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Can You Survive? A Deadly Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure!

Can You Survive? A Deadly Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure!

GLOZELL: Hello. This is Glozell. Is you OK? Is you good, ’cause
I want to know. Lend me your ear, ghostesses
and ghouls, witches and wizards, freaks
and freakettes, and I’ll tell you a tale,
a tale of a mansion haunted by a murderous spirit and
all the Halloween spooky type stuff that went down
that fateful night. It all started way back
at the old mansion. Oh, I’m sorry. Am I boring you? I can’t even. I can’t even deal
with you right now. Well, I guess you have
to learn the hard way. Mhm. Yeah. Hmm– [SPEAKING GIBBERISH] Now off you go to the
most haunted house at the most haunted party on the
most haunted night of the year. You decide what to do. But beware, the threat
of your grizzly death lies at each turn. FOUSEY: Dude, this
house is insane. How can Tay afford all this? SPARKY: Well, I mean, it was
on the market for like 30 years after that insane wizard
killed his whole family. FOUSEY: Are you serious? Why would somebody choose
to live on a murder site? I mean, this place
is probably haunted. SPARKY: Oh, yeah. It has to be. I mean, this dude
murdered his whole family. And the sign says haunted house. FOUSEY: [BLEEP] that. I’m out of here. GLOZELL: Bail with
Fousey or stick around. The party’s just
getting started. [SPOOKY MUSIC PLAYING] TAY ZONDAY: Welcome. I’m so glad all of you made
it to my Halloween party. I’m your host,
Pirate Tay Zonday. [APPLAUSE] Some of the furnishings are a
little bit dusty and outdated, including the crudite left
there by the previous owner. But I have very specific
instructions from the realtor not to move anything or
an ancient death curse will be unleashed. MALE SPEAKER: Oh, man. There’s a bunch of crazy
stuff in this place. Like check out this
sick crystal I found. It was just up in the
attic sitting there. I’m totally going to
turn it into a necklace. SPARKY: Oh, hell no. Tay’s dead. LIZZIE: Tay. TAY ZONDAY: Guys, I’m not dead. I was just trying
to do the worm. But that guy is. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] SPARKY: No, no. I’m out of here, man. Let’s go. MILES: Yeah, I’m with you. I cant be here for this. FELICIA DAY: No, I think
we should figure out what’s going on here. It could have something to
do with that death curse Tay was talking about. MICHELLE: Yeah. I just want to look around. This place is cool. TAY ZONDAY: Guys,
there’s no death curse. And come on, we
barely knew the guy. We’re not going to let
him stop the party. LIZZIE: Yeah, for sure. I’m partying with Tay. GLOZELL: Flee with
Sparky and Miles, party with Tay and
Lizzie, or investigate with Felicia and Michelle. The choice is yours. FOUSEY: I can’t believe
I told you about my aunt. It’s like I haven’t been this
comfortable with somebody in a long time, and I think
it’s because you truly get me. [PHONE BUZZING] It’s Sparky. Hello. [MUFFLED SCREAMING] Sparky. Yo, your reception is terrible. It sounds like a bunch of
horrified screams in there. OK, yeah, yeah, yeah. I can’t hear you. All right, bye. It sounds like they’re
having a great time in there, but I’m not worried
because I think I found a great friend out here. Cheers. GLOZELL: Well, congratulations. You made it out. Who leaves a party before
the party gets started? Come on, baby. Get back in there. Go on, get.

100 thoughts on “Can You Survive? A Deadly Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure!”

  1. I honestly loved this adventure. I've spent a good hour playing through all the options, so much fun! You guys killed it ;P

  2. LOOL I gotta do something like this for y'all! I'm the best actor y'all can ever meet! The problem is, I'm a poor black man surrounded by poor black people in a poor black neighbourhood in Toronto so I can't afford the equipment these dudes are using 🙁

  3. This was kool. Was hoping for alternate endings so you can choose who survives and who doesn't kind of thing. Still, I'd love to see more of this kind of thing in the future, would make for an interesting Web Show. Not sure how piratical that would be

  4. It's hilarious and over the top, which is what I expected from my favorite YouTubers.  Personally, I would like to spend Halloween on a haunted ship.

  5. protip:
    at the start of the video, wait untill the entire vid is loaded (signified by amount of white on scrubbing bar) that way you dont have to wait for it to load when you click an option

  6. Crudite: Traditional French appetizers consisting of sliced or whole raw vegetables, which are sometimes dipped in a vinaigrette or other dipping sauce. This is for those who are curious.:-)

  7. Omg srlsy? A guy dies and they want to stay around cause “this place is cool” and they want to “check it out” really??!! And they r so calm and he’s just pouring out blood 😂

  8. So… If I go to a Halloween party wearing a red Star Trek uniform, I’ll die, Huh?
    Let me just write a mental note…

  9. >D< the Fousey route is the most obvious way to survive a horror movie or escape a haunted house. Just avoid the drama and leave

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