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Crazy Story Of Woman Who Survives Live Grenade Lodged in Her Face

Crazy Story Of Woman Who Survives Live Grenade Lodged in Her Face

The human body is fragile, and yet, some people
can tell you survival stories that might make you start believing in miracles. We might recall the gruesome tale of the 12-year
old amateur racing driver Chris Stewart. He crashed in 2006 in the UK and suffered
an internal decapitation. The BBC wrote that the little guy was ok in
the end, after having his head re-attached. Yep, that’s exactly how it was reported. Maybe those Brits are made of tough stuff. In 2001, a young woman from England was on
a parachuting holiday in the U.S. Her chute didn’t open and she fell thousands
of feet to the ground. She’s up and running now, but her dad told
the press, “She was very keen on parachuting but she is in two minds now.” No kidding. Now let’s tell you one the strangest tales
of survival there is, or perhaps will ever be. Imagine this: You wake up in the morning, turn off the trusty
alarm, take a shower, make breakfast for your three kids, and head out to work. Your days are fairly routine. You set up your street food stall after buying
the seafood at the local market. It’s an oppressively hot summer day in Culiacán,
the biggest city in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico. There you are standing in the baking sun,
waiting for people to pass by and hand over some pesos for a bit of fried fish. And then… “BANG” That’s what you hear. You don’t know where the sound came from
or what really happened, but what you do instantly recognize is that the bang affected you. You’re on the floor, dazed, and you feel
a pain in your face. You touch your cheek with your hand and feel
something hard. You are afraid, in shock, in pain, there’s
blood on your hands, dripping to the floor, but have no idea what just happened. Then everything turns to black and the next
thing you know you are in the hospital and standing around are a bunch of very concerned-looking
hospital staff. This happened to a 32-year old called Karla
Flores in 2011. She had no idea what had changed the state
of her face, but she would soon find after being rushed to the hospital that a live fragmentation
grenade had been lodged into her cheek. Yes, a live grenade, it hadn’t exploded
for some reason, it was waiting to go off. The bang she had heard had been the release
of the grenade from its launcher. This is what she later told the press, “The
doctor asked me what happened. I told him that I thought a stone hit me. Then they started to look and discovered that
it was some kind of projectile, but they didn’t know what it was.” The thing was, this grenade should have gone
off, and now Karla was for all intents and purposes a walking time bomb. Staff knew the risks of being near her. That grenade, they were told, was powerful
enough to kill anyone within a 32 foot (10 meter) radius should it explode. As for Karla, if that thing exploded she would
have more parts than a master jigsaw puzzle. X-rays had showed medical staff what they
were dealing with and how the object might be removed. Experts were already on the scene, and that’s
why doctors knew how much damage could be caused. As media reports, one bad move and that grenade
could kill a lot of people. The doctors had the unenviable job of trying
to extricate the grenade and save part of Karla’s right cheek, without killing her
and themselves and the rest of the hospital staff nearby. She was taken to an isolated part of the hospital
while they looked at her. News reports say some doctors weren’t happy
about the conditions in which they were to apply their skills, but Karla was severely
injured. She could hardly breathe and blood and saliva
was filling her mouth. To make matters worse, she couldn’t really
swallow, so she was close to choking on her own fluids. As we said, not too many people were up for
the task of performing this particular operation. We are told many doctors and staff just said
no, stating, “No doctor is obliged to operate under these circumstances.” It was the surgical procedure version of the
movie in which you have to cut the red wire or the blue wire and one of those wires will
trigger the bomb. It was a doctor called Gaxiola Meza who stood
up and said, “Ok, guys, someone has to do this. Who’s gonna volunteer?” Four people did. They were two anesthesiologists called Felipe
Ortiz and Cristina Soto, a nurse called Rodrigo Arredondo and a doctor called Lidia Soto. Two explosives experts from the Mexican army
also stood up to the challenge, but it was decided that the best place for this operation
was an open field. Yes, you heard that right. They wheeled her outside, taking all the necessary
equipment with them. There Karla was given a local anesthetic and
the first thing the doctors did was perform a tracheotomy so Karla could actually breathe. The next part was the hard part. Those explosive experts, guided by lights
– as it was dark by now – told the doctors how to remove the grenade without blowing
everyone to kingdom come. Doctors were told that in no way could the
grenade be rotated, and that it had to be pulled out in such a way it didn’t really
move at all except for being pulled backwards. We should say here that no one near Karla
at this time was wearing any kind of body armor. At around midnight the operation was complete,
and it was a success. The downside was Karla losing some of her
face, many of her teeth, and having to have parts of her face rebuilt. It’s said she went through another three
years of operations and you can see in photos she has been left with some very large scars. Still, in Mexico these days she is called
The Miracle Woman. To this day no one knows who fired the grenade,
or if Karla was targeted or it had been intended for someone else. Many reports suggest this was the work of
the Mexican Mafia, and let’s face it, what are the chances of such a wild event in this
part of Mexico being related to anything else? People were interviewed but as usual no one
had anything to tell the cops. Reading the Mexican press we found something
that was missed in the English-language media. That was how Karla got to hospital. We are told it was a bystander who took her
there, with the press saying, “Nothing was heard of the angel who left her in the hospital.” According to that media Karla wrote a letter
of thanks to doctors, the explosives experts, nurses, and the angel that took her in his
car during the low point of her life. We have one question for you, and that is,
can you think of a more messed up survival story than this one? If so, maybe we’ll do a show on it one day. Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other show
Identity of Jack The Ripper Has Finally Been Revealed. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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100 thoughts on “Crazy Story Of Woman Who Survives Live Grenade Lodged in Her Face”

  1. You want a more messed up survival story?

    Aron Ralston got his arm trapped under a boulder while hiking.
    After 6 days, he decided to amputate. He used his body as a lever to snap both of the bones in his arm, then used a knife and pliers to cut his tendons and arteries. After this, he had to climb out of the canyon, rappel down 20m and hike 10km

  2. You should do a survival story based on a lady by the name of Charla Nash who had her face ripped off by the Chimpanzee named Travis.

  3. how about getting shot with a grenade launcher and having a grenade in your heart. Just fantasy people can make a story of that!

  4. I have some gut feeling for some reason that some Sinaloa boi went to hunt down some Juarez boi in the wrong swamp, but den his aim was cucked and missed the Juarez boi, and den Juarez boi was grateful dat de woman took the grenade for him and drove her to hospital before making a quick mad dash

  5. 5:50 I stepped in a box of legos in the middle of the night trying to wake up my mom as it was suicide if I did.

  6. Pretty sure that "angel" must have been the guy who actually shot the grenade and when seeing it didn't explode decided to do what he could to mend the mistake.

  7. Imagine your at a dinner with friends and family and they are telling their life story and you can beat every story by saying
    "I basically ate a fragmentation grenade that possibly was shot at me by the mafia"

  8. Can you in infograffic try. You VS TEEN TITANS GO. They can be funny and calm and in the next second they can be intense and brutal.

  9. They should ban grenade launchers! That way no one will get hurt! Can't believe they can have those in Mexico!

  10. My brother was in a coma but he said he was in the heaven he said that the heaven is a the best place he has ever seen he did not told me any more

  11. Here this is a more scary story the man who survive the chenoby hes name is sasha yuvchenko he is a nuclear survivor the only one

  12. I have a survival story too. It was 2:00 when I wanted a drink of water. In order to get to my fridge, I had to cross a landmine, toys my kids were playing with and didn't clean up. I ended up tripping four times, but I got the drink. I consider myself Miracle Man.

  13. fudge wow wonder how she survived that the grendade probley didnt go off cuz he face was soft
    and all of her teeth must of bent instantly

  14. Imagine Waking Up going to the store in the cold winter then all of the sudden Its a zoo outbreak and a cheetah bites your arm by a miracle you survive then continue running but the cold and your wound start to take you over then Out of all the things a rhino is infront of you it charges at you you barely jump out the way but get your leg hit So you pass out wake up in a hospital bed practically dead By some miracle You didnt die from Your wounds but now suffer great scars on your arm and leg (and PTSD just because)

  15. something similar happened to me.. accept it wasn't a grenade, but xanax, a tacoma and a highway XD I woke up in the hospital first thing i asked was "this really happened?" lool

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