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Bug Out Camp 3 – Complete Rebuild

Bug Out Camp 3 – Complete Rebuild

Hi guys My name is Lily and Today I’m here at my partner Camp Number three and Here it survived the winter But Actually It Looks quite Rough and today i want to redesign the camp Shape and Do a Couple of Changes Here and Make This into a Really Good bag of Camp Stay Tuned okay so we have the following Situation i want to cut down this tree here at this Height Because This Would Be perfect to set on The Ridge pole of My Shelter and This Way It would be a Very Safe Shelter and If you look Up the tree you see that it’s almost Dead it only has a Few Green Branches Also Here you can See that the tree is Already Damaged So here It’S no big deal if you cut down the string Here yeah Okay here you can see That This tree Was already Dying It had Only Just a Few Green Needles on It and yeah That’s What’s happening Very often When it comes to small trees standing Beneath Such Trees Which are you know taking all of The Sand Okay so i’m keep Branching The logs Here because i don’t want the Branches to rip a Hole into my top Okay so the last time i was Here was quite a while ago and i forgot to Put This Pot into that container here and Now it’s full with dirt and shit from the mice and That’s a Very Bad Thing Because you want to keep Your stuff Clean Especially From Mice and Mice They tend to have Hantavirus Which can Be Very Harmful to Humans so if you ingest their Faeces It can Be That You die from The Hands of virus nothing to Joke About So i have this box here Which i’ll Just leave at the camp and in the box i have all my stuff Which is important to me i have a First-aid kit i have couple of pots and other stuff, tinder and ther it’s dry, it’s clean and My gear Is safe from Mice Ok, the first Shelter is set Up and Now it’s time to prepare the fireplace i want to make It right Here the problem is That There’s This Huge Root That is coming from This tree over there it’s quite thick and yeah I’m sure that it will Burn Away quickly So what i want to do now is i want to dig down and See how many more Roots there are maybe cut them out and then refill the Holes with some stones and for that I’m going to need a Shovel and today i have a New Shovel Which i want to show you this is The Big Model Shovel By The Company 5 Joy It’s a Pretty Handy Tool It has a Perfect size it comes with This Very Heavy Duty Pouch And This Handle Here and the cool thing is that the Handle at the inside comes with an Emergency knife and with a Saw blade at The other side and It also comes with a Bottle Opener so That’s Pretty cool you can’t Just put It inside off your Shovel and Screw It on your Shovel then you have your nice Handle and you can Put Your Shovel to good use also you have a Hidden compartment Here And That’s a Firesteel That You can use and you screw the firesteel out you Have This very cool whistle you can Use the Whistle for Emergency Signaling or if you want to call youR dog if you have one so That’s pretty awesome? Some people have complained that The Handle is too short but you can order some Extra Extension Handles Tubes Which you can screw in like this and I really Like This quick Adjustment system where it’s Just push down This Lever and then You can Just a Shovel to a hoe for Example so That’s Pretty Cool It’s really Not so easy to dig Through The Ground Because there are so many Roots But gladly The Shovel is pretty stable I’m really Amazed by the efficiency of This small hoe the corners of the Shovel The Edges are Pretty Sharp so it cuts Very Good i I Mean Look at This it’s almost Only Roots Here If you have ever worried about What soil is Fireproof it’s this one This Here is Clay Earth Which has a Very low content of Oxygen so It’s very Unlikely That This soil will Burn By Itself or You Know sometimes there so as Where there’s a Lot of Oxygen and debris Inside and If you make a fire there It can Be that the fire will Just Stay Inside of The Earth and glow for Years and Years Without properly Burning But With soils Like This you don’t Have to worry but i still have to cut away this Root Here It’s too Big and Too near to the To the fireplace here Yeah guys so i have prepared a fireplace and the base is Ready for the first fire and next time i’m going To make a fire reflector and i have a Lot of Other Work to do over there as well and If you’re interested in getting a Shovel Like This one Here it’s Pretty easy Just follow the link in the description and The Company five Joy Was so nice to give Away one of This shovels for free how can you win the Shovel it’s pretty easy you Just have to be a Subscriber to My Facebook Fan site You have to be a Subscriber to this Channel and you have to share this video on my Facebook Fan site and? In about a week or so I’m going to choose a Random Winner So That’s how you can win the shovel it’s pretty easy and Yeah i want to thank you for watching i want to thank the company five Joy for sponsoring this video Thanks and Stay Tuned to the next time

100 thoughts on “Bug Out Camp 3 – Complete Rebuild”

  1. well, before i said how she spent the night by herself at those places, but that wasn't true, she has somebody else on her side.

    I can bet all i have, that she doesn't stay there by herself even an hour at night time.

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  3. Hey Lilly, what no beer break? No kicking back on this video and you worked hard digging. We enjoy your videos. Thanks.

  4. Lilly, I bought one of the fivejoy RS shovels after watching you use it. I love it. It is well made, sturdy and well worth the money. Thanks

  5. blade heavy knives don't try and turn up side down and fall out ! longer blade .lighter handle! handle heavy knives are throw backs to the daggar ! and stupid socialist not wanting people to only have anything but near useless knives !

  6. Hi Lilly, I really enjoy your videos and you do a great job. I just wanted to let you know I would like to see longer videos, like 45 – 60 minutes. Thank you for your wonderful videos. Erik from Prior Lake, MN USA. 🙂

  7. Hint, take a can of WD 40 with you and spray down the saw blade . My grandfather was a lumberjack and they use to carry jugs of Kerosene to lubricate the blades. A can of WD 40 is much easier to carry and can be used to help protect ax heads shovels and saws fro rust.

  8. I really enjoyed watching you saw down that tree, your butt was swaying side to side, sort of turned me on a little.

  9. Do you just scout out random locations in national forests for your bug out locations or on your own property? I need ideas, lol.

  10. For living in Austria I have to say I'm kind of pissed to see empty yellow cans everywhere littering the ground at the start.

  11. She's a strong lady & she knows what she's doing. I would have been a proud father with a daughter like her. GOD bless you Survival Lilly!

  12. Hi Lilly I really enjoy your work. That camera you were showing us for out doors what was the name of it please.

  13. I came to your channel to learn how to shoot a recurve bow, stayed cause your videos are awsome and i just have you playing in the background while i do chores around my house 🙂

  14. hello lilly i like your videos, but what about the stapler? where am i supposed to find a stapler in the wilderness? Pls answer.

  15. Hay Lilly! I feel your channel music choice is so awesome. It makes the survival subject a lot lighter than other channels.

  16. Strength, stamina and determination demonstrated, as much as the toughness and usefulness of the shovel.

  17. You know my brothers and myself practically live in the forests around my parents old farm , and have been for over 25 years. My point is almost every time I watch your videos I learn at least one thing new sometimes two things. Thanks for the great videos wish you all the best and keep them coming 👍 love from Canada 🇨🇦

  18. I noticed that your sweater and shirt rise up exposing your lower back to the elements, Maybe you should wear a longer undershirt to help protect your kidney's from the cold and wet. I used to have the same trouble and found that I was more susceptible to chills and urinary tract ailments, so I now wear longer garments that stay tucked into my pants. You've visited Canada so you know our weather can be harsh, similar to Austrian weather conditions. Stay well Lily, I need and very much enjoy your video's

  19. That is one sweet companion dog… very calming.
    Also, one very decent shovel to take on those roots. It would work nicely for 'trenching' around tents, etc. I would definately get the extension piece.. it would really extent the shovel's usage. Nice piece of gear.

  20. Very nice shovel and taft..and can be a survival tools..nothing to worry..very durable..i hope i could have one also of this tools..good to see also a lady mountainer like you ive learned a lot..thank you..and god bless.

  21. Hi Lily, that is a nice shovel, would love to have one if the company send a give away, i really love watching your videos since i started watching of your videos

  22. Hi Lilly I love all your videos your a great inspiration..
    I wish I had your energy and know how to built a bug out shelter…keep up the great work.

  23. Sorry I'm not a creepy person. I just think u r the hottest thing none to man. I'm binge watching you. I love you

  24. Still continuing my binge watch.
    Awesome videos.
    It's now October 2019.
    Are you making more?
    P.S. most of the videos set in Austria appear to be on the same land setting. Do you own that as your "Bug Out" spot for filming.

  25. I love your dog. Reminds me of my Lab. Does the dog get to sleep at the foot of your mattress while camping with you? Great job rebuilding your shelter.

  26. Lilly I like it when you’re by yourself building your camps it real interest in watching you doing it good job God bless you good job USA Tennessee prepper smoky mountains Tennessee,🥰❤️🇺🇸👍

  27. Hey Lilly why is it when you’re always having fun it starts to rain doing a good job love you girl USA Tennessee Prepper smoky mountains Tennessee,🥰🙏😇🇺🇸👍

  28. I love the way your dog stays with you and even looks strait into the camera when your working. He understands mine understands camera too. He casually makes a cameo appearance. I just wish you would explain your design more and what you were hammering into the ground and how exactly it was securing the logs. I need more instructional n and which direction to point this thing. A road map of instructions

  29. How would this hold up under real wind? I mean you built a cool house but you didn't explain how or why you did different things I still don't know how to build this how about a link to your blueprints maybe some directions

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