Chased Out Of Milton | The Long Dark | Survival Ep. 6

Oh oh Oh berries
let’s go this way let’s go this way let’s go this way let’s go a lot that’s
fine that’s fine we’re doing everyone on up until will
this this isn’t my house why well this this is my house well you
know I didn’t pay my rent from that other episode and I was kicked out and
living in the bush bush man basically what happened is I went on a little bit
of a holiday but I forgot to pre-record the intro so I’ve had to record it out
here in in the bush we are still playing the long dark I don’t know can you see
me this is too dark face it up the bucket hats probably not
helping but I like it so it’s staying on oh my gosh okay no I don’t want this how
do I get over here what do you okay past the middle of the
night can’t go anywhere yeah II just salted crackers and I
haven’t drink a soda I guess Oh fine I can see again we’re gonna head back to
that rope now all right whether it’s just as as it was before at least
from a visibility point of view oh I have all this meat here okay I’m not
leaving this you might have to drive some gear shut up I’m not dropping
anything oh I just stepped outside okay we’re just gonna go back to here
real quick it’s cuz I picked up all that fish I smelt me straight away you might
have to drive some gear I don’t even have anything to throw at
him I wonder if the flare will keep him at bay even though it’s daytime we’ll
give it a shot we’ll give it a shot all right used to sit on out areas tonight bugger off mate oh come on damn
it there’s no way that’s the same one that’s gotta be different one on there
right there take take take take the decoy okay you did not take the decoy
take the other decoy oh my gosh that’s ok it’s ok it’s ok if
you don’t want me if you want the nice juicy fish tied off back there
oh shit no you don’t you want me no no no no no no no no take whatever that was
I dropped I can’t really see I want my stuff on water my stuff on mate take the
decoy pleased I did he did he did okay we’re gonna wing it
I think there’s a church I’ll be it’ll be fine I don’t think that’s where I did
anything useless flare you seem to be okay up here actually
well okay yesh my condition is shocking please please don’t
be able yeah there’s one right there I have one cent okay okay yeah I
created a graveyard graveyard it will be my grave in here in a minute get into
the church what’s not gonna bother us yes he is yes he is go do go get in the
door okay we’re gonna hold up here oh this is not this is not I’ve got Jesus
on our side we’ll be fine we’ll be fine fatigue sprain risk
headache nice let’s take a nap let’s just take a
quick nap why can’t I put this year it was green there for a second hey hey hey
hey let people live it down game why can’t I put my bed cool so I can put it
here yep that looks comfortable I need to drop something yeah I need to drop
myself off a cliff huh I think we’re okay I think we’re okay oh
we’re okay we’re good we could we could we could I have no idea what’s this wait
what is that no that looks like a rock I think there’s a cave up here somewhere I
just remember that from a while ago what’s that oh there’s a little house
thing up there alright we’re going up there actually Milton never going back
there actually no I have to go back there I’ve got so much stuff in that old
lady’s house sorry gray mother’s house can I get up this
hill or am I gonna break my ankles it is definitely a cave over there somewhere
but I’m gonna check it out I’m not sure that might be it right there actually
but you saw study out in a minute this is nice yes also climbing like I’m
like oh there’s a deer there we’re fine we’re fine please don’t let there be a
bear in here Oh oh no it looks a pretty empty
actually could’ve sworn I saw something glinting back here in the darkness let’s
uh let’s waste a match to the port all right that sucks that sucks a lot I
could have sworn there was something back here
yeah all right this way that looks like it’s about to get a little bit cheating
this is one hundred percent of the territory to me up here so yeah we’ll
check that out in the morning ideas running
that’s all right we’re gonna call it or not even though eternity like still
daylight but that’s okay all right let’s sleep for 12 hours so
yes I woke up fully rested and it’s the middle of the night oh oh that’s very
dark and very snowy I can’t really see a whole lot of anything yeah you know this
sucks but going back inside you all right a new day a new dawn new rocks
Thank You rocks okay this looks a bit spooky look at those spooky trees okay
let’s go down over there all right so this road looks like your heads up the
area let’s let’s follow that one day on there try not to break my ankles running
down this hill lovely I walk a lonely road what the hell is that
I’m going home out to car yep can’t feel my feet I can’t see my feet what’s
through this little oh oh this is a bit sneaky oh okay nice Oh should I be out here I should be up
there Philip I should probably be up there but
bunny rabbits oh okay mate it’s not how you drive the car
belongs on the road not down here you’re bloody fool I’ll wait sorry I take back everything I
said about you I’ll wait no yet I don’t you don’t have a rifle in the car that
hurts me mate that hurts me you crashed your car down here for me at least leave
your rifle in it for me how did I see that before I think it is Oh crikey now
it’s serious yeah probably not worth going over there
and getting myself wet Birds where are they going they’re leading me back to the road okay
wonder if I can walk around this way Oh oh Oh berries let’s go this way let’s go
this way let’s go this way let’s go dragon I can make that shot
from here wonder if this is just gonna piss him off
I don’t know I kind of want to kill Oh yep scare the shit out of that rabbit okay well rabbit stop running back to
him if you’re scared of him you’re just looking for attention now playing Oh get
in the car get it here’s a massive Hey I fell in the ice there your feet feel a
bit wet it’d be cold oh my goodness ha ha what a thick chunky
boy oh okay good get out of the car mate oh damn son well
he smelled me if I get at like right now yep another didn’t see mate ha ha
ha ha that’s fine it’s fine good come on get in the car get in the
car oh my now he’s eaten himself out of there okay all right coming for me
I’m eight I had no idea if that was gonna work 32 kilos of meat Wow oh my
goodness look at all that bear meat yes I will surround him with his own meat
we’ve done all right oh wait they’re micros oh yeah they’re micros for my
dead bear yeah anyway guys thanks so much for watching this episode really
appreciate it next episode it’s gonna be a bit weird it’s gonna look like I’m
back in my house again I promise there’s nothing going on there don’t don’t look
so much into it it’s just it’s just I put quite poorly planned things and
please please don’t look too much into it the government will come after you
they’ll take your family they’ll take your kids anyway guys thanks so much for
watching is it I will see you in the next one until then have a good one

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