Cuddle Disaster! | Minecraft Disasters Mini-game

Is there a secret serial killer in our cuddle party?! [Intro music] Hey guys, what’s up? LDShadowlady here! And today I am playing a Minecreaft Mini-game on Grian’s server, called ‘Survive the Disaster’. I’m getting flashbacks to Roblox ‘Survive the Disasters’ already. I can’t run away fast enough, no! Look how cute this little server is! So we’re just gonna click on little baby Grian here and join the disasterous fun. Oh, the game is starting, so what is our first disaster? The first disaster is acid rain and cubes of death! Sounds pretty dangerous! Ok, we should probably try to find somewhere to hide from this acid rain. I’m gonna hide in this building with this chap. It’s acid raining out there! Oh my gosh, it’s breaking the ground! Woah. Look what it’s doing! Dang, acid rain is scary! Is it gonna melt the whole place? Is it going to melt the ceiling? Look it’s already dripping through! Oh no! What do we do? Jammy_Dodger5000, hold me! Hold me, I’m so scared! Oh my gosh, will it ever end? It’s like England, the rain never stops. What has happened here? I’m in a cube, I’m in a cube! Oh thank goodness for that. Don’t want to be trapped in one of those cubes of death! Bloomin’ heck, the whole side of this — I almost just got cubed to death! Ah, Jammy Dodger, no! Oh my gosh, so many players are dying. We’re in the last eight. We’ve just got to avoid all the holes in the ceiling that have been opened up by the acid rain. Quite a lot of holes now, a lot of rain coming in. Jammy Dodger – Jammy Dodger, where did he go!? I don’t know what happened to Jammy Dodger. But my only companion in life has disintegrated. Potentially due to th- Ah! There he is! We survived!? Jammy Dodger we’ve done it! By golly! The acid rain cannot take me! Wow, I survived my first disaster, now I get to live in this beautiful metropolitan city. That has asteroids raining down!!! Let’s go again! Ok, for this one you can’t jump and zombies have the plague. It spreads through the air. How are you supposed to deal with this? Maybe we should hide inside. Maybe we should stay with Jammy Dodger again, he seems to know what he’s doing. He seems to be pretty good at dodging all of the– Oooh. Oh my gosh, is he inviting me to get in there with him? How do I get in? I can’t jump! I can’t jump anymore! Save yourself Jammy Dodger! Save yourself, I’m gonna distract them. I’m leading them away. Let’s see if I can find somewhere to hide in this house from the zombies. Oh my gosh, I just heard a zombie! There it is, there it is! It’s coming for me! Oh god, that girl just got in the way! She’s gonna be infected. I’m getting the plague, I think I have the plague. This is not good! Oh Jammy Dodger no, save yourself! Yeah, I definitely have it. I have contracted the zombifying plague. What do I do, where do I go? I’m diseased, I’ve got the zombie disease. Yup, I can feel the life withering away. It’s taken me, I see the light. Yep, I’m dead. LDShadowlady fell to the plague. How the heck am I meant to survive that? Who is surviving this? He is fine. what the heck?! That’s what I should have done. Just got into a giant swimming pool and pretended to be a shark! He’s just absolutely fine. And this guy is fine too! Oh no, he is not. He is dying, he has the plague. I’m sorry sir, but there is nothing I can do for you now. Oh, the game is over. Some people survived, I did not. So that answers the age-old question: would I survive a zombie apocalypse? The answer is no. You know what, maybe we can do better with the next one. So what have we got today, take cover from the fire storm and cubes of death. Oh great, let’s find a nice big cute house to take refuge in. This one’s pretty cute. Of course I found the bakery! What a wonderful place to inevitably die, because that will definitely happen. There’s not a whole load of space in here for when the cubes of death start coming in! Oh gosh, I already hear them. So where is this firestorm? I don’t see them. Oh my gosh! That’s the firestorm, it’s about to set the bakery on fire. So- The bakery, no not the bakery! Oh woe is me. This entire half of the map is being destroyed. Where is safe? I just don’t know. I don’t know if I can survive this disaster much longer. Maybe this way? Nope, definitely not this way. OK. There are only 11 players left, and I don’t know where they are. That was a cube of death, I almost died to a cube death. I think the bakery is gone. Yup, the bakery is definitely gone now. What is the point in even living anymore? We win! We did it! Me and you we survived. Let’s try again. Ok, what’s the disaster now? Slaughter: Kill everyone, or don’t. And Gravity Shift: Get indoors. Well I’m probably going to die because I refuse to kill any of my fellow players. And I’m supposed to be indoors, but I can’t find a door! Oh this is awkward, I can’t find a door. Here we go! OK, so my plan is just to hide from everyone, because apparently we’re all going to kill each other. Oh the stairs are over there. Oww, why? Why? I’m just gonna hide. What’s going on? Oh, I’m flying because I am dead. That’s what, oh dear. Hang on, why am I flying? Gravity shift! Oh, I see! That’s why I’m flying, but at least now nobody can kill me. He’s coming for me! O-oh, I’ve flown up a little too far! OK, I definitely didn’t want to be going this high. Oh no, a lot of the blocks are going. Oh gosh. I must admit that I overlooked the gravity aspect of this. Maybe we should try get inside, maybe that would be safer. Let’s just try get in here, and just watch the world literally float away. Well at least nobody’s trying to kill me anymore so that’s good. Oh no, people are floating off into space. I kind of want to float off into space. That might be more fun that just staying here with my head smushed against the ceiling. Look at me, space is right there! Oh gosh, if this block floats away I’m going with it. Oh my gosh, the ceiling’s starting to float away. Please not this block! This is my only hope – oh my gosh! My ceiling, no!!! Nooo – OK. That was so close! I think I survived, I made it! I somehow survived that, I wasn’t even ready for the gravity shift and somehow I made it. OK, this disaster is Grian Says and a Hailstorm. So we’ve got to seek shelter. Let’s get into this nice little garage here. Or maybe we should be in there. What is the hailstorm ruins the garage? OK, I’m going across to here. I don’t know if I’ll get into the door in time! Woah, that was close! Grian says don’t have full health. Right, fall on me hailstorms! Phew, OK we made it. Say something? I said something. It wasn’t a very smart thing but I said it. OK, now get close to nature. But there’s no nature! OK, we’ve got to go outside. Am I close enough, is this close enough for you Grian?! OK, now get back inside. Say something? I’m not saying smart things unfortunately. Grian says stop moving. Well I can do just that because I am a lazy being so that is very easy for me. Grian says get close to nature. It’s so far away! Please don’t kill me! I love nature! Ah!! Oh no, I died! OK, where’s everyone else? How is she safe from all the hailstorms and yet I was being seriously abused by the ice blocks? Grian has some really strange demands. Aw man, I did not win that one. OK, I may not have been good at the last one, but I’m really feeling the next one. Lady luck is on my side! Blizzard: Seek shelter cuddle for warmth and also kill the serial killer. OK, so let’s go where there are people so I can cuddle them. Hello sir! Let’s go inside here, shall we guys? Come on let’s have a little cuddle everybody, and one of us will probably be a serial killer so beware of that. I think it’s this girl she just looks too cute! Oh no, it’s not me. Don’t be silly, it’s not me! It’s not me, I’m not the serial killer. Look the serial killer is murdering people and none of us are murdering them! Ow – why am I? I’m cold, I’m not cuddling. We need to cuddle. That’s what’s going on. Silly me. OK, we’re safe, we’re good. I’m protecting you guys. Aww, look at them, they’re so cute! Look at the little blizzard outside. Oh! Hello, I know these guys are safe. This is really adorable, we’re all cuddling for warmth. Good cuddles, guys. Keep it up, keep it up! Maybe the serial killer just won;t find us. Maybe we should hide. Ow! Who did that? Is there a secret serial killer in our cuddle party? How could you? Yes, why did you hit me? No, don’t kill him! We need to save our strength. OK, I hear some people being murdered close by, so we should come this way, come on. Let’s go this way, guys come on. Guys this way, come with me! Come, yeah. Stay close. Stay close everybody, come on. We need to still cuddle – Oh gosh there are loads of people up here! Oh my goodness, this is a huge cuddle party! We all lived, thank goodness for that! This was great, good game everybody. Let’s not kill each other now. We came so far. Well that was actually quite a lovely end to a disastrous day so I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if liked the mini-game I’ll leave the server IP in the description so you can go check it out for yourself. If you enjoyed this video don’t for get to leave a like as well and I will see you next time.

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