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Create Successful Habits | Bob Proctor

Create Successful Habits | Bob Proctor

Welcome back to Six
Minutes, it’s Bob Proctor, and I am going to give you
a very valuable idea here. And it will definitely
enable you to get results that stick in an area
that a lot of people miss. It’s in relationships. How do you built a real
meaningful relationship? I’m not just talking about your spouse, a person you love or a
person you’re looking for to love; I’m talking
about with your friends, with your relatives, with your own kids, with the people at work,
just with people in general. How do you build meaningful relationships? Well, did you know there’s a very basic law covering that. It’s called the Law of Cause and Effect. That’s why I suppose why Emerson said the Law of Cause and
Effect was the law of laws. And it’s very clear. It states for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, what you put out, you’re going to get back. So how do you build
meaningful relationships? Well, you first of all
have to train yourself to take the focus off yourself. And I guarantee you, 90 some
percent of the population grow up very sort of
self-centered thinking of our self we’re trying to get when the secret is give
and you’ll receive, you see, givers gain. Well, forget about
yourself and think about the other person. Bring all of your conscious
attention to the other person. There was a man in Canada, Brian Linehan. Brian interviewed celebrities and they loved him interviewing them. Brian was a fairly quiet guy. He’s gone now but he, man, he was the best interviewer. I used to love watching him. First of all, he did his research. He really understood
a lot about the person he was sitting down to interview, but all his conscious attention. If you could see his
energy lit up in color, you would see it like a flashlight focused right on the person he was dealing with. He didn’t talk much. He asked questions. And he really focused on the
individual he was dealing with. And you know, he built very
powerful relationships. And he did it because it was so effective at what he was doing. When you just give all
of your attention to what makes the other person happy, what will improve the
quality of their life, how can you move them toward
their predetermined goals, find out what they’re working on, and think how can I help them get there. Bring all of your attention on them. Now, they may be in a bad
mood and snap back at you, you don’t react. See, reacting and responding
is another subject. I’ll come back into that. You understand that well,
something’s probably bothering them. And they may have misdirected
their energy at me, but it’s not really me they’re upset with. First of all I know I’m,
a nice person I know I’m worth while and I know that
I’m giving good energy. So I know that their
disposition is not caused by my behavior. It’s something that’s troubled them and it will pass. And you’ll find if you keep
being nice to that person, they will begin being very nice to you. It’s just a law of life. If you want to build a
meaningful lasting relationship, get into the habit of
thinking of the other person, how you can help them,
how you can serve them. And I guarantee you it’ll all come back. Lord Chesterfield gave some
excellent advice to his son. He said, my son “cause other
people to like themself just a little bit better.” And I said, “I’ll promise you this, they’ll like you very much.” So as you go through the day today, everyone you come in contact with, think what can I say, what can I do that would really improve
the quality of their life, that would serve them, that would make them
feel good about themself. And you’re not doing it
to get good energy back, you’re doing it because you
love causing other people to feel better. Think of that all day long and you’ll find like that they’ll start responding. And you will be very
rich in relationships. Now, I’ve been working
at that for a long time. I have meaningful friends
from all over the world. And you know something? You will too. You will get results. In relationships, you’re
going to come up with results that stick. This is by Proctor, and thank you. Hello there and welcome. This is Bob Proctor. You got to admit that was
a great idea that you saw on that video. And listen, it provoked you to think. That’s what we got to do more of. We got to spend more time thinking. We become what we think about. What you’ve just watched is a single idea, one single video. I want you to imagine
what it would be like if I sent you one every morning. See, one of the most important
things I have learned over my 58 years in this
business of studying every day is not how we spend our days,
it’s how we start our day. We start our day right, usually
things are going to go right all day long. That’s what Six Minutes
to Success is all about. We’ve created this system
where we made it super easy and affordable for you to
start your day every day in a great way. You see, when you
register for Six Minutes, I will send you a new video every morning. Every day you can start
your day with a great idea that will help you move your
mind into a positive direction and it’s going to equip
you with a marvelous tool that will help you stay
in a great vibration for a successful rest of the day everyday. Now you’ve got to admit,
that’s a good concept. It’s so simple and it’s so affordable. It’s only going to cost
you $29.97 a month. That’s less than a dollar
a day over the whole year. It’s got to be pretty good. We’ve even come up with a great idea. We’re going to let you take
Six Minutes for a test drive for the next two weeks
for a buck, one dollar. Now when you register for this, for the two-week trial, I’ll guarantee you
it’ll be the best dollar that you’ve ever spent. Click on the button and get involved in Six Minutes to Success. Let me help you start your
day in a great way everyday. I’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s helped me in millions of dollars, build a wonderful company, and it’ll help you do exactly the same. Earl Nightingale taught me that. He said, Bob, start your day the right way and you’ll never have a bad day. Good advice. Click on the button. Get in this.

31 thoughts on “Create Successful Habits | Bob Proctor”

  1. "Start your day the right way, and you'll never have a bad day." True words, Bob!

  2. I just joined a couple days ago, and I like it so far.

    Such a great way to approach relationships (in this video): just try to serve others, focus all of your attention on them and make them feel better.

    So basic but so good👍

    Also Bob and Sandy and team:

    CONGRATS ON 600K SUBS!!!🥳🥳🥳

  3. 99% of people won’t see this comment, If you’re apart of the 1% that does…..

    I just wanted to say that I hope you have a great day/night and that all of your dreams become a reality! 🙌

    Here’s to spreading more love around here!

  4. Oh man, I love the visuals on this video! I can tell that PGI is committed to maintaining relatability with the younger generation, and I appreciate that deeply.

    Edit: And thanks so much for putting me on Brian Linehan! Started watching his videos now, and it's so obvious how present and empathetic he is.

  5. that's true with me too, the difference was that the day I decided to help and be in the service of people I didn't do it for any take-back or making the relationship better, I was impressed by somebody who was giving more than taking and I told myself one day I will give more than I take just because of the joy of giving even if there is nothing in it for me, and after doing it for some time I noticed I think about people more , I listen to them more , I won't do thing that hurt them , so , these days I'm practicing it

  6. Bob, I like your videos. In one video you said when you wake up you should get up. Can you give an example, would you get up if you woke up two hours before you intended to get up or a few hours after you went to bed what about if it was one hour before you intended to get up. best wishes

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  8. This is difficult if you are a codepedent. I am confused now. I did put everybody above me and didnt get any results

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