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By the way, Can You Survive The BUTTON?

By the way, Can You Survive The BUTTON?

D: So Hosuh, Stephen let’s say you guys are broke, and you guys are poor, you guys are crippling in student loans S: You mean I’m a student? *laughing* S: Oh wow you mean a university student, oh wow that’s so different than what my life is right now, yeah ok sure fine Daniel, what is, what is, what is your spin on this take? D: Alright. One day a man comes up to your house He knocks on the door. You open it. He gives you a box, inside of it there’s a button. The man sits down with you and explains that, “all right, Stephen, Hosuh, if you press this button, someone, somewhere on this earth, will die.” S: I press it D: No not yet! You can’t press- S: I press it again! D: I’m not done! S: I press it five times! D: That is not the end of my statement! S: FIVE TIMES! D: jeez- let me finish, let me finish S: *laughs* D: So if you press this button one person randomly on earth will die, but you will get 1 million dollars. S: Psh, I already said I would press it! Five times! All you’re doing is adding, adding to the pot. H: *laughing* D: Steven it’s suppose to be a moral conundrum. It’s a moral dilemma. You know, do you put a price on life? What the fuck?! H: Easy 5 million Both: *laughing* S: Wait! Can I press it more than one time?! D: Well yeah but- S: *spams button* D: You can’t just- STOP IT , STOP!! H: *laughs* D: Stop stop it *Hosuh and Steven laughing* D: You already killed like 25 people, that’s not okay, this is- S: So do I get 25 million then? D: Ugh S: Or is it just 1 million and I just killed 27 people? H: Dang *laughing* D: Well Stephen which one would you feel better with? S: Ugh, I don’t know, ah, so D: Thats the moral conundrum S: *laughs* D: This video I just, this, this is terrible. Ok, so… Ugh, jeez you’ve ruined this for me H: How about this okay, if one single person’s life is very minimal like in Stephens case It’s the same scenario This man comes up to you, knocks on your door and he gives you a box, but he says if you press this button there’s a 50% chance that all world hunger and all diseases will be cured and everyone will be happy but there’s also a 50% chance The world will enter into an apocalypse and a lot of people will die. S: Well, ok so now, this one’s a bit harder because on one hand if I press it and everyone’s saved, I’m a hero, but on the other hand billions of people die, and NOT because of me. D: I don’t know. Maybe you should just press it and see where it goes. It’s not like anyone else would know what happened H: Yeah, no one would know actually. D: You know, you should keep the box, H: Uh-huh? D: And then just as soon as something that you don’t want to deal with happens like an exam comes up, and you’re like, you know what? Screw it. *psh* H: That’s amazing. Okay, how about this one? All right, same scenario But this time there’s a 50% chance that all world hunger and diseases will be cured but there’s a 50% chance that you and only your life will be miserable for the rest of your miserable life, pretty much. D: *laughing* S: Wow that transition though I’m getting goosebumps here Hosuh. You’re making absolute Shakespeare H: I’m not! Well, you get this, you get the point. You press it, 50% chance that the world will be a better place, 50% chance that you are gonna be- S: Have sucky everything. H: Yeah, pretty much. S: What would you do Daniel? You gonna press it? D: Would you be obligated to? You know the whole- S: No! No! No! H: No, you’re not you’re not. D: With great power comes great responsibility? If there is even a small bit of chance of world peace Should you not sacrifice yourself for the greater good? H: But, like, you have to know that there’s a 50% chance even if you suffer the world will still be the same, right? D: I.. I would think about it for so long, honestly But in the end I would have to choose the, I would press the button I think. Ah, no, maybe it would be different if it actually happened to me, I’d chicken out Be like, uh nevermind bye! But at this moment in time then yeah, absolutely. S: Would you automatically know? Like, “Wow! I’m suddenly feeling so crappy. I think it’s the 50% chance my life sucks now! Time to off myself!” H: It’s- it’s gonna slowly happen towards you being miserable D: Oh okay, it’s a miserable thing like you tie a knot with your shoes, but then it unties while you walk kind of miserable? *laughing* S: Your avocado is mostly pit H: You microwave stuff but it never becomes microwaved S: Yeah. Ok, that’s good D: Oh my gosh, whenever you go to a bus stop the bus always happens to leave *laughing* H: Uhhhhh I was thinking something in the lines of three days later you get a kidney stone and you have to pass it. S: Dang! D: Ohhhhhhh S:I don’t know I wouldn’t push this button ’cause people on the other side of the world don’t give a crap about the people on this side of the world and vice versa and so if that’s the case then why should I care about their well-being? D: Steven you should never become a doctor S: I just feel- I just feel that if someone was put into this position, they wouldn’t think about it at all H: Mm-hmm S: Because they wouldn’t care about the people they’re saving I mean like they don’t even know the people So why does it matter to them? D: I don’t know. What would you guys do? Would you guys press the button? Would you guys not press the button? H: Give us interesting questions of interesting 50 percent box scenarios down in the comment. It’d actually be pretty fun to read D: Yeah, and if it’s actually really good, we’ll make a part two of this. H: Oh, really? Okay, sweet. S: Oh wait! I have one Daniel. You’re always saying like, “Oh, wow. I wish I had a million subscribers” Well, here’s one. What happens if you press the button? There’s a 25% chance of getting a million subscribers instantly. But there’s a 75% chance of getting zero. Turning going to straight to zero. Everyone’s forgotten about us We get three copyright strikes on the channel. Boom, we’re done D: Hmmm S: *laughs* H: For me, it’s about the journey. We don’t want an instant million subscribers. S: Okay, Luffy! Let’s just keep going, finding the One Piece. H: *laughs* S: I want a better answer! Daniel! D: Well, there’s one benefit of getting 1 million subscribers, Stephen. S: And what is that? D: I’ll take both of you guys to Disneyland at 1 million subscribers. S: *gasps* Alright guys!! 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100 thoughts on “By the way, Can You Survive The BUTTON?”

  1. Keep the button for when your life is almost over so if there is any suffering it's for a minimal amount of time. (50% that every disease and all word hunger will end but 50% chance your life will be miserable for the rest of your life)

  2. what if pressing it in Hosa's first button problem makes a bunch of criminals healthy enough to do criminal things

  3. I would keep the button until I were super old or dying XD or ask someone with an incurable illness if they wanted to take the risk 😂

  4. 3rd question press the button 2 times and the misery cancels each other out and everybody get 2x food

  5. I would just press the button 2 times so I suffer but the all world's problems are gone like diseases and hunger and then I would just commit suicide so I don't have to deal with the pain

  6. This one is for Stephan there’s a 50% chance of all knives being destroyed and a 50% chance that nothing will happen and you will get $1 million

  7. If my life is already miserable then i push the button, then i got the miserable life, will it cancel out like double negative situation? HMMM!!

    If it happened, then i will push the button twice

    My life goes better and people live a good, happy, and healthy life

  8. "breaking news! Millions of people are dying randomly and Doctors and scientist have no clue why." ~meanwhile~ *Stephen spamming button.

  9. What if 50% chance of no more money in the world we all share, on the other hand you are the only homeless person and everyone has millions

  10. dude, If someone was about to die and the day after they die, you grab their hand and press the button with their hand, 50% chance nobody is affected and 50% chance everyone is affected in a positive way

  11. Here’s one 50% that fortnite will be deleted and a 50% that there will be a new character in your fav Netflix series (you can choose which one) and you get to make it and act as your character!

  12. If you press the button you will have no bill to pay but all of anime will be gone forever. Do you press the button?

  13. I know this is late but i’d Throw the button in his face and tell him to press it or I will tell Steven to kill him

    then i’ll Hope he has a miserable life

  14. I would get someone I don't like to press the button. That way I can try to save people with no risk to someone I care about/myself

  15. for the 50/50 percent chanse that your life will be misserable il, i would get somebody oblivious to press it

  16. At the age of 60 I will tell everyone about the button, and will commit suicide with my hand above the button. When I will die my hand will press the button, but because nobody pressed the button technically it cannot make any life miserable. Therefore a 100% chance of success. Everyone is happy world hunger is solved and I am a hero.

  17. Put all world missery and negitive emotions into yourself you a happier world…. i wouldnt because it is how i grow as an individual hahahaha

  18. What I would do with the Button if it were to save everyone from disease or misery for Me.. Is probably save it until someone dear to me falls ill or I know I will soon die… But I mean… I would not believe the buttons power and probably never use one. Or might just press it for fun and just think that my life is normally miserable… 🤔🤪🤭

  19. The correct answer is to press it, and if it is the bad fifty percent, then press it a bunch, it can’t get worse, and eventually you’ll end disease.

  20. A better one is that if you PUNCH that button (like a boss) , You gain 1000000000 dollars, but everything and everyone you love will die/be destroyed in a painful manner. Also nobody knows that you did it.

  21. But if random people will die it could be yourself or your close person.
    Steven press the button many times. Steven dies. Steven can't go to Disneyland. End of the story.

  22. Making it 50/50 made it worse. They should’ve made them one in the same.
    “You press it, all disease and world hunger is cured / solved but your life will be miserable.”

  23. The one where u press it and u get a million dollars but a random person dies? Oh hell yea. The miserable life or like save the world or whatever…. My life’s already crappy so I’m not really sure

  24. For the first one, we're suffering from overpopulation and chances are I won't be able to afford a house as an adult bc the economy is screwed. Give me the money.

  25. Okay what if there was a 50% chance that you would be successful and happy and anything you do like if you're a doctor you could cure any disease but what if they're was a 50% chance for every disease cured that disease got transferred to you

  26. 50% chance you win a million dollars and somebody else dies
    50% chance you die and sombody else gets a million dollars

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