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American supercarriers are the face of the
U.S Navy and have enabled powered projection far off from the U.S homeland. The U.S Navy has 10 Nimitz class supercarriers
and is in the process of deploying Ford class supercarriers. Each of these has a displacement of 100,000 [wrongly stated as 10,000 in voice over] tons, and an overall length of 332.8 m (1,092 feet). To give viewers a perspective, it is about
3 football fields long. These supercarriers are nuclear powered and
hence have unlimited range. The U.S is the only nation to operate so many
supercarriers and is more than the rest of the world put together. China had big plans for its aircraft carrier
program and there is intense pride associated with it. Chinese political leaders, as well as military
planners, wanted to slowly equal the U.S Navy when it comes to aircraft carriers. But this doesn’t seem to be going as per
plan. On November 28, Minnie Chan of the South China
Morning Post reported that Beijing was scrapping plans for a fifth and sixth nuclear-powered
carrier, once it finished construction of two new steam-powered vessels. This clearly is a major cut. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
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20 million players from all over the world! For over a decade, China has been steadily
building up plans to deploy 6 aircraft carriers. The plan also made provisions so that the
carriers are of progressively higher capability. China’s first carrier, the Type 001 Liaoning
is actually an old Soviet-era Kuznetsov-class carrier. The Kuznetsov-class aircraft carriers were
the last class of aircraft carriers designed for the Soviet Navy. Two hulls were laid down in the Ukrainia before
the Soviet Union collapsed. Kuznetsov serves today in the Russian Navy
though it is out of action and potential never be operational again. To know more on that, please check the video
on the above card. The other hull was purchased in 1998 by the
People’s Republic of China and towed to Dalian shipyard in northeast China. After being completely rebuilt and undergoing
sea trials, the ship was commissioned into the People’s Liberation Army Navy. Considerably smaller than U.S. carriers, the
Liaoning features a curved ‘ski jump’ ramp that limits the fuel and weapons payload
carried by her J-15 Flying Shark fighters. The second carrier, launched in 2017, designated
the Type 001A —was China’s first entirely domestically built carrier, and is essentially
a copy of Type 001 with very small improvements. China’s 3rd and 4th carriers – the Type
002 or Type 003 are significantly larger and more capable. They are designed to possess catapult-equipped
flight decks that would allow the deployment of fully combat-loaded jet fighters. The final and most ambitious stage of the
Chinese carrier program was two even larger flat-deck carriers. These were supposed to use nuclear propulsion
and were intended to be equal in capability to the U.S. Navy’s supercarriers. Let us now look in the reason for downsizing. China has allocated huge sums of money for
defense. Its around $ 250 billion / year. But even this is 3 times less than the American
defense budget. Aircraft carriers are very costly to develop,
maintain and operate. It is to be noted that aircraft carriers need
other supporting assets to provide cover. For example, American carriers do not operate
alone but are deployed as part of a “carrier strike group”. The carrier strike group consists of multiple
Ticonderoga-class cruiser and Arleigh Burke-class, as well as Virginia class attack submarines. Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser and
Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer are equipped with a diverse array of weapons
for Anti Aircraft Warfare (AAW), Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti Surface Warfare (ASuW)
as well as have the ability to intercept ballistic missiles through Aegis Ballistic missile defense
system. These vessels can act as a shield for the
supercarrier and will take out incoming missiles and other threats. In case of an eventuality, they could be used
to protect the supercarrier by coming in between missiles or torpedoes and the supercarriers. The Virginia class submarines can defeat enemy
submarines, clear sea mines, as well as score, hits on missile sites. It is clear that operating carriers are a
very cost-intensive undertaking and Chinese economy is slowing down. China’s current naval fighter is the Shenyang
J-15. The Shenyang J-15 also known as Flying Shark
is a 4th generation, twin-jet, all-weather, carrier-based fighter aircraft in development
by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and the 601 Institute for the Chinese People’s Liberation
Army Navy’s aircraft carriers. J-15 which is basically an unethical copy
of Russian Su-33 uses indigenous Shenyang Liming WS-10H engines which are underpowered. It is thought to have a low maximum launch
weight. With this weight limitation, a J-15 carrier
fighter cannot carry a full load of fuel and weapons. So, it neither has a good range or an effective
weapons package. China’s own media has come down heavily
on it. Beijing-based Sina Military Network (SMN)
criticized the capabilities of the J-15 as nothing more than a “flopping fish” incapable
of flying from the Liaoning with heavy weapons, “effectively crippling its attack range
and firepower. Not only this, the aircraft has seen several
crashes due to issues that are traced back to its engine and China is still struggling
to find a dependable replacement. Any Chinese aircraft carrier will be vulnerable
and posses limited strike capability because of the inherent issues of Shenyang J-15. China will need to develop a competent naval
fighter. There are conflicting reports as to whether
China will customize the yet to be deployed J-31 stealth fighter for carrier operations,
or develop a naval variant of the larger Chengdu J-20 stealth jet currently in service or build
an entirely new fighter jet. Building an aircraft carrier like the U.S
Navy’s Nimitz and Ford-class is a major engineering feat since these are very complex. China has run into several issues. China posses nuclear technology to power its
Ballistic Missile Submarines. But building reactors for an aircraft carrier
is a different ball game altogether since it needs to be much more powerful. For example, U.S Navy’s Ohio Class Ballistic
Missile Submarines are powered by a single S8G PWR nuclear reactor that generates 45
MW whereas Nimitz class has 2 A4W reactors each generating 100 MW. Ford class supercarriers take the game forward
and will have 2 Bechtel A1B nuclear reactors. Each one these are capable of producing 300
MW of electricity, triple the 100 MW of each Nimitz-class vessel. China is facing difficulties in developing
a small but powerful and safe naval reactor required for nuclear propulsion. China was also determined to equip its 5th
& 6th carriers with electromagnetic launch systems or EMALs instead of steam catapults. With steam-actuation, the majority of the
force is being transferred to the airplane at the beginning of the stroke—in a jolt. This puts stress on an airframe, and thus
reduces the lifespan of the multi-million dollar planes. EMALS uses a linear induction motor with an
electric current to generate a magnetic field. That field then propels a carriage down a
track. Since the power delivery is linear, it negates
the deficiencies of a steam catapult. It’s can also speed up aircraft operations
25% and requires lesser maintenance. Currently, EMALs are present only in Ford
class supercarrier and US Navy is facing lingering issues and is still fine-tuning it. China has not been able to master EMAL. Reports indicate that tests of the electromagnetic
catapults are yet to meet the required standard. So, it is clear that China as some way to
go when it comes to developing modern aircraft carriers.


  1. The Chinese don't need massive carriers, they have realized how stupid it is to build them, so they stopped building them. The Americans would have been wise to do the same.

  2. 'Build five carriers, with progressively more capability'
    Thats where they have gone wrong. USA stuck to one design in 1975, and build ten of them. They could have made new better designs for each carrier, but by sticking to one frame it means their crew, strike wings, logistics, and maintenance is completely interchangable.

  3. If this Virus in China isn't brought under control quickly their economy will collapse so I think aircraft carriers are the last of their worrys. They need to concentrate on what really matters and that's their people. All this Arms Race bollocks is doing nobody any good and that money should be used to better people's lives not destroy it. Man will destroy this planet sooner or later all because of the Greed of a few people who are Never satisfied with what they have.

  4. 2:50 'The Ukrania': classic. 'Dalaine' instead of 'Dalian'. It's amazingly crap quite how many imbeciles decide to talk about a topic with no preparation and therefore get it all so wrong.

    And then I got further in and realised this has multiple other mispronounced words: 'venerable' instead of 'vulnerable' for scripted and narrated by non-native English speakers, and sounds thoroughly propogandised, rather than informative.

    And then you read the comments and you see the audience is even less educated, so I guess they can write and say what they want.

    Save yourself the effort. Imbeciles with keyboards and opinions everywhere. Oh, for ethics, education, humility and morals.

  5. China doesn't have to have force projection all around the world. They won't use carriers in The South China Sea for example because they don't need to. If this video was informative it would be talking about China's 2 anti ship ballistic missiles that are already deployed. They are called the DF26 and DF21 The DF26 has a range of 2500 Miles and the DF21 1500 Miles. They both are fired from mobile launch platforms and the rockets actually exit the atmosphere and then reenter it. This makes tracking the inbound warhead by fire control radar such as The Navy's SPY6 impossible. Raytheon tried to develop radar that will track but could not. Currently the SM6 Block VI Radar will not track these weapons outside of the atmosphere. The warhead has moveable fins which allow guidance through the terminal phase of flight. US Navy Carriers do not have the ability to fly ANY aircraft round trip 5000 miles to perform ANY mission. So the carriers are not a threat within 2500 miles of China. The Navy has already reported to The DOD and Congress about the ability of The DF21 and DF26. That is why The SM6 Block VI was developed in the first place. If The US sails a Nimitz class carrier into The South China Sea during a conflict between China and the US China won't need a Carrier to fight it. China will sink a US carrier ONE THOUSAND MILES AWAY FROM CHINA WITH A SINGLE MISSILE STRIKE. I don't like to say so but that's reality. Your video is full of crap They don't need Carriers to keep us away from them.

  6. The US Navy are now attaching their Amphibious Carriers (9) with USMC Attack Squadrons that comprise of F35 b Lighting 2 multi role stealth aircraft….Nine light aircraft carriers added to the US Fleet…The Problem was long range scanning, Problem solved….

  7. China can sink a US Carrier from 2500 Miles why would they build more carriers when they have the DF26 carrier killer missile? The Carrier doesn't have a single aircraft that can fly 2500 miles and the subs with the carrier and the picket ships have to get 1000 miles from China to launch cruise missiles. The ONLY deterrent the US has is Trident II missiles and that means full nuclear war. The DF26 can strike Guam and hit individual ships 2500 miles from china. So why build carriers. Our carriers are sitting ducks. The US Navy is trying to convince people that an SM6 Block VI missile that travels at Mach3 is going to defend against an inbound DF26 warhead that is traveling at Mach 26, Incidentally that is the same speed as a Trident II warhead. For example an SM6 Block VI takes 2 minutes to travel to its ceiling height of 102,000 feet. The DF26 would cover that same distance in 20 SECONDS.

  8. Cause they suck at innovating. It's one thing to copy something, but it's another to build your own designs. Ones that can compete with rival creations from other lands, let alone be better than such. And China doesn't have it, whether aircraft engines or power plants for ships.

  9. Now make another video that's full of shit. The US can't even get The Lousy Ford Class to operate and its been at sea for 2 years trying to qualify for duty.

  10. Defense Updates Where did you get the information about the about the cancellation? As far as I am aware China have not even officially admit the building of third CARRIERS (I could be wrong about this), and there is not even rumors on Chinese websites about 4th CARRIERS (I am certain about this). So where did you get your information about 5th & 6th CARRIERS from, and when was 5th & 6th CARRIERS Planned?

  11. The J-15 Flying Shark is the weak link. The aircraft has issues with the engines. And has a poor range because of a lack of catapults. China has only produced 20 of these aircraft in service,three crashed, barely enough to fit out one aircraft carrier. Let alone two. Why only 23 have been produced I don't know. China has the ablity to build fighter aircraft. Why no more J-15s? I do not know.

  12. China's hypersonic missile program obviously doing well. They've realised aircraft carriers are sooooo 20th century.

  13. Well just maybe aircraft carriers aren't what they need right now. After an attack on Taiwan could be done with land based aircraft and troop ships. I know they won't make it to Taiwan, but an aircraft carrier isn't going to change that out come.

  14. Perhaps they're trying a new technique – getting the design right.
    Gone are the days of the incremental development of the Nimitz class.
    EMAL still not working 100% on CVN78 ????
    When was CVN78 delivered?
    Before complacently slagging off China, get your own house in order

  15. The most ominous music for an accounting video. Better check out what China is doing with sub construction as well.

  16. They don't need to spend money on more ships when they already have their much more devastating coronavirus bioweapon.

  17. Nonsense! I clearly heard one of the characters in 2012 say that only the Chinese could have built the giant arks.

  18. thanks: you cannot move from water buffalo to super carrier in fifty years, regardless of what "secrets" acquired from the Hildabeast.
    Carriers are obsolete and we fail when we try to sail where the polar bears roam….. hahaha!!! frozen seamen…hahaha!!!!!
    China cannot just print money, only the Empire can.
    "If you ain't CAV!"…….
    Pax Christi

  19. As opposed to the old powers of the cold war that are still stuck in a power based on guns mentality, China is investing a lot in "soft power", their BRI is much more valuable than their army and give them a power over other nations that no army can.
    Here is a great video that shows the bigger picture of Chinese geopolitics:

  20. Carriers are an offensive weapon.
    Maybe China has no desire to attack other nations like the US does.
    "The US is the only nation to operate so many super carriers" says a lot about the aggressive nature of the US.
    Peaceful nations build bridges and other infrastructure.

  21. Carriers are an offensive weapon.
    Maybe China has no desire to attack other nations like the US does.
    "The US is the only nation to operate so many super carriers" says a lot about the aggressive nature of the US.
    Peaceful nations build bridges and other infrastructure.

  22. This video and others of this series are created to generate advertising revenues, with a little piecemeal information, nothing more.

  23. …or perhaps China realise aircraft carriers are a massive investment which will increasingly become vulnerable to long range hypersonic missiles from near-peer adversaries?

  24. China was going broke. No money. No cashola!!! Stooopid China government making their people go broke. Using their money but no place to live. COMMUNIST!!!

  25. Hypersonic missiles will make big, expensive surface ships uneconomical. Submarines would be where I would put my money. Unmanned and manned. a diverse fleet of smaller ships and aircraft carriers would be the best for a surface ship fleet. until anti missile tech gets a breakthrough I think the long term economics of hypersonic missiles will makes Aircraft carriers useless for a war with an advanced country. they are little more than ships to bully smaller countries. a Gerald Ford carrier costs 12.4 billion. and when those hypersonic missiles are finished they will cost less than 40 million to make each. they have a distance of 9000KM and with the kinetic energy alone it can disable a carrier. so yeah subs, stealth planes with longer range. Carriers are just too expensive, and I think that within 20 years they be little more than a symbolic vestiges of an outdated military doctrine.

    Or we can find a way to make aircraft carriers submergible.

  26. China's going to get it's ass kicked ,dirty bastards coronavirus, unsanitary conditions, human rights,let's give the dirty bastards a slap

  27. I wonder how China managed to keep a Kuznetsov class carrier working while Russia can’t seem to keep one sea worthy. I’d have to give it to the Chinese to be able to do that at least.

  28. They are smart like others and stupid to advertise there might like USA which dozen sell to people a round the world this days !

  29. Nice to hear that China can't use everything they stole from other governments
    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  30. No matter what, US still have a higher geographical advantage compared to China. It is alot easier to take out Chinese Ship yards along their coast. Even if China somehow manages to reach the United States and knock out US shipyards in the West Coast, the US can still produce ships in their East Coast.

  31. The partial stolen nuclear powered super carrier plans they possess are too complex for these Communists to correctly reverse engineer as well as design and engineer to fill in the massive design areas that are missing in the plans they have.
    Also, the massive debt Communist China has incurred through its failed One Belt, One Road influence bribery program may have finally reached the point where it negatively restricts the stagnant Communist China economy.

  32. China recogniced that it's much cheaper to invest in 10 hypersonic missiles than in 10 aircraft carriers.

  33. There is a certain nation called the USA that should copy this example and cancel their own carrier programs.

  34. China's economy, in addition to needing more tech advances, is slowing down. If they had the funds, they would build. Tech can "catch up" Money can't.

  35. Economy is more powerful than military weapons. Philippines was once more powerful than China when China was poor under Mao(PHP to dollar was 2 to one and now 52 to one). Philippines was able to bully China at that time. Now a days Philippines can not afford to bully China. It also show respect to Singapore which is smaller country than Philippines. Philippines immigration now is more open and friendly to China and it was very restictive during Mao's time. It even prohibited Tsinoys to visit their relatives in China in the past and denied re-entry non Filipino citizens Tsinoys who went abroad(luckily if you are pofessionals American have open arm and allowed you to reside in USA as permanent resident… In short ECONOMY, ECONOMY………

  36. I love how China is desperate to copy American technology (or Russian), to the tee, rather than simply learn anything on their own with their own designs. They want EMALS launch capability? WHY?!?! Because the Americans are developing it? They literally know NOTHING about carrier operations, they have zero experience, yet they demand to sprint before they can even crawl.. this hubris will be their downfall, the easter-culture machismo that pretends it MUST be superior no matter what, no matter how many times the Emperor is told he has no clothes on. How about just design and build your own best carrier and operate at sea, defending shipping lanes and coastlines from asshole dictators around the world like the one you have, Ping, or whatever his name is, then you can pour billions into fancy launch system research which quite frankly isn’t even a long term proven tech yet. They’re not willing to earn the tech on their own, and that is why communist countries always fail, because competion and the human spirit are ultimately suppressed in lieu of the egos of a few small-dicked men.

  37. Xi the leader of china looks like he is full of pus. LOL at china's state of the art STEAM powered aircraft carriers.

  38. If World Wide Communism Inc. can get Bernie Sanders elected they will get everything they need to build their carriers and everything else they want. I'm sure the Chinese are quite tired of waiting since they don't understand why they only get access to our defense tech when the Democrats are in power. Otherwise they have to actually work to steal it unless our treasonous intelligence service appointees just give it to them.

  39. Its great that we can project power with very expensive aircraft carriers and the fleets that support them. Since carriers have been around since the 40's has any one asked if these are obsolete at this point? We've spent billions on seafaring fleets. Couldn't we just put laser beams on sharks and spend the rest in space were the new confrontational frontier is? Just asking………..

  40. Assuming any of the information about China first planning a 5th and 6th carrier and then cancelling the plan is correct, we have to ask why ? What if the cancellation is strategic not financial or technical ? 3~4 carriers would give China 1 on station at any time to protect it's home waters. It looks to be that Beijing's plan is defensive not aggressive.

  41. This was more of a "How good is America and how shit are China" video than anything else. Self centered propaganda.

  42. They cant compete with the US if they try to build a force similar to it. Anti ship and anti air platforms in large numbers are a better bet and those areas are advancing fast

  43. China. Ought. Really. One. Night. Admit. (we are) Very. Incompetent. Rip-off. Underhand. Stooges. ( CORONA VIRUS). Took me ages to work that out. Like please.

  44. It's such a horrible situation that the Chinese people continue to suffer at the hands of their government. At about a billion people, it's always amazed me that they don't overthrow it. Make no mistake though, as much as they suffer at the hands of their government, they suffer at the hands of capitalism more. We need to be clear in communicating with the Chinese people and the world that if provoked, we will destroy their GOVERNMENT.

  45. BTW – it's not true that fully loaded aircraft cannot launch off of the Kuznetsov. For example, the Mig-29K can apparently launch off of the Kuznetsov at full combat weight.

  46. Or could it be because a carrier as it stands today to defend against new military development technologies looks more and mote like a white elephant ???

  47. China is facing God until they return the sheol island to its owners,i don't hate them but I cried to God when they bring those war vessels to the Philippines and they are arrogant people now i will watch how God will crippled them because of their greediness of the west Philippine sea

  48. Carriers, in the modern age of supersonic and hypersonic antiship missiles are, I would say, are useless. Precision munitions will destroy a carrier with all its contents…tens of aircraft

  49. They haven't stolen eniugh US tech yet.
    They will send/covert cleared people to steal what they need. – Waut fir 5G .

  50. America is keeping a close eye on Beijing's continued modernization.

    China has many modern weapon systems such as drones and hypersonic missiles.

  51. Elon Musk said during the Air Force Association’s 2020 Air Warfare Symposium (Feb. 26 – 28) that the era of the fighter jet was over, that missile-armed drones were proving much more effective on the battlefield. Maybe China has arrived at the same conclusion, in which case pursuing a larger carrier fleet makes little sense. If it makes sense for China to abandon its carrier program, it makes sense for the US and other nations to do likewise. (I said IF.) The pace of artificial intelligence advancement is exponential as AI programs are now developing improved AI programs and hardware. These advances are certain to see defense deployment ASAP so I suspect Musk is right. It's not like he's exactly talking through his hat. He is a cofounder of Open AI and his Tesla autonomous driving hardware and software is years ahead of competitors, a game-changing AI application that will mean a future of robotaxi and robo-trucking fleets and commensurate decrease in private car ownership, parking lots, houses with garages, truck stops, traffic accidents and fatalities, and many other changes in this decade.

  52. because it is useless in modern warfare… it takes a gamer piloting a drone to get one lucky shot and 10s of billions goes into flames… other than that it might have purpose for invading nations as it drag lot of human resources and escorting ships but those working on defense all they need is good radars and supersonic missiles …

  53. Something tells me the US released the caronavirus to screw over china economically once and for all. If caronavirus blows over eventually china will never be the same again.

  54. Perhaps China would not want to waste so much public money to build killing machines like the insane and profligate USA.

  55. Of course they're cancelling. They realised supercarriers are worthless against a bunch of hypersonic missiles. The missiles are cheaper to manufacture, easier to transport and almost impossible to intercept. Why waste money and resources at ships? There's a reason why dreadnoughts went the way of the dodo.

  56. Maybe the Chinese know that the large ships of the world's navies are becoming vulnerable to missiles

  57. China is its own worst enemy , with their awful government and dictator president XI, plus their filthy habits creating covid 19, and they have ruined their economy! They don’t care about people’s lives anyway, only filling their own crooked pockets!

  58. I don't think that it's climate change raising sea levels. I reckon that it would have a lot to do with the US launching all of these 100,000 ton+ supercarriers.

  59. Anyone with any sense would realise that the Chinese were building local defence aircraft carriers just like the Russians. They were never forward projection like the US Ford class.

    Now think what the man made Chinese islands have become. “ Unsinkable aircraft carriers for local defence” They don’t need anymore Carriers to be able to defeat the US ability to attack mainland China. The islands have defeated the US 7th fleet by pushing it back 400 km further out to sea. Triple aerial refuelling is now required for the carrier aircraft to achieve adequate flight time cutting by a third the aircraft available to undertake the attack. All done with little cost and little maintenance.

  60. "Ships of the Line were the main power of the British Empire".
    Wood might be hard for an Exocet to target.

  61. I would say that the establishment powers , CFR , Trilaterals NWO Globalization model and agenda has been put to Death , therefor the funding and operations that have been fueling China's steep rise as an economic super power has come to an End as well. The world wide elites version of globalization is over , fuck them and the NWO.

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