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Can You Survive the Navy SEAL Workout? | Outside

Can You Survive the Navy SEAL Workout? | Outside

(steady piano playing) – You can expect whatever you
want to have in your head, but when we showed up,
reported at 10 a.m. on Friday and they rolled out on us I think at 12. It was… whoa. (police sirens blaring) (loud indistinctive yelling) – Even team guys that know the buttons to push they spot it, they grab it, they push. – Spraying hard for 45 minutes. (yelling and shouting) (fast pase intense music) – That was what really set the
stage was actually that PT. They came out with a vendetta and that really set the tone. (Intense music) (water crashing) (man grunting) – Come on you’re almost,
there two more steps! – I saw the camp as something to enhance my training and
it totally did just that. (Waves crashing) – What can take me to
another level that I’m not going to access? There’s a method in all that. – [Woman’s Voice] Nothing
is done out of punishment. It’s done to learn and to
draw better out of yourself. – Maybe I’ll just slide right through this without them noticing me. Maybe my technique really
is as good as it is, and of course it’s not. – We pay to get brutalized. And that’s kind of the
motivation you need. We completely disregard your
own pain and discomfort, through the goals. Get to the goal because it’s the only way it’s going to stop. – You can read about it and
you can understand what it is. Until you’re in it you can’t appreciate it and truly understand what it is, and what it’s doing to you. – Quitting was not an option. There were definitely
times that I just wanted it to be over but I was never going to quit. It hurt. – That’s the plan is to
fool you into ways of being. It’s just one of the remotely possible. (violin music) That’s what makes these guys so great. Don’t let up and they pull out
from you your absolute best. I mean his is just like wasting us and totally depleting whatever possibly be in our reserves at the time. – 10 miles straight up
and running on no sleep. You just find yourself
in a really dark spot. You look over at the other guys and you kind of find your comfort in them. – I actually prayed a lot. I was like “hey man, give me something”. Right as we came around the corner there was a water truck. I was like “oh my gosh this is a miracle”. I’m getting things that I
need along the way here. At least getting a little farther, which I appreciate. – You start learning
things that are greater than yourself and this just
really puts you in a place where you have to draw
on your teammates for encouragement, light, and warmth
in every sense of the word. Because you don’t get through this alone. I learned a lot about myself
that I didn’t know existed. Or that I didn’t even know
that I was going to tap into. – What pushed me through most was the teammates I had with me. Maybe I don’t see them or
talk to them down the road, but if we ever run into each other, (piano music descending)

100 thoughts on “Can You Survive the Navy SEAL Workout? | Outside”

  1. 2:13 if a girl holds me like that id stay in that water for days. Remember women give you strength

  2. Id love to experience this i wont quit i wont give up i have never done anything even remotely close to it but id love to give it everything ive got

  3. Haven't been in the military, but im gonna go on a limb here and guess that these people only got two percent of what the seal training and or pt is actually like

  4. Soviet block and CIA experiments on sleep deprivation, 7 days no sleep, you have beaten the world record by almost 100 hours and you are near death in a coma.

  5. Awesome video this should be thought in school today to show this kids the true meaning of teamwork and sacrifice.

  6. Today is the best day of my life. I always want to be the navy seal, but l live in Russia. Sorry for my English

  7. Survived it every burnout Wednesday back in the day. Almost 3 hr workout including 10 mile run and cool off swim in the nastiest sewer water from Glorietta Bay

  8. The purpose of any fitness regime which is part of military training, even basic training, is not to get you in shape but to fit you into the command structure of the armed forces/ military…to break down your defences and open you up to commands and indoctrination. Think about it: it is impossible to get fit over a weekend or even a week. Yes, you can learn how to get fit, but you cannot become fit. Athletic training is not connected in any way with physical ability, either what you have or giving it to you.

  9. Practice when some one pushing you constantly not as hard as many here would say max (it always max to make it interesting when you go up one level there is other and so on there is no end to it), and call that is the best of the best ( that is not the best training because there is no end to it and it mostly based on psychological less physical and skills)- no they are not (first reason because average people could do it yes they could do it and stats would back it up that is not as to say 1 out of 10 millions it rather 10 out of 500 so it not that big of the deal). Do it for 10 + year and push yourself to do the same over and over again – that is hardest part when NO ONE would care to push you and challenge you and you have to do it on your own that what real challenge are.
    And yes everyone would survive it if there is enough good prize in the end… challenge to do it without prize.

  10. I did this when i was 10 years old… I am a SPARTAN… Key things to help uuu new soldiers with this experience…. Remember why uu fight…the people and family uu dont want to have to deal with this experience…think if they had to do this… Uu dont want that… Uu have to have the mentally of spartan… For ur people of america…and for THOSE that can not defend or fight for them selfs… Uu have to take this PAIN..SO THEY WONT HAVE TOO… I HOPE THIS WILL HELP ..MENTALLY INTO PHYSICAL GOALS.

  11. I think the Facebook and google executives would benefit greatly from this. Just saying they’re a bunch of pussies

  12. Wow, you Train 3 weeks of this and complain? I've been doing this type of training 5 days a week for the past 2 years

  13. This is like training in the middle ages where you push your body to the limit of human endurance.

  14. The only missing part is that they didn’t train near the Tijuana river down in Imperial Beach, where theres shitty sewage water that runs through each time it rains.

  15. Just this vide gave me chills. This does not look remotely easy, but sure will push one to an extent that one discovers oneself. Brilliant!

  16. I always laugh at this stuff cause anyone can come up with a workout like this. Anything is hard if you make someone do anything for a long period if time. No hate, just my opinion.

  17. Here's a more important question: Can you survive a SEAL mission that goes horribly wrong due to poor planning because they spent too much time lifting weights and working out instead of reading intelligence reports and doing detailed mission analysis and contingency planning? Poor planning by SEAL teams has led to more deaths than any other element in USSOCOM, which is why I'm disgusted every time I see yet another video about some hard core Navy SEAL workout.

  18. It looks like military basic training. Now i know why most of seals quit the brazilian war in the jungle course.

  19. After reading many comments,most people on here are full of shit ,as a Vet I'm waiting for the Civil War and most on here wont do a dame thing for FREEDOM. And what is funny is how many people cant spell or even make a sentence.

  20. This ain't the real thing. Knew a dude that tried out for U.S. Navy Seals back in the eighties. He had a heart attack during hell week. He said the he could handle the excersize. It's the stress and not sleeping that got him. He was 18 at the time. Very tough SOMBITCHES. Another dude that I use to know that was and still is a Seal in my book. The Navy comes up with some story saying that they passed away during training excersize. If there's no body they were K.I.A or captured during a mission.

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