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Cold Steel Chaos Kukri Vs. The Wilderness

Cold Steel Chaos Kukri Vs. The Wilderness

Hey, everyone! Today we’re going to be talking
about Cold Steel’s Chaos Series Kukri, available at Last time we pitted Cold Steel’s Chaos Tanto
against the steel fender of a 1985 GMC High Sierra and the Chaos came out on top. This
time we’re taking the Chaos Kukri out to the wilderness to go head to head with Mother
Nature. This kukri shares many of the same characteristics
as the Chaos Tanto, such as the full tang SK-5 carbon steel construction and the aluminum
D-Ring handle. This allows for a secure grip even in wet conditions, and also acts as added
protection to your knuckles during chopping. It also features a carbon steel pommel for
striking or hammering. The only real difference between this and the Tanto is the more prominent
12 ½” long kukri blade shape that excels at chopping as opposed to piercing. All these elements combine to create an effective
tool for the next time you decide to brave the wilderness. To prove it, we took the Chaos
into the backwoods of Virginia to put it to the test. When it comes to clearing small
brush, the Chaos makes quick work of any twigs and branches in your path. No saw? No problem.
If you need to clear larger obstacles or break down thicker branches, the chopping performance
is more than enough to get the job done. The added protection from the hand guard gives
you the confidence to swing with authority when dealing with more heavy-duty cutting
operations. As expected, the Chaos Kukri has met the high
performance and rugged durability standards of a Cold Steel blade, and at under $40.00
at KnifeCenter you won’t find a better chopping tool anywhere else. If you want to learn more about the Chaos
Series we’ll have a link in the description below with all the different variants we have
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