situation get a selection of spices even go to the
Dollar Tree and find a large jar for only a dollar per spice spices don’t
really go expired they may lose some their essence so you just add more if
you’re stockpiling rice a nice addition might be soy sauce soy sauce is made
from a vinegar base and so it’s one of the foods that lasts nearly forever you
can store it in your pantry and know that it will remain fresh for many years
if sugar is something you use pick up a bag of sugar these are some basic foods
that can see you through through all kinds of situations where you can keep
your family fed salt is a good budget-friendly food storage item we all
actually need salt in our diet there’s just so much of it in processed
food sometimes we forget that it’s something if you don’t eat process food
you need to make sure you include salt in your diet salt can be used also for
things like gargling for sore throats and all kinds of uses just around your
house for cleaning and maintenance so salt is inexpensive and easy to
stockpile I store salt in jars I’ve had the boxes of salt actually turned solid
and become wasted because of humidity and I’ve also seen in warm climates when
pantry bugs got into the pantry when they actually also got into the salt so
you don’t want to waste your food dollars by not storing it properly store your foods in proper containers that keep them airtight then you want to
store them away in a cool dry and dark place in your pantry first stock your
pantry with easy shelf staple foods that you can just open and eat and then think
about adding some of these budget friendly cheap easy to store longer-term foods that will keep you going in all
kinds of situations food storage doesn’t have to be
complicated or expensive just stick with the basics buy the things your family
will actually eat and then rotate them if nobody’s going to eat rice don’t buy
it if nobody’s going to eat pasta don’t get it choose the food things that we’re
you somebody else’s list is not the answer – there’s no such thing as
perfect food storage unless it’s the foods that you choose to store and that
your family will eat learn more at please subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel

12 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Food Storage- Start Prepping For a Well Stocked Preppers Pantry”

  1. Food is more important than gear. Eighty percent of our crops failed this year and also in Europe. Please stock up now. Check at Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Mighty Dollar. Get food on sale. Remember drink mixe packets for water. Eight for $1.00

  2. Maybe the furloughed gov't employees will learn this from their experience. Can't believe people fail to have emergency funds. My policy is a minimum of 6 months. You never know… Be prepared for the unexpected.

  3. Good advice. I just stored away some seeds from squash from Thanksgiving dinner given to us from a friend's garden. I dried them and put into folded paper for a envelope and put into a glass peanut butter jar for safe storage.

  4. I am participating in the January Pantry challenge by Leisa Sutton and Mandy Moore. I suspect you are familiar with both. It's just as important to not only stock pile food but also learn how to cook with it. That's my goal this little as possible grocery shopping and use food from my pantry, refrigerator and freezer and long term food storage. An example, I made scalloped potatoes and instead of putting in fresh milk I made powdered milk. I am keeping track of what I do for the month. Can you or your viewers eat from home without going grocery shopping and eating out? It's going to be a challenge as I want to cook decent meals.

  5. I live in lower Alabama. When hurricane Michael tore through the panhandle of Fla people evacuated north. The additional people in our town put a strain on the stores here. And we have 3 grocery stores, a dollar tree, and 3 dollar general stores within about 10 mins in town. Some people don't think about the effects of storms/ disasters that cause a burst in population to thier area.

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