Choose your favorite Chuseok food [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.09.24]

(From pollack fritter, a Chuseok classic) (To colorful songpyeon that resembles the moon) (Grilled short rib patties like that of mom’s cooking) (And 5-colored skewers with 5 different ingredients) (What’s your favorite Chuseok dish?) You can choose your favorite. You can write it down here. Choose your favorite dish. – Choose what you’d like. / – It’s important. You can’t show or give hints about what you chose. Please hand the papers back to P.O when you’re done. Let’s see how destiny will play out. Let’s go now. (4 different holiday food displayed on the stalls) Right? SP is coming. Sweet pumpkin potato is coming. What does SP even mean? Sweet pumpkin potato! Your face says grilled short rib patties. Does it? – Yes. Sit over here. / – Sorry. Really? I chose the most expensive one. – I thought it’d be good. / – So which lady… Do you want to sit here? I’m hoping to see about three ladies here. Who in specific? – I don’t know yet. / – I think many guys will go there. I think many ladies will choose songpyeon. I think Cheondung will choose short rib patties too. Does P.O always talk to himself? Does he always do that? (No, that’s not it) I tend to talk loud to myself. You thought I was talking to you. Sorry. (Laughing) Please hit “like” and “subscribe.” (Instead please watch the original airing) He’s coming. (Cheondung is here) – You lived abroad for long, right? / – Yes. – You need to eat songpyeon. / – Songpyeon? I think he’ll go for grilled short rib patties too. – Really? / – Are you here for grilled short rib patties? Grilled short rib patties. I got nervous after you got here. (Does Hyuksoo think Cheondung is his rival?) I’m worried we would end up eating by ourselves. No way. Look. Jinho will try to make things funny. I leave frozen pollack behind. – Did you choose pollack fritter? / – No. (He passes by the pollack fritter) Hey, choose songpyeon. I’ll be on your side. (Senior comedian tries to make it rhyme) (Will he choose songpyeon?) Oh, this is songpyeon. He’s trying to get attention. – He is. / – Gosh, that punk. Did you choose grilled short rib patties? Everyone might end up here. – You too? / – No, I chose this. See? I knew he’d choose that. You chose grilled short rib patties, didn’t you? No, I chose five-colored skewers. You like grilled short rib patties though. I like this a lot too. (I like this too) Hey, Kibum. Kibum’s life is like songpyeon. Because we don’t know what’s inside. You can’t tell what he’s thinking inside. If only Kibum sits at Heechul’s stall, you two would have a good time together. That’s right. We can catch up. – What is this? / – This is grilled short rib patties. – This is grilled short rib patties. / – I didn’t choose it. – Did you choose the skewers? / – Yes. Really? – It’s 2 against 2. / – Kibum. There are two guys on each table. I think it’ll be just us two. Why did you choose the skewers? – Because I like the colors. / – Because it’s pretty? – You saw the ladies earlier. / – Yes. Was there anyone you wanted to talk to? I was too nervous earlier to care about anything else. It’s been so long since I’ve been on camera. Will ladies come here? Earlier, one of the ladies said… – She likes bread. / – Yes. I majored in baking. Really? You should’ve told them about that. (The lady who likes bread?) Sikyeong said she likes bread. Bread-lover Kim Sikyeong. I was hoping she’d come to the same stall as me. Bread-lover Kim Sikyeong took my attention at first. I keep talking about her. (I keep saying her name) (Which one will she choose?) A lady is here. (A lady? Is it her?) Modern dancers should go for songpyeon. What will she choose? (The first lady is Elegant Lee Ain) When I saw Cheondung, I wanted to get to know him more. She wouldn’t even talk to me. (She walks by fast) (The place she arrives) (Is it the grilled short rib patties where Cheondung is?) (But she turns around) (With lingering eyes) I’m right. I told you. I told you that ladies will choose songpyeon for sure. I like grilled short rib patties though. This has red bean filling. (Elegant Lee Ain chose songpyeon) (The second lady, Fly Mun Hyejin arrives) She’s coming. I think she chose five-colored skewers. I liked Hyuksoo’s first impression. She chose five-colored skewers. (Is it grilled short rib patties or five-colored skewers?) Did she choose skewers? (Hyuksoo, who she likes, chose short rib patties) (Which food did she choose?) (She chose five-colored skewers) She chooses five-colored skewers. – Thank you. / – Please take a seat. (Fly Mun Hyejin chooses five-colored skewers) – Your name is Hyejin, is it? / – Yes. She’s here. Sikyeong is coming. She looks like a piece of songpyeon even from afar. She might go over there since she likes bread. I’m sure she’ll choose songpyeon. – I think so too. / – Because she likes bread. Please take a seat, Sikyeong. Maybe she likes bread but not rice cake. – It smells so good. / – She didn’t choose this. But… (Where is Sikyeong attracted to?) (Kibum just waits for her unable to turn around) I hope Bread-lover comes to the same stall as me. (Where is she going to go?) I chose this. I chose this. – Really? / – Yes. (As the long-awaited Sikyeong arrives) (The guys are busy taking care of her) – Thank you. / – Welcome. – The last lady is coming in. / – She’s coming. It must be songpyeon. What? I liked Kibum’s first impression. I love his smile. (Where will Clueless Princess Lee Ayun go?) I think she chose songpyeon. (Clueless Princess Lee Ayun chooses short rib patties) – Did you choose grilled short rib patties? / – Yes! – Welcome. / – Only one was left. (Everyone has gone to their favorite food stall) (2 guys and 2 ladies chose five-colored skewers) – Enjoy. / – Thank you for the food. Have a nice time. You like short ribs? (2 guys and 1 lady chose grilled short rib patties) Does this have chilis? I think so. Make more. (1 lady chose songpyeon) (And only Heechul is at the pollack fritter stall) Today… I still feel so awkward and nervous. On other shows, I never get so nervous. Really. – He looks so awkward. / – This is so awkward. – You might get indigestion? / – I’m so nervous too. When you heard celebrity guys would be here, didn’t you think we’d act fake? No. Because if you were acting, you wouldn’t have looked so nervous. I wanted to have a staring contest, but I thought I’d get too nervous. – I’m good at staring contest. / – Are you? I couldn’t play it because I’d get too nervous. It’s okay. (I see, that’s why) How old are you? I’m 24. I memorized everything. – How old am I? / – 23. Right, I am. (Let’s eat the five-colored skewers) I should fit the whole thing in my mouth. (If that’s what you say) He eats so carefully. Is that how you eat it? (I must fit the whole thing in my mouth) (Gobbling) (Sikyeong hands Kibum some wet wipes) (Here you go) Thank you. (Thank you) You ate fast, Kibum. I said you must put the whole thing in… – So he did. / – Did he? He eats so well. When I saw him put the whole thing in his mouth after what I said, I found him cute and innocent. So you must have really just stayed home. I never came outside for two years. Except for a brief shoot. (Kibum stayed at home most of the time) He might start going out more often from today. (Will he go outside if he finds someone here?) – Am I right? / – That’s what I’m here for. That’s so cool. I like your way of thinking. Do you? I don’t want to be mistaken that I’m here because of Heechul. We didn’t think that. I came here because I really want to date someone. He really is here to find his love. I could feel that he was sincere. He’s a handsome and tall guy. It’s a shame that he just stays home. I wanted to change him. That’s when I started to get interested in him. (What will happen to their relationship?) (This table is busy grilling and eating short rib patties) – Clap. / – This looks awesome. I think grilled short rib patties is the best for the holidays. That’s just what I think. What are they eating there? They are eating five-colored skewers. I see. (Why is she interested over there?) I’m sure it’s not fun over there, but they are talking a lot. – I don’t think it’ll be fun. / – They look serious. Right. (She’s bothered) They look so serious. What food other than grilled short rib patties do you like the most among holiday foods? If there were no grilled short rib patties. Five-colored skewers. I see. I was interested in Kibum, so all my attention was on the table at the back. – Does it taste okay? / – Sorry? – It tastes okay, right? / – Yes. (All her attention is on the table behind her) (What is she looking at?) I hope you had fun with your conversations. Now that we’re full, how about we move to Love Tent to get to know more about each other? Let’s get moving. (They will move to Love Tent)

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