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Bushcraft Kit You Can’t Let Go …. | Thursday’s Thought

Bushcraft Kit You Can’t Let Go …. | Thursday’s Thought

Hi folks I’m Craig Taylor and as always a
huge thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel,
the bushcraft Padawan and thanks for joining me in this week’s Thursday
Thought. A few weeks ago I was out with my son for an overnighter and we were
doing some some cooking and some baking and making some brews over the fire and
we were using identical water bottles the British mo D issue 58 pot and water
but many of you will be familiar with that I’m sure he was using his BC B
Crusader mug which Nestle’s and fits perfectly with that water bottle I were
using a similar but not identical metal mode that doesn’t quite fit kind of fish
it kind of looks like it will fit but it doesn’t nestle as neatly it kind of pops
on top of the water bottle as you’re seeing now and it’s not quite as compact
it’s not quite as as a slick it takes up a little more room still does its job in
terms of using it as a mug in a metal container but doesn’t quite fit together
and it’s nicely it’s a bit of a paint aside and he asked me a very very valid
question dad why don’t you just buy one that fits and he’s right why don’t I
just buy one that fits cuz they’re only how D 10 to 15 pounds brand new why
don’t I buy one that fits something in response account remember I said now
having thought about it for a couple of weeks I think my answer is why don’t I
just buy the new Wally’s because that’s my mug shot that’s my mug it was a mug
that I bought back in the early 90s it’s probably probably the longest serving
piece of outdoors gear that I own but in the early nineties it’s now 2019 it’s
the better part of twenty five ish years old maybe a little bit more it’s been
around the block that’s my mug that mug has been with me around the world that
mug has been with me on exercise on adventure training on overseas military
operations brewed up and done all sorts in that mug
in the desert in the jungle enacted conditions that muggers got mud can tell
a few stories if you know what I mean that’s my mug it’s not the lightest mug
it’s not the most compact mug it doesn’t even really truly fit my water ball but
it’s my mug god dammit that’s why son Finley if you’re watching
this that’s why I’m probably not going to replace that mug and it got me
thinking that mug is suboptimal there are better mugs out there there are mugs
out there that would do the same job if not a better job that would be more
compact that would fit better that would take up less room that mug is
sub-optimal that equipment is suboptimal but for one reason or another personal
reasons I’m not getting rid of it I’m not getting rid of it until it gives up
the ghost and that got me thinking what about you what piece of kit or equipment
do you hang on to that you know isn’t the best it could be you could afford
better kit it makes absolute sense in every single sense of the word to invest
them either better kit but there’s something there’s just something about
that piece of kit that means that you’re not going to be going anywhere soon it’s
your key it’s your piece of equipment it’s your equivalent of my metal mug and
it’s tain their goddamnit on your kit self let me know in the comments below
as always folks a huge thanks for watching always interested to hear your
responses on these Thursday stock videos and I look forward to seeing you in the
woods real soon she is

26 thoughts on “Bushcraft Kit You Can’t Let Go …. | Thursday’s Thought”

  1. That would be my kukri I customised it and made the sheath, yeah I could get a better quality knife, lighter better steel etc but I will never retire her

  2. I have an old stainless steel coffee caddy. I made a bush pot out of it. It's not the best fitting piece of kit. I made it and it was my first propper designated camping pot. I have a bcb crusader 2 kit and a nesting mug and bottle set. I just always go back to my bush pot.

  3. Bought a trangia 25" 1994/1995 still going strong I bought a new 25 and a 27 but just keep going back to my first one just updated to a gas burner #trangia

  4. My Muddy Fox mountain bike.
    Bought 2nd hand in 1997, iv'e used it for long haul trips around England. And its also my backpack substitute just for a one night in the woods.
    iv'e got a similar mug. despite having a titanium mug with lid for brewing up on a campfire. i tend to take my military alloy one for a beer rather than out of the can/bottle.

  5. Hi Craig,

    Lol! I certainly understand your perspective! It isn't a mug, it's a talisman at this point! A good luck charm that allows you to know that no matter how bad things get, you can always count on your trusty mug to make things a little better. Never underestimate the power of something like that.

    Great Thursday thought and another great video! Take care and keep up the great work!

  6. I think we all have at least one item like that. For me it's my USN MKII knife. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff.

  7. I have an overly sentimental attachment to my Alice pack and my wool field shirt. I could probably find better gear to replace them, but I have no intention to do so.

  8. Great video.
    The one piece of kit I'd never get rid of, even though I normally go ultralight these days, but in winter I take my ARMY ISSUE ARCTIC SLEEPING BAG (bouncing bomb),
    It's huge, it's heavy but god damn IT WORKS. ☺

  9. Im like that with outdoor clothing. If it works well, like a waterproof jacket then I really struggle to let go of them, even when i get a hole or two in themπŸ˜€ hey I wonder if you could heat up the bottle to soften the plastic and mould it into your mug? Maybe taking it too farπŸ˜€

  10. Things you own end up owning you. I try not to hold sentimentality over objects. Nothing is ours anyway. We are all transient in this life. Let the mug go.

  11. Don’t replace the mug…replace the bottle. Lol. It’s not that the mug is the wrong size, the bottle is the wrong size!!! Thanks for sharing Craig!!!

  12. You should sit down and write some of the more memorable trips, places, and experiences that mug has seen with you over the years. If your children grow up to be as sentimental as myself, they will cherish the mug and what it meant to you that much more. I have several items that belonged to my father from his days in the military, and I can still hear him telling stories abt the items when I look at them! Keep that mug! If only it could tell what it’s been through?!? Love the channel! Thank you! πŸ‘ -Mike

  13. Very good video. I have similar pieces of gear, (I'll only bore you with one) a backpack that's been with me when my hair was a different color. It's an external frame pack in a day where that's not fashionable. It's not new looking, one pocket's zipper has failed it has to be secured with a homemade strap (that I installed) but that pack still answers the call when I need it. So it's got a few miles on it (just like the man who wears it) is scuffed a bit but it's chocked full of memories. That's what makes it and a few things I haven't mentioned priceless.

  14. I bought a Coleman F1 gas stove when I was 15 r old just before I joined up. It has the screw fitting canister, which back then was fancy, and like your mug, it's been with me everywhere, and it is still going strong now i'm 48 !!! 1986 I bought it…. All original parts,

  15. I have an Ozark Trail folding knife ($7.95 US) that I bought for my first hike when I got back in to this hobby 4/5 years ago and it's worked great. I do have much better fixed blades, but as a back up folder I wont ever stop carrying it. It will biodegrade before I switch! Love the videos as always. Keep it up and enjoy your weekend!

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