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Camp Camp: Episode 11 – Camporee | Rooster Teeth

Camp Camp: Episode 11 – Camporee | Rooster Teeth

*Summer of Animation…Animation* Coffee! Black! Now! Huh? Morning, Max! What the hell is going on? We’re in line for breakfast! Is anyone serving breakfast? Doesn’t seem so… And no one thought to question anything? Look, man, I’m a sheep. I don’t ask questions. *Trumpet tune * Cameron Campbell: Good morning children! Guess who’s got two thumbs, diplomatic immunity and is here to host the annual Lake Lilac CAMPOREE! This guy! So do we get breakfast or- *Camp Camp Intro* There’s a place I know that’s tucked away A place where you and I can stay! Where we can go to laugh and play and have adventures everyday! I know it sounds hard to believe but guys and gals it’s true! Camp Campbell is the place for me and you! We’ll swim through lakes and climb up trees Catch fish bugs bears and honey bees There’s endless possibillities And no, that’s NOT hyperbole! Our motto’s Campe Diem and that means I’m telling you We’ve got archery, hiking, search and rescue, biking Horse back, training how to save a heart attack Scuba diving, mining, Football, limbo, science, stunting, building spaceships, treasure hunting Bomb defusal, no refusal, fantasy, circus trapeze, and fights, and ghosts, and paints and snakes, and knives, and chess, and dance, and weights It’s Camp Camp! The Lake Lilac Camporee is today! And that means you little rascals will be competing in a series of fifteen events! All of which will be submitted by the participating summer camps. The first five will be brought to us by Flower Scout Troop 789! The next five submitted by our neighbors The Wood Scouts! And the last five presented by my very own Camp Campbell campers! David, what the hell! No one told us about this! We’ve literally been telling you about it every day for weeks. Yeah, but we never listen to you guys! Put up flyers or something. So liiike what do we get if we wen~ Great question, little Sally! Sasha. Whatever. We brought in a panel of 3 unbiased judges All of whom are more than qualified to score your performances. The troop with the highest score at the end of the day will go home with the coveted Camboree trophy, a year’s supply of s’mores, and have their picture featured on the front page of the Sleepy Peak Times metropolitan section! Well, don’t care about that shit. You wanna throw this whole thing and roast ants with a magnifying glass? *sigh* That’s what I like about you, Neil. You get me. *clearing voice* Excuse me, Mr. Campbell. Might I suggest we raise the stakes? Pikeman! What do you have in mind, sport? If Troop 818 wins this year’s Camporee, Camp Campbell will surrender its grounds, and campers to the Wood Scouts. Well that is ridic- Hmm, and what if we win? Sir you can’t possibly- We hand over all earnings from our yearly popcorn sales. Darn it, Teddy, you KNOW I’ve got a crippling gambling addiction! So of course we accept! What?! What?! Let’s Campe Diem! *excited trumpets* David: Alright gang We don’t want to end up with the Wood Scouts at the end of the day So I need you all to work together It’s the only chance we have at winning this thing It’s a bunch of prissy little girls How bad can their challenge be? Uuuum excusei~ The flower scouts’ first challenge will be a test of posture and proper walking form Precious We’ll start with the beginner’s course As a show of good faith Umm- *starting bell* *thud* AAH! *splash* Huh *thud* AAAH! Whoa whoa *panting* *cough* Well it’s not like the others can do any better *starting bell* *grunts* *smug laughter* *grunt* AAAH! Your sacrifice will not be in vain! Stephen Van Petral! *starting bell* Excusei~ Pardon me Excusei~ Thank youw~ *pappers flipping* *airhorn* Campbell: And that’s the end of round one! Well it’s not like they can win every other challenge *bell* *bell* *bell* *bell* *papers flipping* *airhorn* Campbell: And that’s the end of round five! Let’s pick up the pace campers! I want me some popcorn money! And I want to see you all in wood scout uniforms I think I speak for all of us when I say that I don’t wanna become some fascist militant peon! I think I speak for all of us when I say that I don’t wanna become some fascist militant peon! He does not speak for all of us So what’s the plan? Look kids, I’m telling you! If you just work together and really start trusting one another you can accomplish anything BOO! Give us actual advice! Advice can’t save you now Campbell campers Now begins the wood scout’s march to glory! *glory trumpets* Maneuvering the treacherous waters of the wilderness is an integral part of survival Therefore your first challenge is to row out to spooky island and back Eww that’s a great cardio And low impact Uh do we have anyone here for rowing camp? I can do it! Let me get at them boats *gunshot* Go *grunts* *High pitched really evil laughter* Stroke, stroke, stroke, UUh uh okay Wait! wait. . . wait. . . wait okay no wait *papers flipping* Airhorn* well it’s not like they can win every other- *bell* 8bell* *bell* *bell* *airhorn* SON OF A BITCH Uh nothing to worry about We just uh you know gotta believe in ourselves! Nope We’re boned Fear not sweet Gwendolyn once you work for the wood scouts the only man you’ll have to deal with in your life is me mmmmmmm~ Oh! Jesus Christ! Campers we are winning that fucking trophy! How the hell do we do that!? By overcoming our differences and working toge- NO! Shut up You are not going to work together We’re not? No! you’re all terrible at it But we’ve got something they don’t Sub-par indoor plumbing? We’ve got the most bizarre collection of of campers with niche talents And ridiculously specific skill sets lake lilac has ever seen! And sub-per indoor plumbing *cheers* *excited trumpets* Uuh what is thez~? Round eleven Create a stable batch of Nitroglycerin Wait what- *gunshot* ACK! start scienc-ing Umm okay It’s just like baking ladies *clink* *ghasp* *sizzling* Nitrogen, oxygen. No! Petrol Wait WAIT! *BOOM* Done! *Papers flipping* *airhorn* Round twelve Illusion *start bell* *growling* AAH! *papers flipping* *starting bell* Motorcycle repair Papers flipping* *starting bell* Destroy the one ring of power! *papers flipping* *starting bell* Round fifteen Cross-species communication But that’s impossible! *growling* *rattling* *growling* AR AR AR AR AR AR AR RA RA RA RA RA RA ARF ARF ARF ARF *whimpering* Kill *growling* *barking* AAAAAH! *growling* Papers flipping* *airhorn* Camp Campbell wins! *cheering* Hundred XP for everyone! Well I think we all learned a valuable lesson today Don’t ever work together Uh no! Yeah! Things really seemed to turn around when we just did our own thing! But guys thats a really narrow minded way of looking at things- David, no one cares! *thud* Great work today counselors! Thank’s to you I made fifty dollars! Well! back to Thailand! Apparently they need running water! I don’t get it you guys are doing fine! I hate this place *growling**screaming* David: Down! Down boy! nice dog! echoing (Max: David no one cares) *sigh* I just don’t get it I loved summer camp as a kid What changed? *gasp* That’s it! The sparrow *excited trumpets* Rapping

100 thoughts on “Camp Camp: Episode 11 – Camporee | Rooster Teeth”

  1. I am impressed at Gwen's self-restraint at not punching Pikeman. You did the right thing, Gwen. The woodscouts would not be pleased at you punching their leader.

  2. Imagine if Max got a challenge
    I personally think that he should’ve had more of a part in this episode…

  3. PiKeMaN iN a NuTsHeLl (No offense to pikeman fans)

    He protecc
    He attac
    Most importantly
    He need his zit cream bacc XD



  5. Accually now that I think about it. Everyone of them have unique skill sets and I haven't seen what max is other then being that manipulative kid with a amazing amount of sarcasm.

  6. Why is it none of the camp Campbell campers got to do challenges until the last few challenges tho

  7. GUYS!
    At 9:00 there is a boy beside baby David, it's the boy from the Spooky Island EP, does that mean he IS a ghost?

  8. I am confused the kid in the past photo was a kid and we saw him again as a kid on the spooky island episode then he disappeared WTF?

  9. 8:50 Wth??! I legit only just realized that that was David's li'l bandana thingy, I always just assumed it was some sorta T-shirt 😮 My mind is heccin' b l o w n

  10. Am I the only one here wondering where the other woodscouts are? I get that they have low numbers, but I kinda wish we saw more.

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