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. Case large trapper s.s.folding knife field test. Survival shelter build.

. Case large trapper s.s.folding knife field test. Survival shelter build.

Hello, how are you today? I’m Vinnie, and this is my day off. I came down here to the woods yesterday to build a survival shelter and I did this to test this folding knife. It’s the Case large trapper in case tru sharp stainless steel I’ll give you a close up of this knife this is the Case trapper close up, Bear in mind that I was using It yesterday and It may not be the cleanest In the last episode I used a very small Chinese foldng knife The Ganzo G725-m, that didn’t fare too well but in fairness I don’t believe anyone would expect that to be use in the outdoors This is a much more manly offering So let’s see how this one fared out As I said last week I got caught out with the rain and I didn’t have dry wood or kindling collected, so today the first Job, I’m going to collect some dead wood This Is a nice piece of dead willow and this should, burn well This is also pretty dead it’s a little bit far gone but It’ll burn okay So I’m going to move around to collect more of this and secure it in some kind of a sheltered spot and have it ready okay Okay I’m going to collect this pole as my main ridgepole, it’s a piece of hazel once more I’m a little bit restricted now I can’t bend it as I usually do, so what I’m going to do is cut all around Let’s see how that goes Okay so I’ve cut a notch all around it and what that will do is weaken the fibers kind of like If you have a bow, a bow and arrow and you cut across the outside of the bow, it’ll weaken the fibers and when You stretch them they’ll split asunder So I’m going to move this back and forth and hopefully It should come ah, it should break off Watch out for deadwood That’s not working so well, I’ll just cut It as normal This Case Is a very sharp knife I’m just watching my footrest because I don’t have the greatest faith in it. It could give on me That’ll make firewood Alright, I left the knife there for safety I’m going to come down out of here? Righty ho So we we’ve got a ridgepole or a main Support and a good lump of firewood so that went very well To cover this shelter I’m going to try ferns this time see how they work out and for my natural rope or twine I’m going to use spruce roots, so I need a bit of a digging stick This one looks reasonably robust it should be good enough So I’m going to cut this for a digging stick Oopsy-Daisy So we’ll make a bit of a spade shape here, I’ll whittle this down and this will be our digging stick Okay to gather my spruce roots I’ve come to this area it’s an area of commercial forestry and It was flattened some years ago by a number of storms and it’s been clear-cut So I’ve come here because nobody can say that i’m damaging the trees All of these to be cut away, the roots are just left to rot so I’m just going to collect a few of these So what I do is I just scrape away some of this Top layer Or dig in a little, until you hit a root, got one here now, of some kind, a bit small and you can follow them along I need bigger now than this one, he’s not too bad Get our knife So that’s what I’m after so I scrape away, I’ll leave my knife there carefully I’ll scrape away here and find a few more of those I’ll need a fair few Okay I’ve collected a good bundle of spruce roots Some are reasonably strong and some are quite light, I’ll be able to use them all So I’ve just come down here to give them a wash off, and I needed to give my hands a good wash as well This Is a pretty big willow that that’s fallen over and it’s sending out shoots here, these willow branches and these look about right size for, for a Sapling Bed in a Mors Kohanski bed okay I brought you back to show you How the knots fared out. To show you how to spruce root bindings are holding up It’s much quicker and easier to collect brambles, than to collect these, these take a lot more work They’re quite variable, some of them are very strong and some of them break easily They make a good strong lashing but to be honest if I had my choice The green fresh pliable bramble is much easier to work with We have some drizzle and rain arriving so I’ve had to get on with things so I need to get this covered fairly quickly See you in a while Today has turned out to be wet and gloomy and Pretty miserable So I’ve had to crack on with the shelter. We didn’t have a lot of light to begin With and it’s fading fast So I’ve had to put It together it’s not too bad This is the shelter from the back I was a bit skeptical about the ferns, I didn’t think they would shed water but I give them a good thick layering and I’ve overlapped them pretty well and It looks good so far Let’s take you around the front These are a different type of fern, they’re quite open weave Their job is to stop the wind blown rain They’re not meant to be waterproof Just to stop the rain from blowing in on top of me Let’s give you a look underneath Okay so here I’ve got my dry firewood and dry kindling Inside Just to be protected Perhaps you can’t see it but I have the Mors Kohanski sapling bed as well with the exception of these ferns across the front all of the ferns have been tied on It’s a tedious process There are a lot of ferns here but they’re quite widespread you have to go here and there picking them and it’s slow and tedious enough This took quite a bit of time, this one. As you can see, it’s a pretty crap night I’ve taken down our front porch just so you can see in a little better I’m going to call ferns as a shelter thatch a failure ,there’s a constant drip all The way along all through it I put a thick cover and I made sure they were well spread out But I’m going to call it a, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t make a shelter with ferns ever again The rushes were completely watertight and the rose bay willow herb was completely watertight .Ferns, I wouldn’t bother with them again So all that’s keeping us dry is my survival blanket really I always carry one of these in my first-aid kit Just because I live in a wet country and if I smashed a leg or Couldn’t move for some reason, I’d like some way to keep the the worst of the rain off me At the moment we’re dry but only because of my survival blanket so we’re going to We’re going to get tucked up in bed and get, get, see if we get some shut-eye I’m going to put back up my front covering here see if we can keep the worst of it off us. It’s the morning after and I’m back at the shelter. To be honest after about 10 minutes I bailed out last night. It was completely miserable The rain was lodging here on these ferns that I had in the front but the gusts of wind were driving them in on top of me Plus there was a drip coming through from these on top. There just wasn’t enough shelter from the survival blanket These open fronted shelters work well enough when the wind is coming from behind you or perhaps from an angle, but when the wind is blowing straight in with heavy rain It’s not good. Now I’ve seen people building shelters on YouTube and they Kind of haphazardly throw vegetation over it I can’t see though is holding off rain either You’ve got to pick a good rain proof material The shelter was a disaster but how did the Case trapper fare out The case trapper was excellent It’s a very sharp knife, it cuts well, It’s a good strong knife I’m very happy I have it and I have complete confidence in it The true test of a knife is that It takes a licking and keeps on ticking Some years will need to pass before we really know how good it is but at the moment I’m very very happy with it it’s a good knife, it’s a strong knife Any of this is no trouble to it. So I hope you enjoyed the show, I certainly learned a lot last night, thank you for watching bye Bye

26 thoughts on “. Case large trapper s.s.folding knife field test. Survival shelter build.”

  1. Great that you share the reality of when it "aft gauns aglay" I took the plunge and a Case large stockman in cv steel arrived today, I'm hoping it will be a good companion to my Case mini trapper in stainless steel. They both have the yellow handles. I got the stockman from Heinnie Haynes, very speedy delivery and it seems well put together. I pm'd you unless this Luddite has screwed up. As always Vinnie your doing a great job. Thanks again for sharing. All the best from Scotland. Garry

  2. Thank you for this. A lot to learn from this episode. Had to laugh the second you dropped that knife next to the stump. That's why my folding knife for that sort of fun is bright blue 😀 Absolutely ok to know when to bail out – and if it had been a survival situation, there is no doubt you would have managed

  3. The dog looked so comfortable that I'm thinking he wasn't too cooperative when you chose to bail out!
    I too have a Case Trapper, but mine is left handed. Me being a lefty it's nice. Hardly use it presently, but I've known for sometime that the Trapper is capable and be sure it will stand the test of years.

  4. Another excellent video! I used to do some semi-wilderness muskie fishing. On the rainy nights, I'd sit watching the Weather Channel and order a pizza from my motel room, lol! My buddies would be in their tents but would end up checking into the motel before midnight, lol! It would be about a 20 mile drive back to the motel at night.

  5. Vinnie, if you have the time, would you consider doing a folding knife sharpening video? How do you keep your blades keen? I know you did a lovely field sharpening video, but I'm curious to know how you re-sharpen your tool when back at home. I use a couple of different methods, usually a diamond plate followed by a fine Arkansas stone and strop. But you may have a different technique. If you're so inclined, give us a video discussing the care, feeding, and maintenance of folding knives. Cheers!

  6. Hi Vinnie! I got the exact same knife. It's one of my favorites. I always had a soft spot for the yellow handle Case knives. I have a nice patina formed on the blades, but I did it the lazy way. I stuck the blades into a potato for a hour or two. I saw a couple of Trapper models that had a wharncliffe blade in place of the spey blade. I like that combination better. I was thinking of re-profiling the spey blade on mine to a wharncliffe blade, but I would have to sacrifice the nail nick, because it's so far up on the blade. I have one tool where I think I might be able to make a decent looking long pull on the other side of the blade, so I could still easily deploy it. The tool is basically an engraving tool that I would run back and forth over a small template that I would tape on the blade. Have you ever caught small game and used the spey blade on the large trapper for skinning? I know that's what the spey blade is basically for on the Trapper model, but I've never seen a video of someone using it that way. By the way, can you tell me a little more about the fictional forest Pooka (Puca)? : ) Thanks for another fine video. You didn't wimp out at all! You did much more than most of us can do.

  7. You cannot go wrong buying a Case knife. The quality is greater than their cost. I carry a Trapper and love it. Nice job on your video. Very interesting. Thanks!

  8. I like that you were honest about the nights sleep. I guarantee that plenty of the overnight shelter videos on YouTube are fake, and most of the experiences they claim are exaggerated.

  9. This is a great reminder that a modest knife can do a lot of work, even a surprising number of tasks, in the right hands.

  10. So after watching this video I ended up getting a great deal on a case trapper in SS with yellow scales . Man this knife is a work of art in my opinion . I picked up a couple of case sodbuster Jr s several months back and gave them as Xmas gifts to my best friends . They were great also but just seemed small in my hand . This trapper just fits my hand ,very comfortable ,very SHARP and easy in the pocket . I thought it might be too big but after a few weeks in pocket I catch myself checking to see if it's still there . Thank you for the excellent videos too. Keep them coming !!

  11. You're a real honest fellow, Vinnie. Good video as usual. I have that same trapper but in the CV steel which I prefer over the SS. It's a good solid knife for sure. Hope you gave the wife a big kiss for rescuing you from the foul weather. As always, thanks for the video.

  12. Oh wow, we have good volume this time! Amazing what you were able to do with a good jack knife! Well done! I know now the Case Trapper SS is worth gift giving.

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