Christmas Survival Tips

This is Phil the Worship Survival Guy
to Worship Leaders Everywhere this Christmas. Thank you for your work. Very few realize how hard it is. Each week, you deliver praise to God and grace to His people under a kind of pressure difficult to understand. CNN listed “worship leader” as the 5th
most stressful job in North America. Like oysters makes pearls
from painful bits of stone Like pressure turns coal
into diamonds – you are a treasure Always the object of scrutiny, yet you remain resourceful, forgiving, and brimming with a Heart like David
and do it all for the Son of David. You are gifted – and – you’re a gift to
us. But Psalmist, no good deed goes unpunished. Christmas – – it’s a scheduled Battle of
Normandy. Right now, you are entering a shiny, pretty,
AND LETHAL war-zone. I am SO-NOT-KIDDING. A veteran Worship Pastor friend was blown
out of ministry by one vicious, anonymous letter … after Christmas. Another – on the eve of their Christmas Extravaganza
– took his own life rather than face the coming crucible. Wow, Phil. What a buzz-kill you are. I’m sorry, but Herod’s army is alive and
gunning for you. Worship Survival Guys and Gals will have
both Luke 2 AND Ephesians 6 under their belt. I’ll offer you 5 Christmas Survival Tips #1 – Know you’ll be expending huge amounts of energy and hours. Prioritize your time with Jesus. Pull non-essential stuff from your schedule
and explain why you’re saying no. Get good sleep. Eat healthy. Give your family a heads up
and thank them for understanding. #2 – Know thyself and know thy enemy. Stress will always manifest. You probably have
two or three week spots. Batten down those hatches. Trusted confidants can pray for you and keep
a watchful eye on you. #3 – Know you’ll be asking favors – and
extra labor – from faithful staff – volunteers who have
tapped themselves out all year long. Take a moment and look each one in the eye. Recognize their sacrifice – say “thank you.” Like you, they do this to exalt King Jesus,
not a human leader or a local church. #4 – Know that “keeping it simple” is
a gift to everyone. Complexity will exponentially increase stress. It increases the odds of mistakes, mis-cues
…and relational carnage. Big shows at Christmas teach the congregation
to expect big shows from you at Christmas. Is that your philosopy of ministry? The Magi brought simple, elegant gifts to
the Lord – – then went home by a different way. They were wise men. #5 – Finally, know in advance that after Elijah’s
big win on Mt. Carmel, he wound up in the cave at Horeb. A sugar high on Carmel, then a crash in a
cave. The Lord covered Elijah – He’s got your
back, too – BUT it’s easier when you see it coming. Over my 35 years in ministry, I saw team members
resign after the new year. Why? Special events are tough on workers and their
families. They – need – your – Good shepherding. They need you healthy – next week – next month
– next year. Saint, all year long – Standing Stone ministries
– is here for YOU. One-on-one, always confidential, always free
at We offer support at no charge because we’re
– faith-supported. This Christmas please consider joining
the generous, prayerful team that makes this ministry possible. Contact me OR follow the links on my website. Also click like to this video – add a good
word – subscribe. Now, God bless you
and Merry Christmas from the Worship Survival Guy. Keep the praises going, but don’t go it

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