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Chasing GAME MASTER Out Of MY House! Escaping BOX FORT PRISON Maze Escape Room (Project Zorgo)

Chasing GAME MASTER Out Of MY House! Escaping BOX FORT PRISON Maze Escape Room (Project Zorgo)

gamemaster yeah i think you forgot to
turn the lights on and in the next the next room that there’s no lights on in
there guys I can’t see what’s going on in there at all and knowing the game
master and knowing that he has creepers I don’t exactly want to go in there
maybe you guys can go first okay no I’m stopping skin I’m not even gonna put you
guys in there first all right we gotta figure out a way to go inside wait there
was a flash dude there’s a flash of the nerf blaster perfect all right got light
and now we can go in the room and check out what’s inside okay I’m not seeing a
crystal ball anywhere it doesn’t look like there’s anything in here okay
well it’s just another puzzle and so far I’ve gotten pretty good at solving
puzzles it’s gotta be something in here we can use look guys there’s a box with
like a keyhole on it okay this has to have something to do the door all right
no no that’s a real key huh there’s no way I’m 3d printing a key for that
there’s gonna be a key in here somewhere for this let’s see this budget no no
positive oz okay definitely definitely kicked open it
okay there’s got to be a key somewhere in here somewhere here on the roof or
something wait power wait wait for the lights maybe maybe this turns on the
light somehow looks like it’s like a makeshift circuit board of some sort
so if I had wires I could connect the circuits and turn the power back on
but I don’t have wires but wait I don’t have wires but guys I have the 3d
printer maybe I can 3d print wires across here connect the circuits doing
so might just be enough to turn the lights on okay well it’s worth a try to
set up the flashlight here so we can see what we’re working with these need to
connect fairly simply across each other so if I can connect the circuit here
here here and here to here that should be enough to turn the power on all right
let’s give a shot I’ll start here at the top let’s just connect these circuits
here shouldn’t be too hard go just like soldering a wire but using a 3d printer
perfect got that connected and there we go first wires done all right on to the
next one all right let’s start soldering this down there hopefully I don’t run out of 3d
materials guys and connected perfect Oh guys look
the first lights are not alright this is definitely what the gamemaster wanted me
to do I’m making progress alright now for the rest of the circuits
let’s crack this one here okay guys so we’ve got the first circuit done here
second one and third one in one of the lights already on we just got to get
this last circuit done and we should get all the power on and be able to get to
the next clue here we go please don’t run out of material please don’t run out
of material it’s a bit of a long gap here guys hopefully we can make it and
connect it got it last circuit stuff perfect and the final light went on
alright powers back online and we’re in business
now time to figure out how to get out of here okay the power online maybe the
door works let’s try this one this one too
okay there’s gotta be something else in here I saw a box over here let’s check
this out some sort of wooden box it says push okay alright again guys I don’t
know about you but if the game master gives me a wooden box that says pushed I
don’t exactly want to push it I don’t know if that’s a good idea
but ultimately it might be our only option guys I don’t know let me know
down below if you think you would rip this button because pushing this would
be the worst thing ever I mean it could quite literally end the game maybe it’s
like a trap maybe there’s another way should I be looking no I don’t have
enough time there’s nothing else in here there’s no other clues there’s there’s
nothing I think I have to push the button well here goes nothing guys in
three two one Oh guys for the box over there why would
the gamemaster just give me the key like that he has never made anything this
easy before I mean even the balloon challenge was harder than this no he’s
just giving me the key maybe he’s just giving us an easy break this time nice this is some sort of joke did I beat the
game okay uh guys this entire room just filled full of
ball pit balls I don’t this is some kind of joke by the gamemaster this isn’t
funny all right well it could’ve been worse
could have been water or lava lava would have definitely been bad I mean ball pit
balls are kind of fun but wait we keep no no no where’s the key where’s the key I just have the key for
this guy’s let me know if you see the key anywhere wait they’re coming
whoa there it is perfect all right I’ve got the key let’s try it on the door and
see if it opens I should just fit in here it works all right and open is that
guys why is there a picture of the game master behind the door
again here did activate the doors the door open no still passing okay maybe
this is another puzzle it’s part part of the puzzle
um okay just think think take baby baby I got a beat in ball pit bulls come on
just give me a clue anything something else something else to do with this
photo I will it isn’t open box and there’s a weird green outline
surrounding a circle it’s almost like a prince like a handprint or or or a
fingerprint but fur face can we try putting my face in your see if it works okay all right well it doesn’t look like
my face worked but something or someone’s face has to go in here and
maybe it has to do with that me gamemaster’s face the game masters in
here wait guys remember what we started the room we started in maybe I have to
use the gamemaster mask and put it in here and activated by tricking this
system into thinking it’s the game master it’s worth a shot but it means
going all the way back through this maze party let’s head back through the maze
to the entrance see if we can grab the mask took out a big displaces speak me while
you’re back here and I gotta make sure watch out for any traps can be too hard
oh great see a message creepy face again almost
got it ah there we go back to the wall I’ll be
taking this whoa okay okay back google hi let’s head back and put this in the
scanner see if it works scanner masked it looks like it is
almost an exact match alright should just be able to put this
in here and it should work in three two one
excess cream awesome look like it worked something activated alright let’s try
the door perfect it works the drawers open whoa
and there it is guys the crystal ball we finally found it we got the crystal ball
we can get out of here all right let’s take this and bring it back to the
starting zone and get out of here I’m done with this game masters game come on
let’s go okay I made it back to the room and now it’s time to put the crystal
ball on that’s me what that’s that’s the video I was filming what this is what
the game that’s just been uploading this is my last bit of footage he’s he’s
uploading this looking to leave so fast papa Jade what what’s going on look I
got your crystal ball yeah I yeah it doesn’t matter this isn’t the way you
make content you don’t forced me to escape from a maze and upload it like
this you can’t have Logan locked up in some editing room making videos for you
no this isn’t the way to do things look I’ve got your crystal ball and I’m
getting out of here all right I’m done with this video what do you mean look
look I know what you’re talking about but I brought the crystal ball you need
to open this now and let me out of here don’t you want you to if you’re sorry
you’re gonna find out who I am yes you told me you’d give me a clue as well so
give it to me what what’s the clue who are you I am a huge upper with the letter A the letter A in your
name that’s barely a clue that could be anyone my games I don’t want to play
your games to get more clues make you a deal if you make a youtube video about
me a video for me then I will give you another title and leave you for now
upload it to your channel or you want me to make a video about you a video for
you and your telling me if I do this you’ll leave us alone you’ll you’ll
leave us but script for my videos make if you want me to make a fortnight video
about you then I can do it but you need to leave the house and when you do that
I’m gonna come for you I’m gonna find out who you are but I will hold you to
your word we will make a four-night video about you and whoever you are we
will find you and we will stop you now let me out of this place I need to find
Logan alright it’s time to get out of here and find Logan guys it’s time to
put a stop to this game master even if it does mean making another video for
him there’s no way he’s getting away with this hey guys before I go I know
it’s not much but the clues he is giving me I have no reason not to trust them
I’m gonna need your help let me know if you know any other youtubers with the
letter A in their name and comment them down below we’re gonna stop whoever this
is because I think there’s someone closer

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  1. LIKE the video if you guys think we should do what he says and Make a FORTNITE Video For Him! Comment below if you saw any clues…I finally have the channel back for now!

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