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Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Survivor (Season 7) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Survivor (Season 7) | Lifetime

100 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Survivor (Season 7) | Lifetime”

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  2. Thats wrong when your nose bleeds NEVER lay down it will make your nose blocked when the blood dries and when your nose bleeds that means rather its too hot or its letting the dirty blood goes out so DONT lay down just bowdown

  3. What I freakin hate the most about ads is when it scrolls you up to the top, changes the size of the video screen, and you have to press an X under the vid & press Skip Ad

  4. I feel like this is the most relatable dance they have ever performed.. Each and every single one of them is a true survivor. They have had terrible and heartbreaking moments. They have shed a million tears, heard a thousand screams, and faced tons of drama and fights. They're strong, they're warriors, they're survivors.

  5. مـــين🥰 يـرحــــب🥰 بـي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايــــك🥰ويـراسـلـنـي خـاص واشـترك بـقـنـاتـــي

  6. I thank god they stopped her nose from bleeding but I bet the kids in abby Lee's dance comany are sad that they have to leave I am too😢

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