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Class Mounts: Breaching the Tomb (SEE DESCRIPTION FOR 7.3 UPDATE!) | WoW Achievement/Mount Guide

Class Mounts: Breaching the Tomb (SEE DESCRIPTION FOR 7.3 UPDATE!) | WoW Achievement/Mount Guide

Hello everyone! My name is Gandalin and
welcome to another World of Warcraft guide! Today, I’m going to show you how to obtain the brand new class mounts that were added in Patch 7.2. As a way of
celebrating flying coming to Legion, Blizzard has created mounts that are
unique to each class. Every class has at least one mount, and some classes have
different color variations for different specs. For example, the Mage class mount
changes its appearance based on whether you are in Arcane, Fire, or Frost spec.
These mounts are obtained through a special quest line that is tied to the
story of 7.2. They are only obtainable once you have completed the achievement
called Breaching the Tomb. This was a time-gated achievement at the release of
7.2, with a new quest in the sequence opening up each week for 11 weeks. But as
of the reset on June 6th, all the parts are available, so you can go through the
whole quest line without having to wait. So how do you complete this achievement
and get these awesome mounts? Well the first thing you have to do is reach
level 110. Then you need to unlock the Broken Shore. To do that, head to Krasus’ Landing in Legion Dalaran and speak to Khadgar. He will give you the quest
Assault on the Broken Shore, which has you complete a scenario to establish a
foothold there. Completing it will finish the first two parts of Breaching the Tomb.
The next three parts of the achievement introduce you to different aspects of
the Broken Shore. For Begin Construction, you need to accumulate 100 Legionfall
War Supplies and contribute them to the construction of one of the Broken Shore
buildings. A quick way to get War Supplies is by doing Broken Shore world
quests. Check out my guide for Broken Shore Buildings for more details about
how they work. The quests Aalgen Point and Vengeance
Point asked you to visit these locations, allowing you to pick up the flight
points, making travel around the Shore easier if you don’t yet have Legion
flying. The next piece is Defending Broken Isles. This asks you to complete a
Legion Invasion in any of the four Broken Isles leveling zones. Invasions
occur every 18 and a half hours and last for 6 hours.
Check your world map to see which zone is being invaded. The regular world quests
in a zone are replaced with Invasion world quests. After completing 4 of
them, you can enter a 3-player scenario to drive back the Legion
command ship. Next is Champions of Legionfall, which has you recruit a new
champion for your order hall. To complete this part, you must have finished the
original class order hall campaign. This is a lot faster than it used to be given
that Blizzard has reduced the duration of the necessary class hall missions to
one hour each. If you’re starting the campaign fresh at 110, it should only
take you about a day or so to finish the whole thing. When the original campaign
is complete, you’ll return to your order hall and embark on a new quest line to
recruit another champion to your cause. The next quest is called Shard Times, which
wants you to collect 2500 Nethershards. These can be obtained from several
sources. One of the most lucrative is Legion Invasions. Both the world quests
and the final scenario award large amounts of Nethershards. You can also
get them from rare mobs and hidden chests on the Broken Shore. And you may
have noticed the Legion command ship patrolling the Shore. It’s called the
Sentinax, and mobs that are in its shadow can drop Nethershards as well,
so you can always use it to farm more. Next up is Mark of the Sentinax. This
quest wants you to collect 100 Marks of the Sentinax, which drop from mobs
that can be summoned from portals under the ship. The best way to complete this
quest is to look in the Premade Group Finder for a Sentinax farming group. It
will make killing the mobs go faster and get you Marks quicker than if you tried to solo it. Next is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy,
which asks that you complete 12 world quests on the Broken Shore. There are
about 6 up each day, so it will probably take you 2 days to finish
this one. Intolerable Infestation sends you back
to the Broken Isles to kill 100 demons. You can work on this at Faronaar in a
Azsuna or Felsoul Hold in Suramar. Joining a Premade Group can help this
one go faster too. Relieved of Their Valuables wants you to find 5 Hidden
Wyrmtongue Caches on the Broken Shore. These are scattered randomly around the
Shore and can be seen on your minimap as a small treasure chest. Previously,
this quest wanted you to find 10 chests, but Blizz hotfixed it to 5 on June
6th. Take Out The Head… wants you to kill 3 rare elite mobs on the Broken
Shore. These can be seen on your map and minimap as green skulls. Most of them
will require a small group to defeat, but you might be able to solo some of them
depending on your spec and gear level. Championing our Cause wants you to
complete one Legionfall mission in your order hall. Any mission that lists its
location as the Broken Shore will work, including the Elite Strike missions from
the Command Center. This part will also slow you down depending on how long the
mission is. Finally, the last piece is called Strike Them Down and asks you to
kill 100 demons on the Broken Shore. This is another quest that can be sped up by
finding a Premade Group. A good place to complete this quest is the Creeping
Grotto on the western side of the Shore. The spiders that spawn from the Hatching
Eggs give credit towards your kill count, so you can complete this part pretty
quickly. Once you have completed all these quests, you will earn the
achievement Breaching the Tomb and be able to go after your class mount. There
will be a quest giver at Deliverance Point who will direct you to an NPC in
your order hall that will start you on the quest line. Complete it and you’ll
earn your shiny new class mount! Now, as I mentioned, some classes have mounts
that change color based on your active spec. Those classes are Death Knights, Mages,
Priests, Shamans, and Warriors. The class mount for Druids will change color
depending on your race, with a different color for trolls, tauren, worgen, and night
elves. There are a few classes that can purchase other tints of their class
mount once they meet certain requirements. I’ll be covering those in
an upcoming video, so make sure you stay tuned for that. And that’s it for this
video! If this guide helped you, leave a comment down below, and give it a big
thumbs up! Share this video with your friends, and let me know if there’s
something you need help with. Subscribe to see all of my future videos! Thanks
for watching, and I’ll see you next time!

76 thoughts on “Class Mounts: Breaching the Tomb (SEE DESCRIPTION FOR 7.3 UPDATE!) | WoW Achievement/Mount Guide”

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  4. FYI, as of the date I post this, Blizz has again reduced the number of Hidden Wrymtongue Caches found on the Broken Shores from 5 to 3 to satisfy the "Relieved of Their Valuables" quest. Hope that helps anyone who hasn't finished this part of the Breaching the Tomb quest line.

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