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Could You Survive A Zombie Attack?

Could You Survive A Zombie Attack?

Information is the key when the end of the
world is looming. Picture this scene. The undead have risen from their graves and
are heading for a shopping mall near you. Greenish flesh, rank fingernails and a taste
for brains- it seems there’s no stopping them. Preparation is essential when battling with
the undead so make sure you have read up on your enemy and have built yourself a mini-fortress. You’ll also need some weapons and a major
exit strategy. So let’s see how to take on the undead and
remain alive. Welcome to this episode of the Infographics
Show, Could You Survive a Zombie Attack? Like a good boy scout you need to be prepared. There would be nothing more frustrating- and
potentially fatal- than being stuck right bang in the apocalypse without an emergency
kit of some kind. Inside your survival kit you’ll require
some essentials such as non-perishable water and medical supplies. You’ll need a first-aid kit to treat any
cuts and infections- but remember there’s no use applying a Band-Aid to a zombie bite. If you or one of your buddies get bitten by
one of the undead it’s only a matter of time before you’ll start gurgling and frothing
at the mouth and discovering a sudden penchant for Hirnsuppe (that’s Brain Soup for those
who don’t speak German.) In that kit you’ll also need a supply of
soap and towels, a flashlight, batteries, matches, a can opener, and some antibiotics. You might also consider a transistor radio
for catching up on the latest zombie news. Also pack a mobile phone with battery, some
protein chocolate bars, a tent, and waterproof covers. Your kitbag should also be waterproof. Remember zombies can’t swim and survival
will probably involve leaving shore. For protection and general use you’ll need
some knives a baseball bat, an axe, a shovel. Weapons can be lifesavers in the event of
a zombie apocalypse and you can never be under-armed against the undead. Consider a long distance rifle, a shotgun,
maybe a semi-automatic and lots and lots of ammo. But it all depends on your resources. If you have a flame-thrower gathering dust
in the garage now’s the time to use it. Now that you have your kit and your supplies
you will need a solid plan. Perhaps you’ve made this plan with a group
of fellow apocalypse survivors. Make sure you have a means of communication
with your buddies and think long and hard about who you want in your group. Human beings best operate in groups of 6 to
10. Consider a group of 5 well-armed, resourceful,
intelligent and physically fit adults, 2 of whom have military experience and at least
1 with medical training. Ideally you will have taken part in exercises
with this crew. Perhaps you’ve gone hiking or hunting together. But don’t become too attached to your crew. If they get bitten you should have no hesitation
in shooting them between the eyes and burying them in a shallow grave. And you should expect nothing less from your
buddies if you become infected yourself. You and your team should be all be mentally
and physically as tough as nails and be ready to kick those decomposing walking compost
heaps back into the land of the dead when the need arises. When disaster strikes you’ll require a pre-determined
assembly point. You should have marked this point out on a
map and made sure that you’re not too far from essential services such as hospital,
gas stations, stores, and banks. Be prepared with a list of emergency contact
numbers. Work out all exits routes out of the city
and have an agreed upon time to meet at the assembly point. Your house should already be zombie-proof. Barricaded the doors and windows. Ideally you will be living in an underground
concrete bunker with plenty of supplies. But higher ground is good too. But remember, if you live on the 20th floor
of an apartment building and the undead have infiltrated the lower floors you will still
have to get past them. Make sure you are in shape physically and
have weaponry at your disposal. When you find yourself face to face with one
of the undead, aim for the brain, and hope for decapitation. Leaving your zombie-proof dwelling and heading
for the arranged meeting point you should have a vehicle with a full tank of gas in
a secure locked garage. You may choose to use an ordinary car, but
an off-road jeep, motor-cross bike, or other all-terrain vehicle may be more useful. You should also be as nimble as mountain goat
on foot. If you are an inner city survivor, which most
of us will be, consider learning parkour. Running through busy streets you will encounter
not only the rambling undead but also physical obstacles such as fences, fire escapes, benches,
steps and stairs. You need to be fast, fit and agile and the
more obstacles you can place between yourself and the zombies the better your chances of
survival will be. You don’t need to be a backflip specialist
but learning simple vaults and jumps will put you ahead of the pack. Remember you don’t have to be the fastest
dude on the block but you do have to be faster than the next guy who is also trying to escape. Learn how to negotiate complex urban environments
with speed and precision in order to arrive at your vehicle in one piece. By now you should have checked in with your
buddies and you need to hit the road and head away from populated areas. Remember that the undead are rising from the
ground so a ghost town that had a population of 50,000 before the mines dried up in 1950
isn’t the place to be. You will need somewhere that is not densely
populated nor has this place ever been densely populated in the past. We recommend having a boat stashed at a harbor
and heading for a depopulated island with plenty of resources. A boat on standby is good part of any survivalist
contingency plan. Perhaps an abandoned military base on an island
might offer the best protection if you can find such a place in your strategy development
brainstorming. Purpose built nuclear bunkers are ideal as
there is a good chance the zombie resistance may resort to nuclear warfare to wipe out
the big cities. These also have the benefit of being hopefully
stocked with canned food and not being built in urban areas. Here you and your team can sit out the first
few waves of the zombie uprising and plan how to rebuild the human population. Remember – even if you consider yourself safe
never leave any doors unlocked during the ordeal. Make sure all doors and windows are secure
at all times even if you are in a safe area. Don’t split up with your buddies. If you’ve made it this far together then
stick with the formula that works. Sit and plan and work together. The survival of humankind may well be in your
hands now. So, how would you survive a zombie attack? Would you sit tight in the city or make a
break for it? What would be your weapon of choice should
the apocalypse come upon us? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, be sure to watch our other video called
This Will Happen to Your Body in the next 60 Seconds. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time!

100 thoughts on “Could You Survive A Zombie Attack?”

  1. Stay in a place long enough the zombies' body become too decomposed to be a threat…they'll all eventually rot away and you'll inherit the Earth….and I finished the video and that's what they suggested haha

  2. Get out of the cities as fast as possible – longer you take then the more zombies there are, have a boat ready, get supplies on the way and disappear

  3. i would get a rex revolver trust me its very powerful iwould get a motercylcle a knife and move up north were zombies would frezze to death. i would not have to move north im canadian its cold enough hear and also i wold not aim for the head i would aim for the spine.

  4. You don’t really need guns to survive you just need a weapon that can bring as much impact as possible and is light guns are probably just used to break zombies spine because zombies are kinda resistant against sharp objects

  5. What if I modify my Tesla Roadster, giving it offroad capabilities? Do you think that would be a sufficient vehicle for the zombie apocalypse?

  6. I do what i do in Call of Duty Zombie, i run in circles, gather a Horde, turn around get some headshoots and keep running in circles until the round ends, altough i would keep one Zombie alive and spend my points for some perks and the Mistery Box befor ending the round.

  7. Maybe this sounds weird but I would like if there was a nuclear or zombie apocalypse. Also if I die, cause it saves the Earth and there can be a new life

  8. Says: “ Don’t go to populated places that were populated in the PAST. “ Says best place is a military bunker.

  9. I think i had an better solution if zombies were real they can,t get out from their graves 1% they got out because they are rotten and mostly ran out of air for 30 minutes/half a hour
    You'll survive and if they do get out already think about those wild animals humans are more powerfull then them!so zombies are same so it,s ez to survive an apocalypse

  10. You really got to worry about the living more than the undead… The undead are just more like obstacles…

  11. Everyone: AHH WHAT THE…. HELP US PLS

    Gamers: its time give my ak-48 ,scoped assault riffle and my frying pan…And Also that Grenade…And also also that farming seed and that boom bow

  12. If a zombie bit me first thing I would do was bite the zombie back. Then cut off the limb that it bit so I wouldn’t die

  13. i did lots of research and i discovered that i am imume to the zombie virus. i am a freerunner so getting around fast wouldn't be a problem. also i have connections with the army and can call in air support at anny time. this also counts for airstrikes and ground support. also i have a home-made bat, a firemen axe, a revolver with plenty of ammo and explosives at my disposal. and i am a expert at aiming with revolvers. at target practice i could shoot a target in the head from more than 150 meters away. i think i would be well peepared if this would ever hapend

  14. Wait it out it will be a month before they are skeletons form alive people and the dead will be skeletons a sneeze would knock them down

  15. I would leave for the country, probably to a really cold place like siberia, and my weapon of choice would be an M416 with both a red dot and a 4x acog. And a suppressor, cause otherwise I'll go deaf

  16. It’s a lot more simple to survive a zombie apocalypse. Don’t live in highly populated areas, like cities. Guns and stuff won’t work effectively on zombies, because guns work by puncturing organs and cause bleeding. Zombies have no use for blood, and shooting their heart into pieces will only slow them down. Aiming for a decapitation probably won’t stop it, and you need a lot of shots to decapitate a human head. Melee weapons are much more effective, but more dangerous.

    Instead of trying to decapitate them, immobilise them. They won’t be able to regrow lost limbs, so shoot off their arms and legs.
    Invest savings for a boat house. There’s not point in finding a base if you can just live on the water. Simply fish, and if you get tired of it, just break into your supply of canned goods. Make trips to the mainland if you run out.

  17. if you have a flame thrower tip: Light the zombie on fire now you gave a fire zombie running at you

  18. There’s no way a zombie apocalypse can happen in the USA, enough people have guns to stop the apocalypse from even being a major apocalypse, so I say if it’s in the USA watch every shoot all the zombies or shoot all the zombies till there’s no more

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