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DAY 1 Part 1 | Mist Survival | S01E01 | Let’s Play Gameplay | Higher Quality with SUBTITLES/CAPTIONS

DAY 1 Part 1 | Mist Survival | S01E01 | Let’s Play Gameplay | Higher Quality with SUBTITLES/CAPTIONS

Yeah we got to walk right down Main Street Bear Central here with nothing but a briefcase. Not liking… Hey Gamers! Gaming After50 here! Started a new game in Mist Survival, if I could talk it would be great. I’m going to show you how I do day one and what my priorities are. Number one is getting a truck. Number two is getting guts on the drying rack. And the third I want to get enough metal in the furnace to make my pickaxe so that on day two I can take it and go mining and get enough iron to make my sledgehammer. Once I get my sledgehammer I’m good to go. So, oh yeah, we’ve spawned in in the perfect spot. Okay, first thing I’m going to do is collect all what it gives me. Get that bag. Some gas in there can’t get that yet but soon. Take all this stuff. Leave that, leave that. Okay we are good. Now we’re going to boogie up here. In this tower is my coveted knife. Once I have a knife… where’s that tower, there it is… once I have a knife I can make spears and once I have spears I can start to kill the infected during a mist. And I can go get my bear. I don’t think I’m going to bother with the deer because sometimes they only give you one gut. There’s my knife. Ooo! Guns aren’t a big priority for me on day one but I’ll take them when I find them. Kind of interesting, it had… that’s great stuff don’t need it, backpack take it, they had shotgun ammo with the pistol Huh! Okay now, I am going to take this if I can get it out of here without launching it way up in the sky, get it stuck in a tree, done that before. Careful.. careful… drop yay I win. Okay now, there’s some scrap around here. You can bash these things for scrap but I’m not going to use that axe on that. Tire, mine. Okay I’m going to take the pistol ammo, I’m going to leave the the sniper rifle ammo for now. Okay, where’d that thing go? Where did I drop that darn thing at? I’ve done this before too. I drop it off at a tower and can’t find the freaking thing. oh come on, oh there it is. Okay this thing, I’m going to take all that stuff, this is going to be my car kit. I should pick up a couple of these sticks and start making my spears pretty much right away here. I’m also going to need branches. Like that. So I can make my drying rack. Feathers. Always pick up feathers except for on day one. Feathers are for hunting arrows, those come later. Driveable car, there’s never anything in these ones. Don’t need components, not today anyway. Sparky take him. This is the safest sparkplug to get. There is one by the gas station but you got to negotiate with the bear for that one. So I like to take this one. Another tire. Ooo, nothing. Okay, so I got two tires and a sparky. Off to three tires and a gas can up ahead here. Also, there is a little cabin and what I’m going to do is I’m going to set that little cabin to my base. Once it’s set to my base I can go back and bash that shelter. These shelters, when you bash them, they will give you lashings. Like this. They give you four of them, which is great. Five whacks and there you go. And there’s sticks too. And leaves. But I’m going to leave the leaves, I don’t need them quite yet. Okay All right onwards and upwards. Get over here. Okay there’s going to be a gas can and another tire over here. And another bag. I’m going to scoop all that stuff. And there’s two of these cars you can get gas from too. There’s the gas can. A-ha! Okay. Beautiful. I could have sworn there was a tire in here. Maybe I’m hallucinating I don’t know. Okay let’s see what’s in here. This is a good little place to set up early it’s got some storage. Bandages I’ll take, painkillers I’ll take because it’s pretty easy to start spraining ankles. Okay I’m going to put some of this stuff in here. That and those. There. Okay I want to be in this area when the mist comes I don’t know if we will be but I hope I hope we are. Hmm. All right. Next we’re going to go over here. We can go up that tower, there’s a bag, another bag, and a locker but down here is also another bag. And a bottle of booze which I’m gonna leave right there. Okay, do I need to go there? I really don’t. Let’s go to the… go to the tower. There’s another axe over at that campsite but I have an axe. I don’t want to be carrying two of them around if I don’t have to. How are we doing for time? 9:30 not bad. Scrap. Mine. Huh! Really! Looks like a sparse loot run. Yay. Bag. Nothing in it, okay. That’s interesting. Let’s reload that pistol, there, nice. Put the knife in our hand. Okay, anything else I want to… yeah the shotgun ammo can go there. Okay, see if I can get this down without launching it into the trees. No promises. There. Come back for that locker after I get the truck. Take my car kit there’s car parts. This car down here in my playthroughs, not this one, sparky we’ll leave it, man there’s nothing, always has had an engine in it it’s always had a tire parked beside it too. So now we got three tires, a sparky, and an engine. I hope the mist doesn’t come. Okay. And gas. Okay. So… we need a battery, we got to go to the gas station for that. I’ve got two stacks and then some of scrap. Chickens. Chickens, chickens, chickens. Chickens are pretty safe today I don’t bother with them on day one. The hood not the door. Thank you. Okay let’s go see the bear. Hopefully the bear will cooperate and by that I mean hopefully it’ll… hopefully it will die in a nice convenient spot. Okay not only there’s there another axe here there is also some more scrap, components I don’t need yet. What are you stuck on? There’s the axe not going to… not going to take that and… oh! 49%, maybe I will. Yep come back for that later. Don’t need rags yet very useful but not today. You know… what are they hiding in these… Oh a machete. Don’t need it. Come back for that later. Okay. Now… I wonder if I should go, no. We got to be careful and not run out of stamina. We are in bear territory! Wish I knew where the damn thing was. I really wish I knew where the damn thing was. Well, let’s go find out. Careful… Yeah we got to walk right down Main Street Bear Central here with nothing but a briefcase Not liking… Not liking one bit. Mind you, there’s lots of good stuff to jump up on, which helps… hmm Yeah, no, I’m not going to bother with that gas, not in Downtown Bear Alley I’m not liking this because a more pla… the more places he isn’t and the further I get to where I want to be the higher the chance that he’ll be right there. Oh, I don’t like this. Oh! There he is! Okay, not the best spot for him. How am I going to do this? Hmm… Suggestions? I’m open to suggestions. ohhhh shit… okay Well, now he’s on the move. Let’s make a… let’s make a spear or two, shall we? I find if I actually hold the knife in my hand while I make spears the knife doesn’t take damage. See? Still at a hundred percent. And I’m going to keep it that way. Okay, we could have a mist any time here too. Okay, well, that will work too. Okay, now where did the little bugger go? Hmmm! That’s exactly where I want to be! Exactly where I want to go! Okay, Plan B. Plan B is where I use myself for bait. Don’t lose sight of him… wonder if I could get over there… maybe… maybe… Nope All right, here we go. Oh shhhhh… we’re safe up here. The key is to get here before he hits you though. Just keep poking him, poking him, poking him. Oh shut-up. Thank you. There’s another tire. Going to come back and get those guts after I get my battery. There it is and another tire. I’m going to leave that tire I just don’t have room for it. Okay battery. Battery, sparky, engine, four tires, sticks, and lashings and 12:05. Okay, don’t let me forget I’m putting my car kit there, hey? Keep an eye on the mist. I need guts. I need two of them this guy’s got four of them. Come back for the other ones tomorrow maybe. 12:30. You know what? It’s pretty misty. Okay, we are misting. Come on. One of my favorite hidey holes when it’s misting is over here. We’re not in the best.. I’m not in the spot I wanted to be. Wonder if I have time to get there? Probably. Let’s give it a shot, shall we? It’s not too far. I’m aiming for one of them towers. I’ll show you how you can kill infected on day one, in the mist, This one will do. Oh shit, come on… Okay, now what you want to do is you want to duck down, go in here. Stay towards the middle they can’t get you you can get them. We’ve got spears in one and four I am set. All right, birds are still singing they are not spawning yet but they will shortly. And it is 12:58 one o’clock. I hope it’s a short mist. You know, just enough for illustrative purposes because we still got to go and install everything in that truck down by the forge. I’ve got my guts, two guts, yeah. And in that car kit I’ve got my sticks for the drying rack. If I get some salt I’ll stop and take some meat off that bear too. Okay well what you do is seven right in the middle one-hour click it. All right, “heard something”, that means they’re spawning. There’s one there. Well this could be a little boring so we’re going to go seven again, one hour. There we go, now we have a candidate. Hit him low, six times in the legs and he’ll collapse. If you hit him up high he’s going to go flying backwards he’s gonna be harder to loot. Salt! Sugar useful, don’t need it today. I’m going to leave it on the ground. It’ll stay there till I come get it. Seven, one hour, and here we go again. Pokey-pokey low six times and there he goes. (bugger) Gun powder! What I’m going to do with that gun powder is I’m going to keep it upstairs and come back for it when I’m ready for it. Okay one hour.. and we got, ooo! two of them! Ooo! three of them…. One. Careful you don’t hit the guy that’s already down there that don’t do you no good. Got him… Oh shut up, tired of your racket. A potato and some sugar. Sugar is useful, not today. More gun powder, more salt, food. Okay which one of you guys haven’t I looted yet? All right, well, to encourage them to go to a different side of the tower, let’s just go over here a bit do the seven thing. There we go, and down you go. That’s useful for upgrading the workbench that’s good for repairs I don’t need either one of them today. Seven, and down you go. Bottle useful not today though. Seven, no that’s the end of them. All right, they are done, oops, let’s go up here and offload this gun powder. It’ll stay there till I come get it, no one else will be after it. I’ve got five salt. Let’s take four of them get two pieces of meat on that drying rack also. Alright, let’s go back to that garage, pick up our car kit and go get a truck… hello what’s in there? I don’t have a shotgun yet maybe I’ll scoop that shotgun on the way by. You know I’d really don’t need it let’s just not do that. Put that back in there all right END OF PART 1

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