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Bunker island “Ist diese Insel ein Bunker?” Siaröfortet

Bunker island “Ist diese Insel ein Bunker?” Siaröfortet

Stockholm’s defense has always been a top priority.
To secure the shipping route to Stockhom, the Vaxholms fortress was built in the 16th century. 400 years of further development of artillery and ships made the Vaxholms fortress superfluous. In a turbulent period shortly before WW1, Parliament decided in 1914 to build an outer fortification line.
The new strategy was to hit the enemy further out in the archipelago and hide the forts. This line consisted of artillery batteries and minefields outside of Vaxholm and was supposed to target the enemy Keep away. BLUE=main shipping channel / RED mine block and to the right the coastal artillery “Siaröfortet” Hello we are now on the military complex and here is already Thomas our skipper and Stefan, together we now look at the trenches. And then we go into the bunker. Here we are in the trench. From here we can also see barbed wire on the bank this is the short-range protection of the coastal artillery In the active state there were even more trees to camouflage the bunker. In serious cases, the trees were quickly removed. A entry Here it goes down 2 floors. The concrete ceiling is 6meters (19,6 feet) thick Now we have arrived the sea mine station The shipping route to Stockholm was mined. The mines could be detonated manually from the observation post The main armament: two 15.2 cm cannon´s, which come from the armored ship “HMS Svea” And on the bank there were two fast shooting 57mm Bofors cannon`s. Sabrina now needs a loader and ammunition 😉 There was a rail system to hide the gun`s and searchlight´s and bring them into the correct position The artillery gun is now over there and this was an elevator for the big searchlight the large searchlight has a diameter of 1.5 meters And here’s another “smaller” searchlight Construction of Siaröfortet began on Kyrkogårdsö (cemetery island), which used to be a cholera burial site.
The project had many problems and was completed in 1926, but it wasn’t until 1929 that the entire facility was finally set up. I will show you the main courses here. With Thomas you can book the whole thing with a sailing trip (Link in dicription) Designed manpower: 270 in peacetime and max. 500 with full operational readiness

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  1. Hallo Norbert. Das war ja wieder einmal eine Wahnsinns Anlage. Du hast das aber auch wunderbar in Szene gesetzt. Insgesamt ein absolut toll gestaltetes Video. Gefüllt mit Informationen wie man es selten bei anderen sieht. Das ist schon sehr gut gemacht. Alle Daumen wieder mal nach oben.

  2. Wieder mal ein komplett tolles Video. Man muss echt mal Danke sagen für die Zeit und Mühe die du investierst in deine Videos.

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