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DayZ Livonia Release Trailer

DayZ Livonia Release Trailer

[MUSIC] It’s time for players to once again get
lost in the post-apocalyptic world of DayZ Welcome to a country reclaimed by nature.
Welcome to Livonia. This landlocked state – or, more precisely,
the southern rural Topolin-Nadbor region comprises lush green landscapes,
dense forests, overgrown fields, winding rivers, serene lakes, dilapidated structures,
and various remnants of an abandoned society. And at 163 square kilometres players should stumble upon each other
more frequently than in the past. But this new topography won’t be
the only changeof pace for players. The temperate late-summer
climate of Livonia brings frequent rainfall
and severe thunderstorms. Keep a lookout for protective gear and shelter
to shield you from this relentless weather. Although idyllic,
Livonia’s terrain is scarce and convenient sources of
food are hard to come by. Survivors will have to learn to
forage, hunt, and fish in this desolate Baltic wilderness
to keep their hunger at bay. Of course, with this new
wilderness comes new wildlife, and you won’t be the only threat
stalking this perfect hunting ground. Meet the EurasianBrown Bear. This formidable foe can seriously
injure and kill with ease. Watch out! We welcome you to try your hand at survival
in this new post-apocalyptic terrain. So stop by, take in the views,
find your bearings, live off the land, and try your best not to die. See you in Livonia, Survivor. [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. "but this new topography wont be the only change of pace for players." Actual zombie threat? " the temperate late-summer climate of Livonia brings frequent rainfall and severe thunderstorms" sigh

  2. In all honesty, I would be way more into this game if there was an easier way to play with friends and meet up with them/stick together. I've spent HOURS just trying to figure out where both of us are on the map, and sometimes we end up on opposite parts of the map.

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