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By the way, Can You Survive a Horror Island?

By the way, Can You Survive a Horror Island?

Dan (Detective): I spent a lot of years cracking cases and seeking answers. Some investigation leads success and some.. ..lead nowhere. But today, intern, is going to be the first time I don’t even understand what the heck I’m readin’ — a journal with a bunch of made-up nonsense And I’m being hired to find a bunch of punks! Punks like you, kid! Intern: I- I’m sorry sir. I don’t understand. What happened to them? Dan (Detective): Well.. intern, I don’t expect you to understand either, but if you want to know… I guess I’ll have to tell ya. But before we do, this video is sponsored by Monster Legends. *clears throat* Thank you so much Monster Legends for sponsoring this video. Dan: If you ever wanted to collect a bunch of monsters, feed them, and evolve them, well then click the link in the description to help us out. It’s free to play on iOS and Android! Dan (Detective): Case File #1. Subjects names: Stephen, Jay, Hosuh, Joe and Daniel. Dan (Detective): Characteristics — Steven — subject seems to have an insatiable thirst for violence. Stephen: Excuse me, sir. How dare you?>:o [Joe laughing] Joe: Immediately gets defensive. I- I don’t know if that uh- that’s very wrong. [Laughing] D: Jay – subject fears student loans more than death. [Chuckles] Also, unstable. [More laughter] D: Hosuh – logical and quiet a clear sign of suppressed perversion. Stephen: Oh my god. You’re such a bad therapist Daniel. What the heck!>:0 Dan: It’s a detective! Also, owner of the journal. D: Characteristics: Joe – a p*ssy [Suppressed laughter] Dan: characteristics- Stephen: WOW! Oh my god, your insulting the guest right off the bat! S: Oh my god… Hosuh: Such professional terminology as well. Joe: I mean in all fairness… Joe: Yeah ;w; [Adorable laughing] D: Okay, characteristics, Daniel – impulsive and ignorant. A perfect combination to die fast. [Joe laughing] Case location: An island southwest of Hudson’s Bay. Location whereabouts? Yet to be known… |How? You said it’s sw of Hudson’s bay.| Dan: Let’s go for a boat ride! 😀 H: woooo. D: It’s time for an adventure. I brought a boat. Let’s go! Hosuh: Alright Joe: J-Just now ?J-Just go right now? Dan: Yeah man! Stephen: Sure, lets put everyone in a group with a person with violent tendencies. Jay: Yeah, I don’t mind hanging out with Stephen. Joe: We don’t know that, we’re just all friends, right? Hosuh: It’s alright, Daniel is paying for everything, Hosuh: Why not? (Hosuh: Lets do it) Dan: Get it! Let’s go! Jo: What about our parents? Should we let them know? Hosuh: How old are we? Dan: We’re 23 years old Joe- [Daniel laughing] Joe: I though- I thought we were children, okay Joe: W- Shouldn’t we tell our parents? [More adorable laughing] Joe: I forgot. My parents are off.. uhhh… doing their work in Uczechlo-Ukrania… [Laughter] Jay: They’ll return someday, you know. Dan: Oh I forgot, my parents went to get the gas 25 years ago and never came back. Jay: I wAs AdoPtEd. |wth?| [Laughing] Dan: What the fudge? Stephen: What a tragic backstory we all have. Joe: Alright, alright, yeah I’ll join in this boat. Dan: So at first we’re having a lot of fun in the boat (Joe: doing what?} But soon- just, we’re just fishing (Joe: Ah, Okay) Dan: slowly a mist appears before we notice, it surrounds us all we can see Stephen: Oh no, how did we “MIST” this?? [Stephen laughs] Stephen: Everyone laugh or I’ll murder you. |oh god| [Laughter followed by panicked laughter from Joe.] All you can see surrounding you is either fog or just… water. (Jay: Hmm not the boat?) Okay, you see the boat too. [Laughter] Joe: Sh-Should we maybe paddle back to shoreeee?- Dan: What are you a p*ssy? Joe: Yes? Dan: No! we keep going. Alright. This is the perfect type of stuff we’ll tell to our grandkids. We’re gonna keep going and we’re gonna see what’s ahead and soon you see from afar, an island Rocky island and you can feel the chills down your spine as you see the hall of wind coming from far within Joe: Oh, I don’t- I don’t know about this place. Dan: Yo, let’s fish here! Stephen: I think this is a great place. Jay: Yeah, everybody split up, please. (Stephen: Yes,) Jay: let’s search the island, you know Hosuh: I’ll stick with Joe… ’cause Joe seems to be the most stable here. Joe: Yes, Please. Yes, Hosuh please hold me (I smell a ship) Hosuh: Okay, Dan how BIG’s the island? Dan: The mist is so thick that you can’t see very far ahead. Joe: Oh, thicc with five c’s… |You mean, thiccccc?| Dan: Alright, calm down [Laughter] Jay: So wait, who’s going with who again? Dan: Guys come on we came all here together. Let’s stick together. (Joe: Yeah) for now. (wait) Jay: You do know that I hate you guys. (best friends obviously) Stephen: I would like to split up and search for clues by myself. Dan: Clues for what? Hosuh: Stephen, what clues? Dan: What clu- We came here to F I S H. (epik) Stephen: Obviously there’s a murder here. So we have to solve that, I feel- Jay: Hey I’m right here okay? Stop talking about me! Dan: From the mist, a grim figure, an old man seems, he walks toward you [Joe Screeches] Hosuh: Oh-Oh shiz (keeping it pg since 1977) [Laughter] Hosuh: Th- That scared me! Jay: That scream was the most scariest thing so far Joe: Sorry, I’m gonna I’m gonna hold Hosuh tight, (Hosuh: WaA) {wh-} Dan: His face is expressionless He says “Boys if you want to fish here, you need a permit.” Jo: Oh, never mind, he seems inviting. Hosuh: Do we have a permit? |no| Dan: He points in a certain direction He says, “Go over there for a little bit and there you’ll see a town, you can get your permission to fish here.” Stephen: Wait, screw you! I don’t need permission! I’m gonna do it regardless! |damn| Jay: Okay how many people are on this island, one? Why do we have to listen to you? You’re not the owner of the island. Stephen: I agree with Jay Jay: What is that one old man gonna do? Hosuh: What if he has a rifle? Stephen & Jay: SHUT UP HOSUH! (WTH U JUST SAY TO THE CINNAMON ROLL) Dan: C’mon guys! Let’s go let’s follow him. It’ll be fun. What’s the point of an adventure if you don’t listen to random strangers Stephen: What’s the point of a fishing trip if we don’t fish? (Jay: Exactly-) Dan: What’s the point of you talking? (best comeback 2019, gg Dan) |Characteristics: Dan: Unstable.| [Friendly banter laughter] Dan: You guys go into a town and it seems like a ghost town. All the windows have curtains over them, no one seems to be outside and the very few people that are outside… don’t make any eye contact with you. Stephen: Well, I make eye contact with them. I don’t care. I want to see these guys are ghosts Joe: Stephen please- Jay: Let’s get the silver cross and garlic! I dunno what that prevents- |it prevents vampires!| Stephen: Wait do they react to this? Okay- Jay: I don’t know what they react to. Dan: They react just fine. Stephen: But are they tangible? I throw a rock at someone. Jo: oH mY gOD, StepHen WhY Dan: Alright stop. Hold on, Stephen. (S: Wha- Okay) It’s okay. Listen, umm, I shake my hand with one of the people (that arm tho-) (A firm, real tangible handshake) Jay: Okay so we confirmed one tangible person. What about the others? Stephen: See I like Jay’s thinking! This is a good train of thought! (My nostrils sense another ship) Jay: Yeah, and he’s being threatened by all the other ghosts {Joe: Hosuh, you and me we got to keep these idiots alive} Jo: They’re gonna destroy everything.[aw such moms :3] Dan: We go into this little shack It seems to be kind of broken down but we go in there to get this quote-unquote “fishing license”. Mm-hmm And there he says, “Hey, if you guys really want a fish, night fishing here is absolutely fantastic.” (Jay: Oooh~) Jay: Night fishing. Is it full moon or no moon tonight? Dan: You can’t see because of the mist. Jay: Oh, I- I’m assuming I knew what the moon pattern was yesterday. Dan: No, you didn’t you were wasted. |View mafia video for info on Jay| Joe: No, you didn’t, shut up stupid. Dan (Old man): “For now, You should just stay in the inn until the night comes.” Joe: He seems like a completely reasonable old man (Incoherent Jay noises) Joe: You’re acting incredibly suspicious today, but for whatever reason I don’t feel the need to question you [Mumbled by laughter] Joe: And I’m gonna do whatever you say Dan: So we check in the inn and we settle down and we wait for the night to fall Stephen: Can I pay for the room with a song and dance? Dan: I already paid Stephen. (Jay: Can I get the bar?) Not yet, don’t get drunk yet Jay. (Jay: Hey, it’s 5 p.m. somewhere) The night falls and the old man comes in. But he says [Coughing i n t e n s i f i e s] Jay: Is this old man gonna die? {Stephen: good} Dan: The old man comes in and he says “Change of plans, We’re not gonna go out tonight. Close your windows, lock your doors, turn the lights off and turn your phones off No sound, no light, do not peek outside.” Stephen: I put a disco in the room. |damnit Stephen!| Hosuh: I’ll go to a different room, please. Dan: Ok we have a disco, but we don’t have a plug Stephen: AWwWWww, wHAT?! Joe: It’s a rundown foggy ghost town Jay: Guys guys, why do we have to be quiet? If we think about this logically if the ghosts or whatever the hell a monster is sensitive to sound Why not pump everything – like 300 decibels and blaster eardrums out?? Joe: or it could be that they just hear things like we hear things Hosuh: mmhmm Jay: Why do I have to be quiet?! Joe: We don’t know anything! If this guy just said, “Hey be quiet for a little bit” Hosuh: I think we should be quiet and stay low. (Joe: Yeah,) what do you think? Joe: I think we should follow this guy who’s lived here longer than us who is still alive’s advice, rather than jumping to any conclusions just because we waltzed in here wanting to find some freaking fish. Hosuh: Yeahh, I don’t want dead Stephen. Joe: I might like dead Stephen, He might be quieter. |oh sh*t| [All laugh] Joe: sorry Dan: As we joke around, the night comes. Daniel falls asleep- Stephen: I look out the window, I do everything exactly opposite of what the guy says. Joe: I hide underneath my sheets because everybody knows monsters can’t get you when you’re under your sheets. Stephen: That is adorable (Jocat X Stephen? Might work..) |Jophen? how’s that for a ship name people?| Jay: I get the party poppers, I get the jukebox going. Hosuh: Can Joe and I go to a different room..? Joe: you can hide under the sheets with me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Hosuh: Okay.) It’s safe in here |oh god no, stop it, plz stop, please no more, plz stop. |Or how about Josah?| (Hosuh: Yes!) Dan: as you do you hear a creak EEEeeeee Dan: From a distance.[AAA] Jo: Sorry, Dan: okay **Adorable laughing** Stephen: jO stOp THaT!! Jay: Now it’s starting to hurt my eardrums. Dan: Everybody looks over there, you don’t see anything then when you turn back there’s this disfigured face right in front of you. Stephen: AAaa Daniel how’d you get behind me?? (Jay: Punch it!) Dan: It’s the old man, it’s the old man. (Stephen: Ooh hi old man!) Jay: I d o n o t a p o l o g i z e f o r p u n c h i n g h i m Jo: Oh my god you’re just old Dan: Did you just say you punched him in the face? (Jay: Yeah!) Dan: Okay- (Jay: If he’s gonna show up without making knocking or turning on the lights) He deserves to get punched in the face. (Jo: Yeah, how dare you) Dan: The old man is double disfigured from the punch Stephen: I can already tell Jay is the one gonna get us killed. Jay: Hey! it was a perfectly reasonable response okay Dan: The old man goes, “Again, I warn you do not look outside” Stephen: DHdgh- We’re N O T tho- Stephen: Th- thv- there’s no disco- Dan: The old man left. Stephen: Okay, fine old man, I- Jo: We don’t have to do nothing, we can think about our feelings. Dan: Daniel goes, “Okay guys, we’ll play rock paper scissors and whoever loses has to peek outside Jo: No, but that old man said not to look outside! Dan: the old man’s old- Stephen: I think we should make Daniel do it. (Jay: Yeah) cuz he’s forcing us to draw paper scissors this so I think- *everyone argues* Jo: You’re the one who brought us on this- (Dan: rock paper scissors..) Jay: You’re the one who landed on this island Dan: Okay fiNe, fine, I’ll look gosh darn! Jeez. (Awh, ya’ll should’ve let him do rock paper scissors) Hosuh: Don’t look Daniel. What are you doing? Dan: from the curtains that are closed down Daniel opens them just a little bit to peek outside I can’t see much from the mist. Oh, look. There’s a little girl (Hosuh: at this hour?) Dan: There’s a small girl who seems to be smiling Her clothes are ragged, she doesn’t have any shoes on. Stephen: Holy crap. That’s a demon. She’s a demon. (Jay: No, no) |oh god no| Let’s think about this reasonably Jay: She’s happy that she went night hiking and now she just came home. Dan: Aw, Poor girl doesn’t have any shoes. Jay: Yeah, exactly. Let’s shoot her in the face o-o Dan: what the fu- Hosuh: Daniel you should go outside and help her. Dan: wHat tHe fU- Dan: Hosuh you want to come with me since you SUGGESTED it? Hosuh: I’m okay… Stephen: I just think we should either avoid her or kill her right now. Dan: We look back and the girl disappears Stephen: Okay, she’s- so, she’s definitely a demon Jo: Or I- I don’t know, she might just be really really fast Jay: So if the town people are alive, that means you don’t have to be afraid of dying. Hosuh: Yeah but you saw them this morning. They were… kind of lifeless? Jay: Do you think we’re full of life right now? Cuz I’m pretty lifeless already. [wow dark-] Hosuh: Okay…? umm- Stephen: That was so depressing, what the fri- (Dan: Calm down) Dan: Listen, I know student loans got you down but it’s gonna be alright Dan: And we all kind of got spooked a little bit, but it’s okay. As the night gets deeper and deeper, nothing seems to happen. Intern: That’s it, sir? Dan (Detective): Well no, there’s more, but, from here it sounds so fictional no man in this office is gonna believe in this bull Intern: What happened? Dan (Detective): Ughh, makes me nauseous just thinking about it. You want to hear more? Intern: Uh, yeah. Dan (Detective): Well… you’ll have to wait to part two interns [oh he finessed us I see] Intern: W- Wha- Wait what are you talking to? Dan (Detective): Don’t worry about it. Dan: So, Monster Legends! *cute laugh* I know. There will be a part two for this episode. Don’t worry, it’ll all make sense. Monster Legends is basically a game where you get to collect, evolve, and feed monsters and make them stronger. You can make them fight in online PvP battles, and these monsters are so CUTE! Anyway, you can go through dungeons with your monsters and live this unique adventure with them and you know one of the things that I actually found really interesting about this game is that it has over 90 million users and you’ll never run out of people to play with. You can also play with your friends you can create a team and invite them to join. It’s pretty cool And if you are ever gonna play Monster Legends and if you’re ever thinking about it You should probably do it soon because Monster Legends’s 5th anniversary is coming up and during the month of June There will be a ton of great offers and events. So that’s awesome. It’s available on iOS and Android. It’s free-to-play. Ok, that’s it Thanks so much for watching. Bye-bye! (Subscribe that smash button) |do it right now!|

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    Please make a part two

    Please make a part two

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