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Chernobylite REVIEW || Is this the new STALKER?

Chernobylite REVIEW || Is this the new STALKER?

Hello and greetings from Eastern Europe, my
name is ColdBeerHD and this is a short review of the horror game Chernobylite. This time I recorded my play with a camera,
so I could show my reactions of scary and also of ridiculous moments. This review contains some spoilers from the
very beginning of Chernobylite, because It’s impossible to avoid them. No more than first 15 minutes of the beginning
of the game, so don’t worry. Enjoy. From other YouTubers I have heard that this
is an open world game, so I immediately checked if that’s true. Yeah, and later exploration just confirmed
that you can’t really go far off the path, there is a line and you have to follow it. Game starts when you and your friends sneak
into Chernobyl Power plant to steal chernobylite – a magic mineral that allows you to teleport
from one place to another. So you and two of your friends just sneak
into the power plant through unguarded sewers. Oh wait, there were some guards, let me show
you how I tricked them. Ok, that’s bad. Oh, he’s coming here, oh he’s coming,
oh cra… wow I’m a ninja! Dayum, I’m good, haha, I’m very good. I’m vodka masta! Melted reactor with magic element in it? Pfff… two guards is enough. Also I have to mention that here you always
hear voice of your girlfriend. She disappeared somehow in the past, but she
is still speaking with you. So, maybe you’re crazy, maybe not. It’s hard to tell, but along with the voices
from the other side you also seeing things from the past. To say short – you’re a mess. So after sneaking into the power plant there
were two more guards. I used my ninja sneaking skills and took one
of them out And that my friend was the clumsiest take out I ever saw in my life. Take a look. Ninja style choocha! Howoocha! What is this? I’m not good at this, am I? Later we pressed some buttons, especially
that famous AZ-5 button that stops the reactor. Reactor that has already exploded in the past. After that I was thinking, maybe it’s another
reactor, there were 4 of them in Pripyat, but then I remembered that the exploded reactor
had the new sarcophagus on it, the one which was slided on the reactor just few years ago. All of the reactors were already shut down. So what did AZ-5 button did? I didn’t get that part but somehow I messed
up with our reality. Later we went to the room full of chernobylite
and then we entered this transdimensional weird place that has the ability to teleport
you to any nearby place. Or assigned place, I don’t really get how
this works. I also have to say that all the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. wibe this game allegedly had was already gone. So, let’s go to the scary part. You want to see me losing mashite? There you go. Ok, crouch. Whooah. Nope. I’m good. I’m good. Bye. This was just a beginning, there is another
one. Wew! Ok. Without this… I would find nothing. Electronical parts. All right. Oh! Ohohoho, bly… So, game is good with jumpscares. There is a time for you to completely relax
before another jumpscare just hits you. I hate that, but also somehow it is so cool. So, you have the base here, where you can
relax between the missions. If you played Fallout 4 you will see all scraping
and building stuff very familiar. So I hope later you can put in there a little
distillery for your home made samogon, because Chernobyl and Pripyat isn’t the place where
you can survive sober for a long time. Well… except this moment, where I decided
to kill many soldiers instead of sneaking around them. Suddenly lag spikes were on the table and
I was afraid that it will not going to end good for me… take a look. Yeah, really, what was that? They were just waiting for me to stand up
and kill them one by one. This is really ridiculous. So, all in all, this game is nothing like
S.T.A.L.K.E.R., don’t get your hopes up, but it has the potential to become a really
nice game in the future. As for now, gameplay is OK I guess, jumpscares
are amazing and graphics are really nice. Of course, they have to fix several things,
including the voice acting that is really terrible. I don’t know
if they have a bad writer, bad actors or bad producer, but that part they have to fix
if they want the game to be successful in the future. So for now, 6 vodkas out of 10. Thank you for watching. If you liked my review, please press that
like button and subscribe to my channel for more. Have nice day, and see you in my next video,

13 thoughts on “Chernobylite REVIEW || Is this the new STALKER?”

  1. Oh hell, and I had high hopes for this game. 🙁
    Graphics are very important to me, but they're not the only important thing.

  2. Thank you for all your beautiful reviews, I really like your channel.
    For the facecam in horror games, I really like it, but to get the immersion really better, it would be nice for you to have a green wall an replace the background, or make the room more dark.
    Your interial looks really friendly, inviting and like a beautiful home, but for a horror game this is not fitting ;).
    Thank you for the good reviews.

  3. Love your review style, mate. Subscribed. But I think it is still too early to trash that game. It is still an early Alpha no matter what the devs claim. So there is still much room for improvement. Fingers crossed. Ну а теперь – где этот самогон, братиш?

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