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Building a business from scratch requires grit, endurance & long-term thinking.

Building a business from scratch requires grit, endurance & long-term thinking.

Having the strength of mine on those mornings right, it’s always the mornings you’re like this f**$ this and I think any entrepreneur who told you he didn’t think about quitting more often than he wants to he or she wants to admit like you think about quitting, you think about… it you just don’t do it you know and three years into this I really feel like I’m really just starting still. So endurance starts with making a long-term commitment from the get-go. You know for me I was like I’m going hard at this for my life because that’s easier for me to conceive that I’m gonna… I either have to get it or not. If it takes me 20 years it takes you 20 years, if it takes me 30 years it takes me 30 years. If it takes me three… good. I hope, but you know it you usually doesn’t unless you’re a savant, right. There are savants out there, unicorn startups dude millions of dollars funding blowing up in five years. 99% of business owners and startup founders like you eat glass for years before you see any significant pay out and start to blow up so. Committing for 10 years to start, knowing i will put my head down and… WORK. Be committed for 10 years before I can, you know, expect to have any level of lasting and enduring success that’s hard, man. Anybody give you something for a year years not a long time in business. A year’s… three years isn’t a long time in business. It’s enough that you should be growing and changing and evolving but like the long term mindset and enduring through the days you want to quit – you’re going to want to quit … if you don’t, you’re real savage, but really.

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