Days Gone – World Video Series: Fighting To Survive | PS4

They call those transformed
by the virus Freakers. Jesus. What’s wrong? Freakers. They hibernate… …they drink… …they have migration
patterns and they eat. Mostly, what they
want to eat, that’s you. Swarmers are the most common. Their name comes
from their behavior. They travel in
groups of two or three, rarely alone, and
sometimes in hordes which seem to move and
respond as of a single organism. Newts are opportunists and only attack if
you’re low on health or if you invade their space. Screamers you want
to watch out for because they can bring
swarms down on you. Run into a Breaker,
you’re in trouble. Key to survival are
your weapons and skills. Need to burn out a Freaker
nest but you’re out Molotovs? That’s no problem. Your crossbow can use bolts
that you craft in the field. Guns dropped by
enemies, they’re not great, but survivor camps will
sell you better hardware. In a gunfight, Combat Focus can be the edge
that you need to survive allowing you to really focus in
on a target and take the shot. Or use stealth to
take ’em down quietly. Since ammo is scarce, you got
to be up on your melee skills. Crafting and repairing
weapons is essential. In fighting one
or two guys, sure, yeah, take em on. More than that, you
have to be careful. Run away, live to
fight another day. In Days Gone you have to take on
everything from snipers trying to pick you off from trees to
wolves looking for an easy meal. Are you ready to fight?

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