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Canned Food for Preppers Pros and Cons- Long Term Food Storage Choices

Canned Food for Preppers Pros and Cons- Long Term Food Storage Choices

canned food for preppers pros and cons why stockpile canned food prepping shtf hi it’s AlaskaGranny Prepper everyone needs a
food stockpile there are pros and cons to storing canned food making canned
food a major part of your food storage plan emergency food storage stockpile canned food can last for years you
can open and eat a can of food in an emergency and in an emergency situation you have ready-to-eat meals stockpile cans of food
they’re quick to prepare shtf they include water and you can just open
and eat food from a can everything from meat to fruit and vegetables and more comes in a can you can have a
variety of flavors nutrients canned foods are simple to store simple to eat
and can provide you for an inexpensive amount of money a huge amount of food
for emergencies that will last and can store for a long time the cons of having canned food in your emergency food storage might be you have processed
food which includes preservatives and sodium
some people object to the liners inside the cans not being healthful canned food
also takes up a lot of space and it’s heavy so the weight can be a problem if
you needed to move your food in an emergency if you needed a supply of simple to prepare
quick and easy meals that you can grab and go and prepare in a moment canned
food doesn’t have to be your only option for food storage for emergencies canned
foods can certainly meet short-term food needs emergency meal plans canned foods are easy to prepare
open and eat can get you going in a hurry and keep you fed in a short-term
emergency situation no matter whether you’re buying foods to store for the
short term of the long term be willing to eat foods that you store and make
sure that you have a way to open canned food with can openers and prepare it if you’re stockpiling canned
foods make sure you also are stockpiling can openers learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

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