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cattails would you eat them? edible weeds and plants how to forage for food

cattails would you eat them? edible weeds and plants how to forage for food

I’m Chris and today we’re going to talk about cattails let’s do this real quick you will find cattails growing worldwide there’s many different species but they are all considered cattails they are easily recognizable growing six feet tall and they have a brown cylindrical or cigar-shaped flower head at the top you’ll most likely find cattails growing year-round in a fresh body of water like a pond stream or the marsh area and they are going to grow in full Sun cattails are definitely a very versatile plant that can be found all year most of us will utilize and recognized cattails for the tender that they offer it really makes a great fire starter but there are many other uses as well the cotton like seeds are gonna be great insulation during cold weather you can also use that cattail fluff as an ingredient in making pine pitch aside from fire-lighting you can use the dried leaves for weaving you can also cook and prepare the leaves just like spinach you can easily pull the young tender shoots from the root stocks and you can go ahead and peel back these shoots and really exposing the white tenderness on the inside this young shoot can be eaten raw or you can cook it up like asparagus you know boil it for 15 minutes or so in the late spring the young green flower like stocks can be boiled and eaten just like corn on the cob from the female cat tail in the early summer the bright yellow pollen can be collected in a bag and sifted through to make a protein-rich flower when added the wheat flour in late fall winter and very early spring you can go ahead and take the buried root stocks that are filled with starch and process them down into pure white flour my main use and resource for cattails is going to be really taking those young shoots and eating them when I’m hungry and then later on in the season collecting those brown cylindrical shape flower heads and really using those for fire-making I thank you guys for watching and i hope you enjoyed this video if you found this video helpful or you learn something new today please leave me a comment below I’d love to hear about it thank you guys so much

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