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Catching a Frilled Dragon!

Catching a Frilled Dragon!

– If you thought an adult
frilled dragon was cool, look at the hatchling!
– Oh, my goodness! That is so cute! (exciting music) All right, guys, so right
now we’re on location in Darwin, Australia, and we’re trying to make a video for the Brave Wilderness Adventure Kit. This is the reptiles
and amphibians edition, and our goal is to get a frilled dragon to sit on top of it and
flare out its frill. There’s a big one on the
backside of this tree and with any luck, I’m
gonna be able to catch it and place it on top. We’re gonna try to do
this in a single take. Here we go. I got Mario over here scouting for me. Keep an eye peeled, let me know the height of the lizard. Now the strategy here
is all about sneaking up to the trunk of the tree. I’ll look to Mario,
he’ll give me the signal as to how high it is, and then I jump, swing
my arm around the side, and make the catch. Got it! Oh, look at that! – That is a big one.
– That is a big dragon. Look at the size of that lizard. One of the most iconic reptiles here in all of Australia, the frilled dragon. I see a body, we’ve got our lizard, and now it’s time to get
the epic shot of this (he groans) dragon up on top of the Brave
Wilderness Adventure Kit. Whoa, how about that for a catch, huh? That is a good looking dragon. Okay, so let’s crouch down for a second. I’m trying not to get whipped
in the face by that tail or bitten. They have really, really,
really sharp teeth and I was bitten the
other day, it was not fun. What I’m gonna do, Mario, is actually pass the dragon off to you. Let’s see if we can get
it properly wrangled on top of the box. Maybe, do you see that
little pocket right there? – Sure.
– Right there? – Let’s come right up to that. Did you get the catch? – [Cameraman] Oh, yeah. – This is awesome. This lizard is the only kind that has a frill like this. This species is the only
one that has a frill. They are incredible prehistoric looking, and you can see that
frill is a big defense. Basically puffing up, saying, okay, you don’t wanna mess with me. All right, I think this spot right here is probably pretty good. Set the kit down. Let’s see. So I’m gonna hand the lizard off to you. Be very, very careful, very careful. You do not want to get
bitten by this lizard. There you go, you got him? – Yeah. – You can see on my hand there, I actually already was
bitten the other day by one. Trust me, it’s not fun. I wanna try to get blue sky, if possible. I can lighten up the
foreground no problem. Oh, this’ll look sweet. We can get him on top, right there. I can get those blue
clouds in the background. Hold on, I gotta move this stick. Okay. Man, this is one of the
most challenging parts, getting the lizard to actually balance. Oh, that’s great. I’m just gonna snap these.
– Gotta get him still, perfectly still. – Yeah, we cannot move. I got a great frame. – Okay, ready? – Yeah. That’s it, that’s the shot right there. Oh, my gosh, this is the
coolest shot we could ever get for the Brave Wilderness Adventure Kit. This is perfect, I’m gonna
try one in portrait mode. Got it. And that is the frilled dragon. Good snag. All right, wow! Good job, guys. Well, that’s the shot,
that’s all we needed. A beautiful photograph of a frilled dragon on top of the Brave
Wilderness Adventure Kit, Reptile and Amphibians edition. The last thing to do is
let the lizard back up onto the same tree where we caught it and maybe get a cool GoPro
shot of it going away, what do you think? – [Cameraman] Sounds good. – All right. Let’s walk back over to its tree. A great day out here in the park, picking up B roll shots and finally catching
one of these big dragons to get on top of the Brave
Wilderness Adventure Kit. Now for all the details on how you can get your subscription to the Brave
Wilderness Adventure Kit, just click on the link in
the video description below. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave! Stay wild! We’ll see you on the next location. All right, ready? Let’s try and get a cool shot
of him going up the tree, so we’ll let him kind of grip on. And you good?
– Yeah. – One, two, three! – Huh, sweet! – Dude, ripped the camera and everything. – That was awesome. – All right.
– Yeah. – This one’s mine. – Mario!
– This is mine! – I want it, give me that Adventure Kit! – If you thought an adult
frilled dragon was cool, look at the hatchling!
– Oh, my goodness. I didn’t know that you
guys found a hatchling. – They were hanging on in this tree right underneath our nose, as they say. – [Coyote] That is so cute! – You know what’s better
than a baby frilled dragon? – [Coyote] What? Oh, two baby frilled dragons. – Two baby frilled dragons. Check that out. – [Coyote] Oh, my gosh, they’re so cute. Oh, man.
– Just right on my finger. – [Coyote] Twinsies. So, Mario, why are we
finding babies right now? – It’s hatching season. Yeah, so at this point, they’re hanging out in these smaller trees and they like the vegetation that’s a little thinner. Since they’re smaller,
they hang out on the stems and the branches. – [Coyote] Are these babies
at threat from the adults? Would an adult frilled
dragon eat the babies? – An adult will eat one of these. However, look at that camouflage. We were actually standing
underneath this tree for several minutes and
basically I just saw a little bit of movement. Like, oh, what’s that? And a little frilly. – On our days off, guys, we are always constantly working, and the fact that there are
frilled dragons in this park, it was just the perfect opportunity to get some of that
really good cryptic B roll that we’re always after, and, of course, the opportunity to pick up a few extra photographs
for the memory collection. – See that little guy. So little! – [Coyote] If you
thought this lizard catch looked like a challenge,
make sure to go back and watch the time I scaled a tree to get hands on with a lays-mon. And don’t forget, subscribe
and click the notification bell so you can join me and the crew on our next location. (bear roars)
(birds chirp)

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  1. I dont like how they grab the poor animal cause it just wanted peace and it feel stressed for getting touched suddenly that why its threading him and struggling to get out out of his hand (well idk either- sorry-)

  2. Mark done a great job taking the "catching scene".
    One great charismastic personality adored by many, one skilled biologist and one good cameraman, what do you need else. Animal planet got lucky right there

  3. A wild Frilliscor appeared!
    Coyote used Grab!
    Frilliscor was grabbed by Coyote, preventing it from escaping!
    Frilliscor used Struggle!
    Coyote was hit by its tail!
    Coyote's grip got loose!
    The wild Frilliscor fled!

  4. Coyote….YOU GONNA GET SLAMMED TODAY EIGHT TIMES BY A FRILLED DRAGON!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🤩🤩🤩😏(everybody claps at me) Me:thank you thank you everybody thank you alot

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