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D.I.Y. Tic-Tac Box Survival Kit!

D.I.Y. Tic-Tac Box Survival Kit!

Hey Guys! This is a Desktop Inventor! And in
this video I’m gonna show you guys my Tic Tac survival kit! This survival kit
has over ten items inside this thing and it’s really small, portable and
you can carry anywhere So I’ve wrapped these edges with some
electric tape on the outside you can peel this electric tape if you want
to use I’ve made this small flap so you can open it easily whenever possible Okay! So the items inside this are not arranged so I’m to get all the items out
first and then we will actually I’ll actually show you what items this has Okay guys! So all these items
are out Now let’s get keep this thing in the side First we have knives! So I kept two knives inside this survival kit First knife is a cutter blade
with a little bit of tape on its one side and a little bit of electric tape
to give it really nice grip This is really small but really cool-looking
knife I’ve covered its blade with a little bit of tape and the second knife
is I’ll sharpener blade with electric tape on its upper side and its blade
covered with normal tape So we have two knives! Then we have got
matchsticks! I’ve got four matchsticks inside this
packet and a striker pad up here I’ve painted these mastics with normal nail
polish to make them waterproof and then grabed these matchsticks and a striker pad
with foil you could use matchsticks to start fire Then, we have got a rubberband! You can use a rubber band everywhere you’re going to use this rubber
band to make a small weapon to kill a prey and for other such uses in survival situations so you have small rubber band Then we have paper,
pencil and an eraser! So paper can be used to start fire or to write on
something That’s why, you have a pencil! Pencil is can be used to write something
on the paper and it’s shavings can be easily collected and then can be used to
start fire you could collect make me shave is using this blade here it is to
get these shavings then after you write and if you get something wrong you can
use this eraser to clean this thing and make your paper quite clean so we’ve got paper, pencil and eraser! then we have Dental Floss! You can use
dental floss anywhere it’s just like a small rope or paracord but dental floss
are really tough compared to other ropes it did not actually break if you take
them in your hand like this and try to break it will not break dental floss are
really tough you can use them to fish up some fishes if you are near a lake To meet the fishing hook, we have got a
paper clip! This paper clip can be bended into fishing hook and you can use
this thing to fish up some fishes and then eat them! Then we have cotton! Cotton could be used to start fire because cotton is flammable and I have sealed it inside a small straw pocket and cotton could be also used to clean
up the wounds you have got hurt and after cleaning the wounds you could use
a band-aid to paste on it I got two band-aids inside this thing and I folded
them to a smaller size and put it inside it so I have two band-aids for
medical situations then the last item is a toothpick toothpick could be used
anywhere I merely you will use this toothpick to remove the cotton from this
cotton straw pocket you can even use the toothpicks to start fire as it is wood Yep!
Basically yes So there you have it guys! These are all my items inside the
tic-tac survival kit! So we have a pencil, paper, eraser, a band-aid –
2 band-aids, cotton straw pocket a toothpick, a paperclip, a dental floss two knives, some matchsticks and a rubber band! You can even use
the electric tape wrapped around this box! So there you have it guys! Thank you
so much for watching this video! If you like this video, please click the thumbs
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links will be somewhere here! And thank you so much guys for watching this video
I’ll see you next time

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