Bullet Ant Kryptonite?

(tense music) – [Coyote] Here we
go, are you ready? – [Mario] I’m ready. – I’m Coyote Peterson
and I’m about to take on the bullet ant challenge. Are you ready? – [Mario] Le’ts do it. – One. Two. Oh my gosh, this is it. Three. (screaming) Oh, it’s stuck in my arm,
it’s stuck in my arm! The stinger’s stuck in
my arm, look at that! It’s off, it’s off, it’s off! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my god, it is really bad. It is like (grunting) it’s hot. I can feel the venom
already right in my forearm. (screaming) It is, it’s number one. (adventurous music) – [Mario] Coyote? – Yeah? – [Mario] How you
feeling, buddy? – Sweaty and out
of it, actually. We are about two and a
half hours in at this point and I’ll tell you what,
one of the toughest aspects was hiking 45 minutes back
out of the rainforest. I just keep sweating profusely. My arm, currently, is very sore. It’s red, it is
swollen, check this out. That right there is the mark
where the stinger went in, it’s like this permanent welt
that just isn’t going away. And you’ll notice all
of the blotchiness around the sting zone. Very, very similar
to the velvet ant. Now when I was stung
by the tarantula hawk, my arm just swelled up
like it was full of water, almost like a water balloon. This is different. Not as much swelling,
but very, very tender. All I have to do is touch the
skin around the sting zone and it feels like a bunch
of little, tiny needles going in and out. And I’m having this after effect
where every 10-15 minutes, it feels as if I’m
being stung again. And then you have these waves
of pain that are throbbing, it’s like whoo, whoo. There’s a lot of venom
in my arm right now. We know that cause
I probably took, I’d say two to three
times the amount of venom because the stinger actually
got stuck in my arm. How crazy was that shot, can
you believe that we got that? – [Mario] Definitely was
not an average sting. – No. If you’re just
stung by a bullet ant, out there walking, one
just whap, tags you and you do everything
you can to get it off, you’re not getting as much venom as would go in if the
stinger was actually stuck. So it’s definitely fair to
say I’ve taken more venom than the average
sting would yield. But that’s good,
cause it’s giving us the full opportunity
to see the effects of this venom on my system. Now I know a lot of you
at this point are thinking okay, Coyote, we’re so
glad that you’re okay, I know everybody’s worried every time I take
one of these stings. And as we always show you,
we have an epinephrine pen with us just in case I go
into anaphylactic shock. Now the other the thing
that we often have that we haven’t shared with
you guys before is this. That’s a satellite phone. All you need to do is press
a single button on this and a Life Flight helicopter
will come pick us up anywhere in the world. So don’t worry, if
anything tragic happens, we’re gonna get me out of
danger as quickly as possible. Now whenever we do one of
these bite sting episodes, I like to show you guys
the basic first aid that you could have right
in your medicine cabinet or that you would get
from the pharmacy. But today we’re
gonna do something just a little bit different. – [Man] Are you gonna
pee in a bottle again? – Oh, I didn’t even
think about that. Does urine work on
a bullet ant sting? No, sorry guys, sorry Mario, no pee for this aftermath video. – [Man] Mario’s disappointed. – That’s fine with me, man. (laughing) But what we do have is a
product called Sting-Kill. Now this is a company that has
been around for a long time and it’s a basic remedy for
any insect bite or sting. Now this one here is
an actual sting wipe. It’s got benzocaine and menthol. Menthol is gonna be fantastic
because that’s a cooling agent and my arm is on fire right now. Don’t believe me? Mar, go ahead and touch the
skin there on my forearm and tell everybody is
that warm to the touch? – [Mario] That is really hot. You can even tell from
the side of your arm to right at the sting. – So what I’m gonna
do is open this up and let’s see if the sting
wipe helps to cool off my arm. This is nice, these are perfect, this could fit right
in any hiking backpack. And this is for any
basic bite or sting. Could be a honey bee,
could be a hornet. In this case, it is
going to be a bullet ant. Oh, woah, that’s
strong, look at that. Okay, here we go,
apply it to the skin. That’s pretty nice. That is cooling and I
can actually feel it slightly numbing the
surface of my skin. There is definitely a
cooling factor going on here, I can still feel burning
deep within my arm but the actual, yeah, the surface level of
my skin feels cool. Yeah, that’s
actually really nice. Wow, okay. Now the other product that
I have with us is that guy. This looks like a magic remedy
right there, check that out. Is that bullet ant kryptonite? We’re about to find out. Maximum strength sting kill. To use this, what you
want to do is just crack the glass tube that’s inside
it, ooh, look at that, that’s cool, you see that? Look at that, yeah,
you can see it seeping right down into the tip there. First drop, I’m gonna
just gently apply that to the sting zone. Cool, kind of looks like mutagen from Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles. Wow. It is numb. – [Mario] Is Sting-Kill
the real deal? – Sting-Kill may have
just taken away the pain from the bullet ant. Wow. That did, I can’t believe that. That actually just worked. – [Mario] Really? – It really did. I won’t lie, I was
expecting it to be like oh, okay, kind of works. Yeah, my arm is completely
numb right there. Wow, yeah, look at that. Just a minute ago you
couldn’t even touch the skin, when you just touch my arm, it felt like sharp
little needles. – [Mario] Nothing? – Nothing, no, totally numb. That is unbelievble. I’ll tell you this much,
we will definitely be using sting wipes and the
maximum Sting-Kill in our first aid kits in all
first aid kits moving forward. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you
on the next location. If you happened to miss
the bullet ant challenge, make sure to go back and
watch the most painful sting I’ve ever taken. And don’t forget, subscribe so
you can join me and the crew on our next location. I can’t imagine how
nervous I’m going to be to be actually stung by it.

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