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David Spade Helped Bobby Miyamoto Survive a Stroke – Lights Out with David Spade

David Spade Helped Bobby Miyamoto Survive a Stroke – Lights Out with David Spade

Bobby Miyamoto’s here. Uh, you remember Bobby. He just did his stand-up
a couple minutes ago. Uh, so, Bobby, uh, it’s true
you actually had a stroke. You didn’t make that up
to get on TV, right? I wish.
(chuckles) I would’ve done that
a long time ago. I had a inter–
intracranial hemorrhage. -Mm. -I spent the entire
L.A. winter in the hospital. Five days. Yeah. You saw. I– Dave saw. I couldn’t talk
for, like, two weeks. Spade actually called
the ambulance. You know,
“hero” is a strong word. What happened was… Uh, everyone keeps saying it. But, Bobby, uh, we go on the– You know, he opens for me
on the road sometimes. We go on tour. And, uh,
we were in Aspen or something. And we got back,
and I called him the next day to go to a movie–
or a couple days later– and, um, he goes, “Oh, I can’t.
I’ve been barfing all day.” And I thought it was, like,
altitude something, so I didn’t really think
anything of it. I go, “If you need anything,
I’ll bring it over.” I’m like,
“Please don’t need anything.” I don’t want to go
over the hill. It’s, like, 12 minutes. So, uh… But then I checked on him
the next day, and I sort of forgot
he was sick and I go, “Hey, you want to go to dinner?”
And he goes, “Oh, I haven’t stopped
throwing up for two days, and I haven’t had
a glass of water.” And I go, “This is bad.”
So, good guy syndrome– I, uh, call– I go, “I’m
gonna call you an ambulance.” He goes, “No, no, because–
Uh, I’ll go tomorrow. I promise I’ll go to the doctor
in the morning.” But I send one over
and then they freak out, ’cause they go,
“He’s in really bad shape and he won’t get
in the ambulance.” I go, “Tell him he has to.”
They go, “He won’t get in.” “Tell him he has to.”
“He won’t get in.” “Tell him I’ll pay for it.”
He’s in the ambulance. -That’s true.
-(laughter, applause) True story. True story! Uh, and then he go– I go, “Are
you guys at the hospital yet?” They go,
“No, we stopped by Nobu.” He said,
“Is this all on the same card?” But, remember, as thanks, I got both Spade
and his assistant, Heather, $40 gift certificate cards
to Jimmy John’s. -Oh, yeah. That’s right.
-So… -Yeah. It’s free. -You can go
there, like, four times -if you’re smart about it.
-Yeah, you got to be smart. So we’re even, I guess.

21 thoughts on “David Spade Helped Bobby Miyamoto Survive a Stroke – Lights Out with David Spade”

  1. Spade always tells a good story and this one was no exception…. It was cool hearing about their friendship/bromance… Nice to see the human side, and with Bobby's stand-up, we got to know him a little better…

  2. I am genuinely welling up to think that an employer actually cares about someone that works for them. Even my friends wouldn't call a second time if I told them I was sick, they're used to hearing it from me, is probably why I don't have any friends left. I got sick of them.

  3. I take back all that smack I talked about Spade behind his back – well, not all of it… You're a good man, Charlie spade!

  4. He is already thinking about salvaging his body, due to stroke. He is talking through it and such, but in the process of data transferring his memory onto a supercomputer so that will be the rest of his existence. He will become …skynet, but the eco version(almost political)

  5. F. A. S. T.
    F ace drooping
    A rm weakness
    S peech difficulty
    T ime for 911

    also: numbness, confusion, vision problem, trouble walking, severe headache

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