Canned Meat – Survival Tips for Music Moms #2 | From the Top

Hi there, parents. So tell me if this has happened to you. You’ve been working with your kid for weeks — maybe months — getting ready for the big recital. This is where all the hard work pays off, where the world gets to see your son making beautiful music… …or at least not making a fool of himself. Then, day of the recital, this should be YOUR big moment — — I mean HIS big moment. He starts to play, you close your eyes. Hey, he sounds good. But then you open your eyes and oh my god, what is he doing with his face? It’s like there’s an alien about to burst through his skin! I know. Performing should be all about the music. But nobody can hear the music when his face is screaming like that. [gasp] You’ve got the “disappearing upper lip” face. The “Mom, can you see my tonsils?” face. And everyone’s favorite… The “let me clean the chocolate off my chin” face. You gotta do something. So, the next day in practice time, I tell him: Why don’t you think of something NICE while you’re playing? Like what? Maybe…smelling your favorite foods. You mean like fried spam? What? Sometimes I don’t know whose child this is. You know what? It worked. He looked positively beatific. Hopefully your child will respond to more appetizing imagery. But for us… It was this. So, thank you Spam.

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