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Craft survival, ep 2, how to make fire with bamboo

Craft survival, ep 2, how to make fire with bamboo

The weather takes an important thing to make a fire because this is rainforest The humidity is high We need to find a really dry bamboo And skein made from bamboo trees Then need a steady seat I had tried it in the morning but failed The skein and dry bamboos have been basked for hours The next thing to do is to find ignition tools after making skeins Finally, after 2 times of hard working, it is smoking now And the fire appears Having a good health and perseverance is an important thing

31 thoughts on “Craft survival, ep 2, how to make fire with bamboo”

  1. You're creative my friend good job keep it up, love you're channel taker always ang God Bless. .

  2. คนเก่าหายไปใหนเหรอหรือออกป่าไปหาซื้อเสื้อผ้ามาเปลี่ยนใหม่

  3. I absolutely love the scenery of that jungle. Very peaceful.

    The fire-saw is one method of friction fire I have not mastered yet. I primarily use the bow-drill (practicing using hand-made cordage such as Yucca and Basswood bark with the kit) and in the very dry season the hand drill. You are very lucky to have bamboo as it has a plethora of uses, that of which you already know.

    Awesome video


  4. Wow your so brave living alone in the forest..I love your video so natural and interesting for me..God blessed you always handsome and take care yourself always..

  5. REminds me of the times I've been trying to make fire with a bos drill, have a nice cloud of smoke coming up from the fireboard, only to have a big drop of sweat fall off the end of my nose right onto the char.

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