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Cleaning the Prepper Pantry Emergency Food Supply

Cleaning the Prepper Pantry Emergency Food Supply

I mean my pantry again and I’m really
embarrassed to show you what it looks like seems like this room is a catch-all
for anything that has to do with food then I don’t get put away here it is all
of my chili that I made earlier this week here is my brake bleeder and I’m
gonna show you what I use this for just so many things here I have to organize
I’ve got to get this room cleaned up but I did is I spent all morning cleaning
the rest of my house up so everything else is cleaned up and it’s organized
that way when I come into this room I don’t feel so overwhelmed when you’re
starting a big project make sure you have other projects finished that way
you don’t feel so overwhelmed so I’m gonna get with all of this and then I’m
gonna share with you what’s in this bag on another video which is coming up here
but let’s get started and let’s get this room cleaned up I
read in the canning news this week is that ball is saying that you can stack
your pints on top of each other they said you should have a piece of wood or
some kind of material between the two but they’re saying that you can stack
your jars now now I know a lot of you are gonna say well they’re not you’re
not going to do that for me I have to stack my jars the small ones because I
don’t have the room and so I’m going to start stacking my jars even more
I have always stacked my jars on top of each other never once have I had
anything come unsealed so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna stack up on top of
each other and we’re gonna get this room all organized I got that whole area finished and now I
have to do over this area I have to do over here so that’s all organized you
can see there’s a little bit of more organization there I have my big tub
here I’m gonna put my bags of rice and things I have and I have to put these in
jars my flower this to these flower here I have to put in jars so now we’re going
to go ahead and we’re gonna organize the other side of my pantry to make sure
that you have your canned food off the ground but I don’t have enough room to
put everything so as I start eating the food I take it off the ground and put it
in my cupboards so I’m able to do at least a couple of these because I really
want to make the floor space easier for me to maneuver around and walk around it
takes a lot of skill to have a pantry that’s full to have it organized so I
can put all of my dried food to like my other bags of rice and my vacuum-sealed
rice I can put this all together which works out great and then the dried milk
and then some of the dried soup that that subscriber gave me I can put these
all in one place I can put the little in it I know exactly what it is and I have
two boxes of noodles to outfit in here so there I know exactly what all of that
is and now I can go ahead and I can clean off this little shelf but I keep
in here so I’ll go ahead and we’ll fix this up when you organize things you have so
much more room look look at all the room I have now here I can walk around things
aren’t on the floor alright so what we do is we take one of these make sure
they’re dry don’t ever put them in water we’re gonna put a one in the vacuum seal
this is a food saver sealer make sure you put them real good and this is a way
you can do this if you don’t have electricity or you don’t have one of
them vacuum sealers now of course I have a vacuum sealer now but I’m still like
to use this it’s really quick and it works really well so what you do is you
keep pumping this up and there you go it’s sealed see that so
that’s how you use a brake bleeder to seal your products so there you go that
one is sealed I’m gonna go ahead and do the other ones of the sugar and it’s
sealed I’m gonna go ahead and finish this and
then I’ll show you what I’m working on next project here to clean up this
pantry about two months ago a friend gave me these beans and they’re called
the yellow beans maiya Coba maiya koba I don’t know if
I’m pronouncing it right but I’m gonna go ahead and put these beans in here
because I’m going to be canning these real shortly so we’re gonna go ahead and
put them aside so we got that finished now these are
ready for what I need to can them jars come from these gallon jugs come from
Walmart they’re for 95 and a lot of people want to know about the absorption
of food odors these giants are actually made to not absorb food odors in fact
I’ve used these jars to handle with pickles I had all kinds of things in
these jars and you can’t smell it you cannot tell it so this rice I got a long
time ago but it’s the minute rice for a video that I am working on and we’re
gonna go ahead and I’m gonna put all of this rice in here slowly this table is
starting to look better I was hoping to get him all in here oh
you’ll fight Ken and I can good job now I gotta go in the kitchen and get a baby
because I want to keep a bay leaf in here so now we have that rice finished so this is what it looks like I’ll turn
the light on in a second but isn’t it so much better-looking everything is clean
the table is cleared as you can see everything is off the ground so once again I can say that this pantry
is organized and I can say I completed this job so
hopefully maybe this time I can keep it from getting so messy
take care everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow hearing a song you hear in your life
your element and I get really into it

14 thoughts on “Cleaning the Prepper Pantry Emergency Food Supply”

  1. It looks great Tessie. May I ask how long canned food lasts? I have never canned before. Thank you.

  2. Great job you did and you will appreciate it next time you are working with food. I feel like I spend so much time organizing so I can fix food and put up the extra.
    Did you get some elderberry?

  3. Great job on the pantry Tessie, just wondering what the shelf life for minute rice would be? Does it store the same as regular rice?? Not that I have minute rice where I am lol it's been ages since I have had it, it's so quick and easy to make 😁

  4. Your pantry looks so nice. I remember my Mama putting a bay leaf in the bag of flour to detour bugs. Love you, Sis.

  5. Tessie, Hi Friend! I just gave you a shout out in my "Pantry" chat. I hope you will take a look. I love your pantry and your videos. I watch all the time…I just usually watch on the tv so I don't always leave comments but know you are loved. Your friend, Kim

  6. FYI, you do not need to remove the air for sugar and salt. Doing so will cause it to clump. Use a terracotta stone to loosen.

  7. Tessie, you are always so amazing. What is this music that you play on some of your videos? It so very catchy and I find myself humming it in my head. Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. I have always stack my jars I never had any problems with them except one time two of them fell and broke.

  9. I store my flour in 5 gallon buckets one bucket last me 6 months so I buy 2 big bags 20 pounds of flour that last me one year for all my baking. I also store rice , dry milk and also I put 2 big bags of sugar in buckets.

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