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Could Humans Survive a Nuclear Winter?

Could Humans Survive a Nuclear Winter?

Hey there and welcome to Life Noggin! In 1983, a team of scientists, including astrophysicist
Carl Sagan, made an ominous and What terrifying prediction: that in the event of a nuclear
war, on top of all the damage from the bombs themselves, our world may enter what’s known
as a nuclear winter. And this might be /so bad/ that those /same
scientists/ think its effects might be just as important as the immediate effects of the
war itself. So what /is/ a nuclear winter, anyway? Well, it’s basically the environmental devastation
that might come about from hundreds, if not /thousands/, of nuclear explosions. See, these bombs would cause massive firestorms
— especially if they’re dropped on large cities — and the smoke, soot, and dust would
rise up to the stratosphere and spread globally. And from here, surface temperatures could
lower, the ozone layer could get thinner, and we could even be thrown into a global
/famine/. But could we survive it? Well, a team of researchers recently simulated
what would happen in the case of a relatively small nuclear war, and their findings are
definitely not good. They imagined a nuclear war between India
and Pakistan where the countries collectively dropped 100 nuclear bombs, each about the
size of the bomb the United States used on Hiroshima. They found that the black carbon, which is
a major component of soot, would rise to the stratosphere and absorb sunlight. This would heat up the stratosphere and decrease
the surface temperature of the Earth /and/ the upper 100 meters of the ocean — hence
the “winter” part of “nuclear winter”. Be warned guys, winter is coming. The temperature increase in the stratosphere
might also cause major losses in the ozone layer — which would cause more exposure to
ultraviolet radiation, damaging our health and our agricultural crops. In fact, crops are going to have a really
hard time because there will be less rain during a nuclear winter and there will be
less time for the crops to grow because of killing frosts. And with the reduction in crops, and possible
UV damage to aquatic life, we may even experience a famine. And these effects aren’t short-lived. Within five years, the researchers predict
that the Earth will be around 1.6 degrees Celsius cooler, and around 1.1 degrees cooler
over the next /twenty/ years. And the ozone layer losses will persist for
a /decade/. And remember: all of this damage was predicted
when only /100/ nuclear bombs were dropped. Currently, there are /15,000/ nuclear weapons
worldwide. So, if it’s 100 bombs or less, it’s possible
that you could survive the famine and other consequences of increased exposure to UV radiation. But if there’s ever a nuclear war that’s
larger, the ensuing nuclear winter might be even more devastating. So let’s hope that we never have to worry
about that. What do you think of nuclear winter? Let me know if the comments below. What if, a few decades ago, a Cold War broke
out between the US and the Soviet Union? What if that war went nuclear? Our good friend AlternateHistoryHub explores
that idea. Make sure you come back every Monday for a
brand new video. As always, I’m Blocko and this has been
Life Noggin. Don’t forget to keep on thinking!

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  1. I'm sorry but I am compelled to leave a dislike on this video for showing the map of India incorrect. You need to do at least a basic research before posting a video on YouTube.

  2. Facts: Unsurvivable "nuclear winter" is a discredited theory that, since its conception in 1982, has been used to frighten additional millions into believing that trying to survive a nuclear war is a waste of effort and resources, and that only by ridding the world of almost all nuclear weapons do we have a chance of surviving.

    Non-propagandizing scientists recently havecalculated that the climatic and other environmental effects of even an all-out nuclear war would be much less severe than the catastrophic effects repeatedly publicized by popular astronomer Carl Sagan and his fellow activist scientists, and by all the involved Soviet scientists. Conclusions reached from these recent, realistic calculations are summarized in an article, "Nuclear Winter Reappraised", featured in the 1986 summer issue of Foreign Affairs, the prestigious quarterly of the Council on Foreign Relations. The authors, Starley L. Thompson and Stephen H. Schneider, are atmospheric scientists with the National Center for Atmospheric Research. They showed " that on scientific grounds the global apocalyptic conclusions of the initial nuclear winter hypothesis can now be relegated to a vanishing low level of probability."

    Their models indicate that in July (when the greatest temperature reductions would result) the average temperature in the United States would be reduced for a few days from about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to approximately 50 degrees. (In contrast, under the same conditions Carl Sagan, his associates, and the Russian scientists predicted a resulting average temperature of about 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, lasting for many weeks!)

    Persons who want to learn more about possible post-attack climatic effects also should read the Fall 1986 issue of Foreign Affairs. This issue contains a long letter from Thompson and Schneider which further demolishes the theory of catastrophic "nuclear winter." Continuing studies indicate there will be even smaller reductions in temperature than those calculated by Thompson and Schneider.

    Soviet propagandists promptly exploited belief in unsurvivable "nuclear winter" to increase fear of nuclear weapons and war, and to demoralize their enemies. Because raging city firestorms are needed to inject huge amounts of smoke into the stratosphere and thus, according to one discredited theory, prevent almost all solar heat from reaching the ground, the Soviets changed their descriptions of how a modern city will burn if blasted by a nuclear explosion.

    Figure 1.6 pictures how Russian scientists and civil defense officials realistically described – before the invention of "nuclear winter" – the burning of a city hit by a nuclear weapon. Buildings in the blasted area for miles around ground zero will be reduced to scattered rubble – mostly of concrete, steel, and other nonflammable materials – that will not burn in blazing fires. Thus in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory translation (ORNL-TR-2793) of Civil Defense. Second Edition (500,000 copies), Moscow, 1970, by Egorov, Shlyakhov, and Alabin, we read: "Fires do not occur in zones of complete destruction . . . that are characterized by an overpressure exceeding 0.5 kg/cm2 [- 7 psi]., because rubble is scattered and covers the burning structures. As a result the rubble only smolders, and fires as such do not occur."

  3. Hydroponics and back up generators may help. If the heat and AC don't stop working we could survive a substantial amount of time; however, eventually it would be an emanant death.

  4. what about the yellow stone super volcano… could humanity survive the nuclear winter form such a massive explosion? when it blows(and it WILL blow), it will send us into a nuclear winter, assuming we aren't all dead already from the global earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. if you are already scared, DON"T DO RESEARCH! don't make the same mistake i did. but is survival possible? could humanity survive the devastion? even if we did, would we be sent back to the dark ages?

  5. If you don't wanna freak us out, then why make the video. Just saying, there are still plenty of cat videos I could be watching >:(

  6. In a post nuclear world – make sure you don’t drink radioactive water. Water absorbs radiation. If you develop mutations, it’s from specs of plutonium getting into the pores of your skin, causing you skin cells to deform. The gamma radiation flows right threw you and damages your DNA and can also sterilized you. Even make you go blind

  7. Hey Blocko, Don't be dumb like others, you just missed 8 states in the map of India.

    Get some knowledge bout geography too!

  8. Well everyone pray that the simulation doesn't become reality in a few days!! We need to work towards mutual understanding as this is no longer a India-Pakistan war. This could result in famines as explained in the video worldwide. The effects of the real war would be more than double that of the simulation.

    ~ An Indian

  9. Me: Hope we don't die of nuclear bombs
    watches video
    Life Noggin: Yep, that's alot of damage.
    Me: Why did you have to refrence that……

  10. I live in India and the war is really very destructive between we and Pakistan. I have to correct you because I am a citizen of India. The map of India is not correct in the vedio. You forgot 7 states. I am a bit angry on that.

  11. Everytime You say "Nuke":
    North Korea Says "We will give them a gift Coming from the Sea,That will Kill them All"

  12. Bro that’s how we fix climate change the planet is getting too hot let’s just nuke the world for the environment

  13. The background music sounds like it's sampled from the game Fate

    Look at 3:35 in the link

  14. if a cold war breaks out ill be like ye ah now i can go to poland and wanrin them so they cant join russia caus they will be protected by nato and eu

  15. ….🎓
    ☝🤓💬 Read carefully,
    and repeat after me:
    nuclear… Nuclear…
    NUclear… NU-Clear…
    NUCLEAR… Nu-cle-ar…
    New-klear… NEW-klee-r…
    🚫 NOT nu-cue-lar❗🛇

  16. First you copy and paste a CORRECT map of India, then we'll talk about surviving Nuclear Winter… Huh 🤦🤦

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