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By the way, What If The Same Day REPEATED Over and Over? (ft. Puffin Forest)

By the way, What If The Same Day REPEATED Over and Over? (ft. Puffin Forest)

Today we’re going to be playing “What if the same day repeated over and over and over again?” Oh no! (Laughing) The concept is really simple, happy deathday 2 or edge of tomorrow- You die- But the day repeats itself and you can never really escape it. If you guys don’t die You don’t know what happens your goal is to basically go through the day without dying That’s like every day.. technically! But before we start today’s video is sponsored by raid. Mobile RPG’s never looked so good. Epic dark fantasy, done right. Alright, raid is a free RPG mobile game that has an upcoming special launch tournament with crazy prizes It’s a free mobile game with amazing storyline, Awesome 3D graphics giant boss fights PvP battles and hundreds of champions to collect and customize :0 LISTEN I would never sponsor a video without trying it first So me and a couple of our animators decide to play this game, And I’m not used to playing turn-based games But when I tried it, it was actually pretty fun. So you can download raid through my link to get 50,000 silver immediately and get a free epic champion So you can go to the description below and check out the game for yourself if you’d like Ok, that’s it. If you kill yourself, if you scar yourself, whatever happens to you that night The next morning, you’re healed It’s as if nothing happened to you the day before. Oh nooo! You can’t die~ immortality. I’d go skydiving without a parachute. So fun until you hit the ground, of course. Is that the first thing you think about? Different ways to die? In a world without consequences, That would be the best thing to try out first. Stephen you’re gonna have to fall headfirst or you’re gonna have a lot of pain. Statistically there is a the one in the million chance that you fall out and then manage to live. (Laughter) Are you okay sir? Are you okay? (Laughter) Kill me! KILL ME!! (Laughter) Ok, this is aesthetic, Daniel, Puffin, Stephen and Hosuh all go into a nice retreat. Let’s just go somewhere and spend a day there and it’ll be great! Yeah, exactly one day this would not in any way I don’t see this backfiring in any way, shape or form whatsoever. So you go to a local hotel, You unpack your bags and you go to bed. You wake up the next morning and see that it’s snowed outside! You all go out and make a snowman. It’s an awesome time, But all of a sudden you hear a gunshot.. Hosuh looks at his shirt and there’s blood. Hosuh falls down. GASP rOoM sErViCE Wait, so all four of us are going through the same thing? I go over to Hosuh and I ask him Hey, how’s it? How’s it going? Do you remember yesterday? Yes, I clearly remember yesterday. I wake up and stab Hosuh as I usually do. (chuckles) AHH HE’S DEAD! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! And then Hosuh dies. As soon as Hosuh dies, you all wake up again. (Gasps) Holy crap! Room service! Stephen don’t stab- just answer the door. Can I get my toast? I want the toast and sausage, please. Okay~! And the bellboy walks away again. I want to test something again. I stab Hosuh again. NoO! GASP Room service! What the Hell! Okay GOD DAMMIT STEPHEN STOP DOING THAT! Okay Fine! Happy Monday! What would you guys like for this morning? Sausage and toast! Ok! I kill myself. GASP (Laughter) Room Service!! Happy Monday! What would you guys like this morning? I’m running over to the Room Service Guy like, SAUSAGE AND TOAST! Here you go, Sausage, toast and some tea Here you go. Mm, thank you. Wait what happens if I kill other people? Bellboy! Can I- can you come back over here please for a second? Oh, you don’t need to give me tips. It’s okay! Oh okay fine then. Puffins do you eat it? Yes. Puffins eats the toast it’s fine. All right! He drinks the tea, and it tastes funny. This tea must be causing all the problems. He chokes to Death. Bro what? GASP Room service! Oh my god, I stab Puffins. C-can we.. No NO wait!! TOO LATE! GASP Room Service! Happy Monday! Come in. The bellboy comes in I go behind him and I lock the door. Alright. Sir this is not that kind of service. Yeah, we tie ’em up. We start demanding answers like okay! Wait a sec, Hosuh is tying people up now?! He poisoned the tea! What are you doing That’s causing the day’s to repeat!? BA- BAM! I punch him in the face. I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON (Cries) Where did you get the tea? I mean.. where we always get the tea. I stab him. NOO, gah!! The bellboy died. Then I stab Hosuh! GASP Dang it Stephen why? You’re ruining everything! Room service! Happy Monday! What would you guys like for this morning? I slam him up against the wall. I’m like, I want to be released from this hellscape- WABAM! I punch him in the face. Oh my god, like you guys have never actually interrogated someone! I think we should track down where the tea came from.. I’ll get your tea sir right away! The bellboy goes to get the tea. Here you go! Oh, thanks can you tell me Where you guys get your tea from? Looks like we’re gonna have to do some investigating and I pull out burglars outfit. And then i’m like okay, I’m gonna go downstairs. Puffin comes in with all these black clothing. Guys Guess what idea I have! You went to hot topic? Yes, I did, Okay, But that’s beside the point. Well, what’s your plan? Stay home! Stay in the room for the entire day. Let’s do that. Okay, and no one kill each other.. Stephen. No. Yeah, we’re gonna pull off some planks and start like building like a little Fort in front of the door, So no one can get in. So that’s stupid. Then we’re just sitting ducks in a hotel room. What if we die of starvation, ‘cos no one can give us food? It’s a day Hosuh.. I feel like we should get out of the hotel.. Let’s leave the hotel then. The manager says “have a good day!” Ahh, wait a second, what? I pull out my knife and stab him. No- The manager dies He only said to have a good day because he might have thought- He’s obviously in on it Hosuh I don’t know what you expect. The police are called. Oh, no. All four of you are arrested guys are all locked in a police holding cell. I just realized that Daniel said all four of you. Yeah, Daniel’s been here the entire time. I stab Daniel! Wait- wait, wait Stephen hold on! What, what what? What can you possibly say to get you out of the situation Daniel? I will say you don’t.. you’re in a police cell So.. I mean they took away the knife that you’ve been using to murder people. WHAT!? Look what are you gonna stab me with? With your words? I didn’t think so. Prison Shank! You’ve been here for ten minutes! I can’t stab you, but i’ll make the gesturing motions *Stabbing noises* Alright, are you- you done now? Yeah fine. You guys all relax, thinking that you must be safe in this prison holding cell you all go to bed. GASP NOOO! (Room Service!) Happy Monday! I stab the bellboy. Okay, And then walk out the door and start a murdering spree. Stephen! I kind of feel like he probably has to get this out of his system.. So I’m gonna be up in the room just kind of watching him like, okay that guy died. He died screaming, police are showing up (Laughter) Oh my- ugh. Do you wanna bet how many people Stephen’s gonna kill today? And then Stephen dies. What!? GASP Stop doing that! Room Service! Oh my god, can I stab him again? This isn’t going anywhere, Let’s see. Alright and you guys go outside to investigate. Hello, everyone! A dude runs out from the corner says “please help come follow me!” Do you follow him? Yes sir!! Don’t worry, detective Puffins on the case. We’re Invincible! We have infinite lives, let’s go! He runs to the corner of the street And then you see another man laying there. He seems to have had a heart attack. Well, obviously he’s already dying and the First rule of first aid is if someone’s dead you can’t save them so.. He’s not dead, he’s dying! I started putting my hands on his chest and doing the CPR. The police finds you guys doing something weird to this man (Laughter) FREEZE! tag your it! (Laughing) Stephen starts running away! Stephen gets shot for running away BAM BAM the day resets. GASP Worth it! Worth it! Room Service! Sausage, toast. Okay, I just kicked down the door and go out the front door. I wait at the corner where the heart attack guy was. Those two guys are hanging around one of the guy goes- UGuhguh- And the other dude starts panicking. What do you do? Alright fade to black CPR. Police comes, freeze!! So you guys are under arrest, you guys go to jail again. You think ‘Oh, it’s safe!’ Do you guys do anything in the holding cell? I shout profanities at the officers. While Stephen shouts profanity, Everybody else goes to bed and it fades to dark. GASP Room service! I would like to go get breakfast from the hotel restaurant. You guys get anything to drink? No. Yeah, I get my sausage and I get my toast. I’m thirsty Stephen. Yeah, yeah you know actually I would like some tea. They bring you some tea, And I don’t drink it! Okay.. Can I drink it? Yeah, Okay. I drank the tea. Oh my god Hosuh. HHHHHHHH Room service! 😀 I stab Hosuh right now. Alright, GASP Room service! What would you like for breakfast? Okay, I drink orange juice what happens? Nothing happens. Oh, so it’s just the tea! Ohh, so it’s tea. Are we allergic to tea or something? (Laughing) No, no What do you do? Do you just walk around? You guys want to drive out of here? The only way to get out of this place is with a plane because it’s been snowed in. You guys walk by the city, It’s snowed in so not a lot of people are coming outside. You just see some kids making a snowman. You guys try to walk back But you hear a gun cocking sound the back of your head, Daniel goes “I’ve hated all of you.” Wait- Daniel said that?! “You all deserve to die!” And he shoots all three of you. Well, he doesn’t get to cuz you know, The day resets when one of us dies and you can’t shoot 3 bullets at once! GASP Oh, it’s Daniel! Alright, so we all immediately jump Daniel. Wait, guys what are you doing?! I’m sorry! Just tie him up in the room, Mmmph- MMPHH! Yeah, shut the fuck up. (Laughing) I’m a little confused.. Yeah Daniel! What the hell, why do you suddenly hate us? We all remember the same thing. What are you talking about? What do you mean- Oh my god, Daniel’s not the killer. He was brainwashed. Daniel is the killer, It’s just that whenever you guys had the day reset, he had no clue what was going on. Okay- Well first off you gotta tell us That you’re one of the players. I said it before, i gave you enough hints. Okay, so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna have to tie up Daniel. I don’t know- I kind of want to just stay in the room and just like interrogate him for a little bit. “Interrogate”… Yes! You guys interrogate him, he confesses. Fine! I was trying to kill you guys today, I poisoned the freaking tea.. And I was gonna shoot you at the end of the day.. I’ve hated all of you. I keep up the torture. I want to do something so I stab Hosuh and the day resets. Okay, okay Hey busboy, I would like some tea, please. Okay! Grab Daniel tie them up. W-What are you guys doing?! Okay. So first off let’s just torture. I just want to torture him. Guys, we’re supposed to have a good day today. Shhhh- Let’s not ruin this, With this weird – Stephen, This was your plan. No, I’m just gonna feed him the tea, because obviously he spiked it so you- Okay that works, too I-i don’t like tea! You’re Asian, you have to like tea. (Laughing) I hate tea! I’m allergic to poison! Noo! You force the tea down Daniels throat, He chokes and he dies and you go on about the day very anxious and you go to bed and Room service! Happy-

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  1. " what If the day repeated over and over and over again "

    ( 10pts if you get this )

  2. hMMM screech noise cliffhangers. Okay. But probably since the day didn't reset ofter they killed Daniel, then… it probably was Tuesday

  3. Are Hossa (Sorry idk how to spell his name ;-;) and stephen gay? Cause they sound and look like a perfect couple to me :p

  4. It took me so many times of watching this to figure out that in the prison holding cell, the day repeated because Dan must've killed them in their sleep

  5. For a long time I thought hosuh was a girl…

    He’s not dead he’s dying, I feel like that is from doctor strange

  6. Ha, what an abserd idea, and a simple fix I would barely even need to use my mind axe, now I'll just go laugh about this with my friends in the group " the turtle FRIENDS "

  7. Anyone noticed this. Bellboy has to be in it. He welcomes them a little different each time. Also at the end if they died the bellboy is the only one that knows there room. If they died in the room than the bellboy is in on it. You might think it is Dan but he just wanted revenge I guess. He is not the bellboy is and one more person

  8. Has anybody noticed that Hosuh's hair looks like the inkling boy hair in Splatoon 2, and Stephen's hair looks like the octoling boy hair from Splatoon 2?

    Or am I blind?

  9. At 2:15 the curtains are open when they wake up but at 10:56 the curtains are closed so it has to be the next day!!! O-o

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