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CAN YOU SURVIVE? | Try Not To Cringe – Horrible Sounds Edition

CAN YOU SURVIVE? | Try Not To Cringe – Horrible Sounds Edition

Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is jacksepticeye and welcome to a try not to cringe challenge, I guess. But this one is different! We’re doing this one for scientific purposes this time. A little– couple of days ago. I can’t remember when it was According to this it was a day ago, cuz it’s on my screen right now I did a would you rather video and in that video I talked about… ah god I can’t even remember. What sparked up the conversation. I talked about Sounds I talked about oh, it’s getting me going already because I’m thinking about them I talked about the sounds or like Feelings like feeling cotton in your hands or rubbing cotton against your teeth or rubbing, getting a q-tip and rubbing it against my teeth or the sounds of like nails on chalkboards that kind of stuff and it fascinated me because I’ve always I Just it’s weird because sometimes I get triggered by different things like that I Some things will make me like oh like curl up into a ball and like I sucked down a lemon and then other things are fine
But it makes other people freak out like the knife on a plate thing To me doesn’t really bother me all that much sometimes it does sometimes It doesn’t but other people absolutely freak out when they hear it So I thought we’d do a bit of a video like this and I I’ve done some try not to cringe stuff before and but they never actually turned out to what they were supposed to because I just ended up feeling bad for the people in the videos And I’m not gonna do a try not to laugh video Because I feel like anybody who does the try not to laugh videos these days Aren’t actually trying not to laugh It’s they’ve turned into how much can I laugh videos so I decided to do something different for this one, so I took down a list. I’m after that video. I went ahead and asked people what what made them react to sounds what sounds made them react that way and I can’t do the feeling test because that You guys can’t participate in that one So I got a bunch of sounds and I called them cringe sounds cuz I don’t really know what else to call them They make you cringe that make you wince The try not to wince challenge, that’s what you call it So I do have some really bad ones But we start off with so hopefully I can find some of these paper crinkling was one of them, okay This is already weird I’m already cringing just cuz it’s an ASMR video. I don’t like ASMR videos They creep me out Stop it. You’re whispering into my soul. I’d already seen anything bad with paper crinkling. Well. This isn’t really paper crinkling I need that cronch. Oh, that’s what I’m looking for Now I wanna– I want to see somebody like scrunch it up because this doesn’t bother me apparently a bothers some people there was a lot of people who actually had this one as like a Thing that they reacted to or cringe to this is fine That’s worse That one is definitely worse But see if there’s a difference between ones that actually like Make you wanna grind your teeth or bite your nails or something or scrunch up your fists to something. That’s just annoying The crinkling of paper is just annoying to me. It reminds me when I was younger and I used to go to Mass and Some old guy at the back at the church would take out sweets, and you just hear the plastic crumpling This is a this is a chewing with your mouth open one. Again, this isn’t something that makes me cringe It’s something that makes me want to punch a child in the face Okay get on with it Okay, yeah, it does make me cringe. Oh God Oh Seriously I’m clenching my fists Okay, she’s chewing with her mouth closed now, thank God. Never mind never mind! I can’t- does this count as cringing This is just my hate my life face. You dropped some come on! Unprofessional! [ASMR: I’m eating some mango.] Oh, no. Oh, it just makes me want to vomit! Ah, no, Jesus Christ, stop! Oh, fuck! Okay that one was bad, okay, but this is not the stuff I’m looking for you know the ones I’m talking about you know when you hear like a screech of like metal on metal or something And it makes you like it just makes you want to do this Or it makes you want to like rip your nails off somewhere the feeling of your nails like rubbing like a glossy photograph kind of thing Oh Okay, let’s get to the good shit Ohh Oh, that’s one of them! Jesus okay not that’s one that does it to me. That’s it. That’s this is Wade’s worst nightmare Wade hates That sound and I get it It’s like it’s not so bad when that’s rubbing a head when you rub styrofoam against itself Not only is the sound of it just like inside your head like a bullet But the feeling of trying to do that and that’s where my brain always goes when I hear these things my brain goes to how It feels I’m doing this all the time like scratching my nails oh God I hate it was it this sound is worse than a blackboard. Oh god. No No! No, no, that’s one of them. Oh Jesus that’s one of them again, not for the sound, I know how that feels are my nails It makes me want to rip my nails out and throw them into the Sun Fuckin’ hate that I don’t know what that reaction is I even posited the question to people to try and go for a search And I found something from Hank Green and the scishow somebody Mentioned it on tumblr to me And I watched that but that was more like screechy sounds because it was it sounded kind of like Animals or people in distress or something it made like a psychological factor But it didn’t really answer the question of this wait this one drives me insane I should have put a fucking disclaimer at the start of this video No no no that’s like the chalkboard one again, you can feed your nails actually doing it oh It’s really bad. Okay, so since we’re in that fucking horrible neck of the woods. Why not take a roundabout tripping That’s not bad. That one’s fine, that’s more I can I can like feel the feeling of that, but that’s not bad Why’d you fuckin’ do it then?! No! That’s a bad one! Fuck No, I hate that. It’s making my fingers feel all tingly No, Jesus. Why?! Why am I doing this myself? I’m sorry I’m doing this to all of you as well, but we’re doing it in the name of science We’re not gonna get any results out of this. We’re just gonna figure out. What fucks us up um Oh no, oh here we go. This might be the worst one oh Jesus okay, I always helped by the fact that that was a terrible recording Here it is Ahh it got worse! Oh, that’s- oh, Jesus No, it’s still that I have a version of these sounds in my head that I can hear is the eeeee That’s the really bad one when it hits like that perfect pitch none of these are doing that yet That’s it, that’s it! Oh It’s getting me here in real life, it doesn’t get me because it doesn’t sustain it’s normally I’m cutting something and then you get that one like And that’s not so bad But when it’s sustained like that. Oh fucked me up. There’s a scene in Ace Ventura actually like that. This: Okay, let’s leave that there for fear of copyright, but oh god. No oh Those are bad ones I’m wondering how many people at home now are like crunching up their toes my toes have been like this the entire video What else did I have down? Nails on chalkboard, knife on plate, ooh? balloons Okay That was not so bad I can handle that Yeah that one’s not so bad, that’s not what I was expecting They do get worse though, are you gonna make it worse you just gonna keep this this whole time Video: “That was gooooooood!” *laugh* Okay That one that’s a bit worse See this one for me is more of a texture thing again if I get two balloons and rub them off each other that’ll make Me want to just pop them with my mind, but just hearing them Not that bad Someone start fucking the balloon squeaky marker oh That one gets me that one is definitely a thing for me. It’s not as strong as something like the nails on chalkboard or like Again a lot a lot of my ones. I got to do it feeling but this is [squeaky marker] But no no oh god, that’s horrible I hate that [We loves us some squeaky markers] this dude loved some fucking squeaky markers, but that middle sound That one you know whether you’re strangling a rabbit, Oh have you ever heard of rabbit in distress by the way Let’s listen to that! [The kids yeah] That’s that’s the sound that rabbits make when they’re hurt or they’re in distress or they they’re in danger or something like that it’s a sound that you wouldn’t think would actually come out of rabbit and That’s what that reminded me of like that the sound coming out of a balloon or the squeaky marker sound oh I’m gonna have to just go like dunk my head in a bucket of oil after this and the last one People told me that they hate it well that the last one there was a lot of them But these were the recurring ones was the dentist drill which to me dentist drills, they do sound bad But it’s it’s more of a thought about what’s happening with the drill and the fact that you know that they’re like drilling into your Teeth kind of thing so maybe maybe that counts I don’t know, but let’s give a listen Oh Oh The drill itself is not so bad. That’s a high pitch. That’s just annoying to listen to but here in the mic You can hear the teeth chip away. Oh, I don’t like that one but again It’s not it’s not one of the ones that makes me want to like like flick my nails or grind my teeth or anything It’s just the one because I know what’s happening. I know that they’re in your teeth They’re in your mouth, and that’s just a horrible feeling anyway. It’s like Danger Danger, Danger. Oh It’s so bad So bad I don’t need that but it looked like it was shot and by Satan oh Stop it dude stop that does it for this video. Oh my god. That was horrible How many of you out there just I wouldn’t how many people actually made it through the video as well or how many people had To skip through it because of the sounds They just they make they drive me insane and the worst part is is that there’s no real way to? subvert that like if I feel cotton Or if I think about like wood scraping my teeth or something like that It’s driving me insane right now, but I think there’s no way to stop that. There’s no way of like thinking Oh, we’ll just just think about biting an apple. Just think about rubbing oil against your teeth or something There’s no opposite of it. There’s no way to just stop it. It’s just kind of in your head until you forget about it I hate that I’m really am curious about the science behind it though What not let the sounds that just sound bad and make you Uncomfortable not that sounds like chewing with your mouth open that make you annoyed nothing like that I want to know about the feelings of things again. The only way I can describe it for me personally The worst one for me is either cotton balls roping those in your hand and like that little feeling of it or a really super high-gloss Photograph with long nails and scraping that then the photograph one might be the worst cuz it’s giving me goose bumps Just thinking about it now, and it made that shiver to go off my back. I don’t know what that is I don’t know what that feeling is. What makes you want to like? Screech scrape your nails. What makes you want to like bite your teeth down hard. Anyway if you made it through the video congratulations But thank you guys so much for watching this video and suffering and agony with me if you liked it pun- oh wait, wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I really want to know what other sounds make you feel that way if there’s any sounds that Wasn’t in this that make you feel that way or any feelings feelings more specifically because we kind of done sounds I want to know what people react strongly to It’s very it’s fascinating to me because other people have different reactions or things like the paper crinkling one Some people are like oh my god. That makes me want to like bite down on something, but for me It’s just like no. It’s it’s annoying, but it’s not actually something that Triggers me that way but punch that like button in the face like a boss! And High-fives all around Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes in the next video! Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna find a small isolated room that I can go scream in.

100 thoughts on “CAN YOU SURVIVE? | Try Not To Cringe – Horrible Sounds Edition”

  1. I come across this video all the time. And I’m wondering why no one talks about when your teeth accidently grind against eachother or hit another tooth. Sheesh. 😭 or scratching paper. DISGUSTANG.

  2. The dentist drill hurts meeeee when i heard it. And i had that before WAY TOO MANY TIMES. Its so obnoxious, i always wanted to gritted my teeth and the feeling that whenever it drilled around my gum, was out of this world. I just wanna tear my mouth off after that HAHA

  3. Only violinists, cellists, violists, and bass players will understand this but ROSIN, especially wiping it of your strings, it all just makes me want to die inside.

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  6. Two things me and jack have in common? we both HATE ASMR.
    1: slime sounds. 2: nails on a board….you know what? ever thing jack hates i do as well.

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  8. None of these really get me, but when people bite their forks/spoons or it taps against their teeth, it makes me cringe so bad.

  9. I hate those photos that have that weird glossy looking texture to them and when I scratch those it makes my nails and teeth grind, lol!

  10. I hate the sound when a damn nail scratch on some type of book I F**** HATE THAT SOUND IT MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE

  11. I dont understand why so many people are cringed by cotton? My mom HATEs COtTOn. So I regularly take cotton balls and tear them in her ear while she eats😁😆😈

  12. Most of these killed me. For the same reason as Jack, I can feel it

    When a pencil is broken and you rub it against the paper

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