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Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism?

Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism?

In other words: Can we have Amazon …and the Amazon? What about if the boxes doubled as levies? Pleeaase! I’m Francesca Fiorentini, and in this episode we’re looking at the failures of profit-driven climate change solutions, and why the cooking of our planet is becoming a recipe for socialism. Once again we’ve broken global temperature records with July being the hottest month recorded since the invention of recording temperatures. Which if you’re a right-winger sounds like very biased framing. “The libs never want to talk about the Hadean Age when the earth was molten lava. Typical.” It’s so hot that Greenland is losing ice that wasn’t supposed to melt until 2070, the Arctic is on fire, and I’m pretending I belong at random pool parties. “Oh who my friends with? Oh, Derek. Uh, Michael. Matt. You’re telling me there’s no Matt here?” So now seems like as good a time as… …every other moment prior till now to talk about climate change. The planet has already warmed by one degrees Celsius since the time we started burning all these fossil fuels. And we’re on track to warm by four degrees possibly as soon as 2060. According to the most recent UN study even two degrees of warming would mean millions more refugees, double the loss of food harvests, 10 centimeters of sea level rise and an obliteration of all coral reefs, which means we’ve got 12 years to have a shot at keeping the temperature to a still-bad but manageably terrifying 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming. So yeah, banning plastic straws ain’t gonna cut it. Even though it’s fun to watch so-called liberal paper straws trigger our president into doing this: His campaign started selling Trump-themed plastic straws so you can buy a pack of 10 for $15. $15 for 10 straws? That’s $1.50 per straw. If that’s how much Trump thinks straws cost, how much is his dealer charging him for Adderall? “Yeah, that’ll be uh seven hundred… …thousand… …dollars.” Part of the reason we’re at such a breaking point is thanks to years of shallow solutions— solutions often devised by the same corporate interests that got us into this mess in the first place. One of those solutions is carbon cap and trade, which tries to get polluters to pollute less by limiting the amount of carbon any corporation can emit, but also by allowing them to purchase carbon limits from other companies who haven’t used theirs up. Cap and trade has already been implemented in countries around the world and in a number of US states, but many say that it doesn’t actually stop the emissions; It just spreads them around and creates a speculative market for carbon. Like, imagine if you could buy and sell Weight Watchers points to keep eating pizza. Someone would be making money, but no one’s losing weight. Plus we’d see the rise of a frightening thin-people mafia who control the whole racket. Just listen to one researcher who says cap and trade pushes us in the opposite direction of where we need to be going: We need to overcome our addiction to fossil fuels, and the problem with cap-and-trade is that it stands in the way of doing that. And in many ways, it’s it’s it’s a way of providing pollution rights to some of the worst polluters so that they can delay the kind of structural change that’s necessary. He’s right. That’s not how you fight an addiction. If you want to get your brother off heroin, you don’t split up his stash between your mom and dad like, “Let’s all just do a little bit of heroin to keep Brad from doing a lot a bit of heroin.” At this point cap and trade isn’t even a relevant solution anymore because it’s too slow to be viable. California—the second largest carbon polluter in the nation, but first in my heart— reduced its emissions by almost 9% in three years, which is not bad, but do the math: It’s not nearly enough if we’ve got only 12 years to get to zero. Silicon Valley is still going to be underwater, and then we’ll have to deal with a whole bunch of Flotation device startups and that just seems exhausting. So cap and trade won’t get us there. What about innovation? We’ll just ask the science nerds to come up with something. I mean, other than the ones telling us to stop burning fossil fuels. Innovation has been the aim of private companies also looking to get rich off the climate crisis, floating ideas like geoengineering, which includes one plan to spray reflective aerosols into the stratosphere to block the Sun. Yeah. Aerosol. If only our climate change denying president knew that this whole time the answer has been hairspray. Turns out though that that scheme, like many others, has too many unforeseen side effects to be feasible— Things like stopping rain and totally vindicating chemtrail conspiracists. Even if wacky inventions or cap and trade worked, they’re still too slow. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to subsidize the fossil fuel industry to the tune of $649 billion a year. So not only are they making the planet uninhabitable, they’re getting a goddamn discount. These faux solutions have come and gone all while climate change has been getting worse, which means now we need to do far more in way less time. The longer we wait, the more that the response challenges our economic system because we need to cut so much and so deeply. What does she mean that the response will challenge our economic system? Well, that’s because our economic system is currently based on using up all of Earth’s natural resources with no regard for the actual earth. All to turn a profit and create economic growth, or GDP. You remember GDP from our video on the economy, which you should totally watch. And while you’re at it, subscribe. GDP is that phantom number that many agree is useless but is actually incredibly harmful when it comes to climate change. Since when was GDP a sensible measure of human welfare? And yet everything that governments want to do is to try to boost GDP. Now, people at the OECD or the World Bank, they say “Oh, we’re not asking for a lot of growth— Just three percent a year.” That means doubling in twenty four years. Yeah, we’re bursting through all the environmental boundaries and screwing the planet already— You want to double it? We have to overthrow this system, which is eating the planet with perpetual growth. I love how blown this host’s mind is. Rarely do you see the precise moment that someone gets woke. “You it’s not about plastic straws?” Slowing down economic growth has actually been the only thing that has drastically stopped greenhouse gas emissions. The only thing in the last 40 years that has measurably reduced global greenhouse gas emissions is reductions in economic growth. When the Eastern Bloc collapsed in the early 90s that led to global emissions reductions. He’s right. After the collapse of the Soviet Union greenhouse gas emissions dropped by about 40 percent. Apparently people not eating meat because of the high prices had a lot to do with it. It was nothing but veggie borscht for them. And to think, now it’s way less painful to avoid eating meat with things like the Impossible Whopper, which I will try as soon as I stop being afraid of it. How does it bleed? The evidence is there that unless we’re willing to rethink capitalism we might have to rethink life itself because we can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet. We’ve been obsessed with doing more to stop climate change making even more money when the answer is actually keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Doing less. like Disney live-action reboots: Do less. Less extraction of oil, less production, fewer-or-no yachts for the DeVos family. Renewable energy, solar and wind, can replace coal, gas and oil, but we still can’t keep endlessly producing and consuming. Even a UN official back in 2015 said as much, and that got the attention of Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld who quoted her on his show: This is probably the most difficult task to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history. And predictably that was met with red-baiting: Well, she’s wrong. See Mao and the 50 million dead or Stalin—hell, look at Venezuela right now— It’s a crap show without toilet paper. Seriously, they don’t have toilet paper in Venezuela. Oh, where we’re going, Greg, you won’t need toilet paper because the whole world will be one giant bidet. You can wash your face-ass wherever you want. Beyond the red-baiting, there’s an honest question: If we slow down production, will there be jobs? Enter the Green New Deal, a plan introduced by representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and that other guy. The Green New Deal is a blueprint for a ten-year mobilization to get to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by taking major steps like moving to renewable energy and building public transportation, all with the labor of millions of newly created jobs. This is a call to reorganize and to make sure that we are fighting for a just economy, for a just society, a just environment and a just future for the United States of America and the world. Mmm! Sorry. Having an ASMR moment. And whenever there’s a plan for massive public investment and putting people over profit, it scares the 1 percent—and their mouthpieces—a whole lot: They went looking for an issue that would justify a hostile takeover of the economy. Climate change seems scary so they went with that. Oh my god. Tucker Carlson would rather human civilization die than live in a more equal country. Also, note what’s going on just to his right. Yeah, those are updates on an abnormally large hurricane off the Gulf Coast. I love how there’s an infiltrator at Fox fighting the machine from the inside, and it’s the weather. It will be hard to rein in emissions and capitalism for that matter, but it is possible. We must try. With your help, with your insistence, with your organizing, with your demands, with your voting, with your mobilizing a broader electorate than we have ever seen before in American history, we do not have to go down that path. It’s too late to stop some climate chaos: We’re living it, but are we going to die from the things we love no matter how humiliating? Will we be the David Carradine of civilizations? Or are we going to get real about real solutions? There’s time, but we can’t do it by just pissing around at the margins of the problem. We’ve got to go straight to the heart of capitalism and overthrow it. In other words: Wouldn’t we rather be red than dead? Thanks so much for watching Newsbroke. Follow me @Franifio, and follow AJ+ and Newsbroke on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, all the things. Do you guys think that the U.S. has what it takes to transform to a new economic model? Could we—could we do it? Let me know in the comments below, and we will see you next week.

100 thoughts on “Can Our Planet Survive Capitalism?”

  1. Capitalism isn’t all bad, but it’s the avarice that surrounds it that make it evil (fractional reserve banking, military industrial complex, election donations)

  2. I AM AN ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNIST – I live in Bulgaria, ex-communist, and I am surrounded by things made under communism and literally made to last FOREVER………!

    Under communism you dont make things to brake so you can sell another – you make it to last forever cos there is NO PROFFIT in making another one.
    Get it out of your head that everything communist was built like shit – NOPE, communist stuff literally NEVER wears out.

  3. Yes on the less Disney live-action reboots. However, Emma Watson is an unmitigated delight, and I will watch anything with her in it, regardless of quality or runtime.

  4. Don't you dare try that Impossible whopper, it was shit… Great idea, but too late… I'll just go buy a Beyond Meat or somewhere the meat for the Impossible Burger… I'm Vegan so that whopper is nasty as shit.

  5. On the Disney thing: They should tap Emma Watson for "An Unfortunate Truth 2: Y'all Shoulda Heard It The First Damn Time!"

  6. Since Healthcare is tied into our GDP, a cholera epidemic is good for the economy.
    That's where we are right now.

  7. THIS is yet ANOTHER reason (actually, it's THEE MOST IMPORTANT reason) to vote for the GREEN PARTY/HOWIE HAWKINS! ! ! HE is the ONLY candidate for the 2020 presidency who'd be willing & able to LITERALLY SAVE US ALL! ! !


  8. The planet might survive, but humanity won't.
    To be fair, we have it coming. We are the engineers of our own destruction.
    It's both poetic and lethal.

  9. In fairness to Frankie Boyle, he is on every social and political issue. Watch 'Frankie Boyle's New World Order.' (The "woke" host)

  10. The younger generation of which I am a part of is what gives me hope. Things will change because of generational change. The backlash to Trump and Bolsonaro and the psychos in power around the world now and enabled by some of the older generations will be immense in the coming years. I think the 2020s will be a revolutionary decade.

  11. Veggie Borsch! The mega rich and their yachts chew away at my peace and serenity too and I'd like to blow them all up… I like crashing our economy to save the planet… Jodi Foster said recently that The Avengers and all these super hero movies are destroying our planet too and she may be right. I'm cynical about our leaders doing anything substantial and therefore… I'm bracing for the worst.

  12. It's hilarious (but not really) that Neo-Cons often 😲 about 'personal responsibility', but absolutely REFUSE to do so with business that are polluting the planet.
    It's also a trip to see the 0:03 joke, considering that this vid drops both 1 – the actual Amazon IS on 🔥, and 2 – one the Kochs finally ⚰.

    We in 🇺🇸 – nay, the world – not only need the Green New Deal🌱📑, we need to go further.

  13. So glad your back … and no, the political force will never be there for the changes that are necessary. The rich and powerful will just find ways to circumvent the environment while the middle class and poor will drown when they're not burning.

  14. I don't entirely disagree with you on cap & trade, but I can't agree, either. It's not about changing the evil companies that would happily pay to pollute, but about incentivizing some companies to "go green" by paying them to do it, and that money comes from the evil companies (like we'd want it to!). It's not a good enough solution all by itself, but that's not a good enough reason for it to be excluded from the solutions that we ought to use, because it does helpfully contribute. To use the weight watcher's analogy, it may not lead to a reduction in total calories if everyone's already on weight watcher's, but it does because it at least incentivizes some people to eat less who otherwise wouldn't.

  15. the republicans have took the country to the verge of bankruptcy , now trump is talking about cutting ss and medicare, which always was the republican plan, theirs no money to do anything.

  16. Hmmm doesn’t this channel survive because of capitalism?? This chick is an idiot hmmm capitalism is why she can say stupid stuff on YouTube aka ad money through capitalism.. the hypocrisy is crazy ..

  17. of course we can make up better country…. jesus if we could have just 2 back to back full term democratic presidents (3 would be even better) can you imagine 24 years of non impeded democratic reign.. everyone would have healthcare, 15$ min wage , the environment would be taken care of, rich ppl would pay what they owe, white collar crime would be treated as serious as it is. and much more gun reform, repairations, man im so sick of these republicans destroying all the progress we make

  18. Actually Capitalism is the solution, it's a wonderfully complex and intricate system that is really quite beautiful when you understand it. First thing that News broke got wrong, "cap and trade" is not the only system out there; you can't say that because of one scam that capitalism doesn't work, that's stupid. In fact Capitalism works perfectly, it just needs some government regulation; for example a carbon tax works very well to internalize the environmental costs of CO2 pollution. All the government needs to do now is add taxes to things that harm the environment, oh wait a minute, they already do, what do you think you were paying for when you buy your new PC and there's like a $150.00 eco tax on it! That money goes to the government who uses it to clean up the waste from your PC when you throw it away in however many years. The government could easily add taxes on plastics and other environmentally harmful chemicals in order to account properly for the costs of producing, well, anything. If the dollar store items that fill so many of our landfills suddenly cost 30-40 dollars because of a plastic tax, then people would buy less of them; and that's how Capitalism works to save the planet. Socialism, the takeover of production, would actually do absolutely nothing to prevent environmental degradation. For example everyone is gonna want a television, no?, so then there'd be a large screen TV produced for every family, regardless of the environmental damage! And obviously with Communism, same thing applies, you get rid of money, but everyone is still gonna want a TV! We certainly don't want to go back to growing our own food, and all living like hippies; for one thing this kind of lifestyle is incredibly greedy, without specialization a single family often takes up several acres of land just to barely get by, and that's without properly filtered water, no filtration of waste water(screw your neighbours – they can drink your piss!) lowered hygiene, and no medical . . . just no medical . . . you have an accident or there are complications in child birth – good luck?! NOPE! Capitalism is the best, we just need the governments of the world to all agree on a set of regulations / taxes on certain things that harm the environment, and viola the system will correct itself.
    PS – I do believe that there are some drastic things the government can do, for example we've all heard how the great USA can 'convert' a GM factory into a tank factory and like produce a tank every hour, right. So I propose that the government build a few giant plants to produce wind turbines by the millions put in a huge order, get the price way down, then sell them(maybe even at a slight loss) to power companies. And notify the existing companies that coal power plants will be facing a tax on the carbon they produce, as will oil and natural gas based power plants. Then you just sit back and watch the free market do it's thing!

  19. jesus christ.

    1. aerosol injection will only postpone the worst effects of climate change, cuz the spray would only stay in the air so long. not only that, but — and im glad you mentioned it — but it would definitely cause other issues, which may even be bigger. one of which being that the aerosols may reflect sunlight and destroy the ozone layer, which protects us from harmful rays.

    2. russia, china, and venezuela werent socialist. to understand this, we need to understand what capitalism is. capitalism is private ownership of the means of production and production fir profit. id go more in depth, but basically: capitalism requires private property(meaning capital, being used to earn profit, which is different from personal property, which isnt used for that purpose), money, commodities, wages, classes, leaders, and a state. Adam Smith agreed with all these criteria and i can provide sources from 'The Wealth of Nations' to prove that. the main issue with caputalism is profit over everything, including people. for people or the planet to ever be number 1, wed need a system where profit didnt exist. which brings us to Karl Marx. socialism, in the Marxian (and thus, the only genuine) sense is common ownership of the means of production and production for use. the complete opposite of caoitalism. again, id get more in depth, but socialism, by definition, wouldnt have: private property( since everything would be owned personally or in common), money(since nothing would be for sale), commodities(since thered be no money), wages(since thered be no classes), classes(since all the means of production would be owned in common), leaders(since common ownership would require direct democracy), or a state(since thered be no class interests to protect). i can provide sources for all of these criteria throughout Marx and Friedrich Engels' work. as you can tell, none of those countries the reporter mentioned fit that criteria. the only difference from regular capitalism in russia and china was that, rather than private, individual ownership of the means of production, they had private, state ownership of the means of production. they srull had capitalism, but it was state capitalism. Vladimir Lenin even admitted russias economy was state capitalist in an article, and i can provide the source for that too. as far as venezuela, 71% of their industry is private sector. they arent socialist, or even state capitalist really, theyre more what ive heard called "left-wing capitalism" as opposed to the "right-wing" capitalism of america, which has 89% of our industry as private sector. venezuelas economic crisus isnt due to socialism, its due to economic sanctions imposed by the US.

    3. the green new deal isnt socialist either. again, i can go in depth, but its reformist. it doesnt ask for any of the criteria of a socialist economy, it would preserve capitalism, but just make it more fair. this wouldnt stop climate change, cuz profits would still need to come first

  20. I am so glad I found you!!! you are awesome and have uplifted my day with the way you make me laugh instead of just cry!

  21. FRANCESCA! HELLO! There's a movement going on right now in the US to transition 5 million acres of farmland to Regenerative Agriculture. That's enough to draw down the amount of CO2 that the US contributes to the atmosphere each year. And it's more profitable for farmers while keeping food prices the same. Restores soil and health. Reduces farming subsidies. BUT big oil and big pharma lose – poor babies. Look up Farmers Footprint dot us please, I beg you. Also, Our Family Farms dot org. You do such an amazing job. If you talked about this it could go viral – and international, which is what we need to save the planet.

  22. It's called work ethic, not Adderall. I know its hard for libtards to believe you can work hard all day without amphetamines. Donald isn't skinny like you

  23. Any color would be better than dead. Its a global issue bot only an American issue. The USA will only change if there was some type incredible change in business, politicians and people. The likelyhood of them changing it prior to the planet getting worse is very unlikely. 2045

  24. Here is a quick easy baby step. Stop importing agricultural products from Brazil. That will eliminate one of the reasons for burning the rainforest.

  25. This planet will be here long after we humans are extinct. We had a glorious opportunity and squandered it. And that is being polite. It doesn’t matter which system is in place. Humans just can’t handle the responsibility of taking care of anything, including our planet. We are one messed up species. Once we are gone the planet will be left in peace and will once again be a beautiful, wonderful place. Probably within a thousand years. We are getting what we deserve. An economic system has almost nothing to do with it. Love

  26. Well said Francesca. Love your humour and inspired by your message. BTW, when AOC becomes your President, she needs you to be her press secretary…

  27. Maybe we're just meant to move somewhere else. So if all humanity could replace their military expenses to science research and use the resources we have left to maybe build an artificial planet maybe we'll survive by the time there's no more resources left.

  28. The planet may survive but humanity may go extinct along with most other species we share this earth with. Capitalism is in conflict with all life on this planet. Remember this. If socialism adopts the growth paradigm of capitalism it won't be any better. America's monetary system is the petro-dollar. That means our economy is dependent world oil sales. So that means the US money system must me completely re-engineered. It has to happen, the alternative is to terrible to consider. Will It happen. Not sure corporations, and the politicians they own will ever accept ditching growth capitalism. I think they would rather go down by burning up our habitat. Good video but the time line for change I believe is much shorter than the projections you reported.

  29. I don't think that a country that, ACTIVELY ignores the 🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳 it has,
    via Money Laundering,
    of LatinAmerican robber barons & protofascists politicians in Florida (Miami, for one),
    is ready to understand what a Green New Deal really means.

    and a LOT OF IT, depends on a massive crackdown on this parallel economy that affects the ecological systems in +20 LatAm countries,
    to use those resources to heal biological sistems.

  30. Canada – Loss of life has already started. 11% of the province of Quebec, an area larger than the state of Florida or twice the size of Scotland was flooded to provide electricity to the state of New York. The Indigenous Inuit(Eskimos) never recovered and at 66,000 souls remaining, near extinction. Anyone know how to survive above 66 degrees without oil ? The Inuit did, for thousands of years !

  31. What a great feeling it IS to see the increasingly dangerous juggernaut of capitalism, the GDP metric and unchecked 'growth' begin to get the traction and scrutiny that's needed in trying to slow down and turn around their destructive momentum on the environment, democracy and the welfare of society.
    Although, I, being a progressives in that minority camp, think it's simply too late; we've missed the bus, with the right wing running the scheduling.

    I would love to think otherwise, but I believe that over 40 years, there has been too much right-wing momentum of stupidity that's infiltrated and grown roots within the system and the electorate for there to be much change . And even if that weren't the case, the idiot crowd more commonly known as Republicans/conservatives/right-wing, as well as corporate/establishment Democrats will always be at the throats of those woke and aware, who can and are willing to engage the intelligence and political will needed for the critical transformations of our/the global economy, technology and society.

    I'm am very skeptical and pessimistic of any real necessary change, especially based on what I see on a day-to-day basis in the people I interact with around me, as well as the feedback I see via trusted/accurate/factual/evidence based news sources (and LACK of it via the mainstream 'news' and the right-wing propaganda machines. Hey, for the vast majority in this country at least, right wing propaganda is MUCH more intellectually appealing and digestible than those nasty things like facts, evidence, responsible personal and political change. And gee,… all I ever heard out of the right was how important it was for 'personal responsibility'
    Nevertheless, I still keep a sliver of hope that these monsters of the right can and will be crushed, unmercifully. So I still say, Go progressives! Go socialism!

  32. It’s possible. The American mythos is based on that very premise.

    But looking at those holding the reins right now, I am reminded of what Bronn said to the Lannister boys at Winterfell.

  33. Thank you for finally admitting that socialism would destroy our way of life and our economy. Ive been saying this for years 😊

  34. Our civilization is using twice as many resources as nature can provide, the excess comes as cumulative environmental destruction … we don't have two Earths to support capitalism's greed.

  35. As amusing as it might be to turn conservative rhetoric against their major figures, "triggered" is an actual mental health term, so not really the best option for that; it's no less demeaning for people with PTSD and other conditions than when the right uses it.

  36. Capitalism is the only way to stop climate change… Yes, Capitalism. I think your so wrong because you simply dont understand that Government intervention is whats causing this problem. For example, when the Government split Stand Oil into many little oil companies, thats led to an increase in oil competition when we could have just stopped using. oil altogether.

  37. Brad isn't allowed to do heroin. Because i need it all. And if he does heroin, it will exasperate climate change. So starting today, no more heroin for Brad.
    Am i planning to get off heroin you ask? Yes. Very very slowly Over the next 75 years. Its what i agreed upon in the deal with France, Germany, and all the other countries when we decided loseres like brad shouldn't be allowed to use heroin anymore. France hates Brad, but not in a racist way.. Brad is poor and brown but it's about heroin people, NOT skin color.

  38. That host (frankie Boyle) would not be mind blown as he’s a eco-socialist himself. Also, he has a Scottish accent not a posh London one

  39. "Rather be red than dead?"- ugh. I dont believe Communism is the answer at all. But American society does need to make changes.

  40. AJ+ needs to cover Mark Chase. The last name may be wrong. But since he is the only Native American independent presidential canidate running for the Office of President of America. It should be easy to find him. Democrocy Now covered him. Please cover Mark Chase.

  41. For three years I maintained wind turbines in Livermore Ca. until the company went bankrupt and now I either take public transit or ride my bike to get where I want to go. AJ+ what do you do to help save the planet?

  42. love this! btw that host is Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle who is already incredibly woke, y'all should check out his material

  43. Thank you for my regular Newsbroke, you have no idea how much my sanity needed this. Thank you AJ+ and Franny Fio. Glad to see you back together.

  44. Capitalism + uneducated consumers = global damage

    Capitalism + educated consumers = global sustainability

    It all depends on how informed the consumers are about the company’s mission and how they go about creating their goods and services and the impact it has on the planet. Educated consumers who are more aware on a global scale would be able to control what is available in the market and what isn’t (sustainable vs unsustainable) by supporting it or not (buying). This creates a culture in which consumers and producers can align to and move in a sustainable or unsustainable direction throughout time.

  45. I can hear it now… When the first cold winter day hits in D.C. , Trump will bellow, " it's 20 degrees outside… what happened to all of that global warming. I told you it was a hoax!.." #SAD

  46. Francesca… funny you should mention the Impossible Whopper… I'm munching on one right now.. in all actuality, they are pretty good. I've had a few of them over the last month…

  47. This video is so timely… Time to reduce our meat consumption and consumerism in general. Time to cultivate gardens… Grow our own food. Live simpler.

  48. I appreciate anyone who will take a seemingly unrelated topic and make sure to squeeze in a jab against Betsy DeVos's family within that topic. Thank you Fiorentini!

  49. I used to work for a big Environmental Advocacy Organization and they SWORE cap and trade was a real solution 🙄

  50. There is no single scenario in which democracy can coexist with socialism your rights will be taken from you over time. They're trying to fear monger you into relinquishing your rights. The constitution is more important than protecting the environment there's not one argument you could make against that.

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