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Dayz xbox – Dayz Xbox Game Preview – Xbox Survival Game

Dayz xbox – Dayz Xbox Game Preview – Xbox Survival Game

hi guys and welcome to Dayz on Xbox no no
your life it’s been painful actually getting on this the servers have been
down for quite a while and they’ve had some issues but no appears that it’s
working and the controls are a bit strange I’m used to PC version so
controller is about alien to me for the snow one thing shows about I have played
about 15 minutes us prior and reloading a weapon is not easy no Ally it’s quite
difficult so there’s someone else on a server of heaven fire already know if
you know dzs and then you to an xbox basically it’s a survival game where you
saw we just have to survive though there’s other players and there are
zombies as well no if you die you lose everything
this isn’t like backup where you can just go back to your base and you’ll in
the map for like 10 minutes this is a very much a grained survival game know
there’s people in PC who are honest so the communities are die hard for Less
the maps are on the same you can work your way into the maps to military towns
etc get more height you look but it comes at cost because other players are
also gone full outlook so you can lose everything in this bit of a second and
people well camp areas as well I mean this is actually been looted so I’m not
going to boil get all the way up there now for DZ or next sorry PC I have been
extremely critical in the past because it wasn’t the finished article was in
early access for 5 or 6 years and from EPS there just doesn’t feel like give
was supposed to know for Xbox I would see essentially runs quite smooth I’m
immediately impressed with how it looks no people were clear on potato PCs this
is probably better than the graphic they have their aiming and shooting on
it as a bit sketchy so far and the UI is a bit difficult to get used to now
that’s the harvest Feynman porting a PC game over to console because you can do
so much with the keyboard mouse trying to condenser all onto a console as
extremely difficult but that’s what the game preview as far as to see really can
improve and make easier no I use the Xbox or the controller so quick paddles
in the back so I can quickly access different buttons whereas if you use a
novel one you can’t so it’s a bit easier for me to put additional four buttons
and the stage of the paddles no eggs using a keyboard mouse this game as a
hell of a lot easier I’m not gonna lie it’s easier to get
your entry and perfect together now for them to remedy tray you can see a clunky
and how to do stuff yourself your hands and reloads and me personally it needs
to be changed I don’t think it’s gonna walk the way it’s doing it just no no
you know to relaunch no you have two words on the mark up is where I’m
putting my hands and individually all the makeup no for course oh that’s too
much it needs to be a simple fight and console players aren’t strictly used to
that I’m sitting at because I was a console here for years before I played X
but before I played PC so I’m in that ball off it needs to be simple because
you’re using a controller you’ve only got a small amount of buttons to use
whereas you can map the keys and keyboard so you can keep buying things
and just quickly do it unless you can’t so the peg great for me so far is just
the UI and how it’s done for you but nowadays the preview is there to try and
learn this and see what you can change and I think that’s probably the biggest
failure to look at visually actually looks okay I’m being
honest that runs smooth for me smooth alert dad’s on PC I always
trouble with DZ for some reason you know my specs are quite high on a PC I just
never really perform very well but some people that have Patil servers that they
run themselves potentially that was one of the issues that I was having so I
can’t really knock the game Philly to see if it’s performance based on that
let’s end no you’ll find faithless waterholes where you can actually drink
because in this scheme you have to manage your hunger and your fast and
injuries a lot now if you’re doing you will find yourself in a sticky situation
very quickly you need to be about in mind so if you’re new to DC and what it
says do not venture into the middle of the map until you have got decent
resources no this is a very unforgiving game especially on PC you have a lot of
people who will just basically patrol the shoreline just killing people
because they enjoy no you just want to get the basic stuff and just head and to
the map that’s personally what I normally do you can on gun Google and
find textures of the map what I normally do is step to train lines and you run
train lines and just off the Droid what people do the same thing that I know
personally other people all have different ways of doing it a set of
train lines and use the landmarks as points of interest you know just these
triangles that’s garish just what sure because it’s very good intensified now
you can see you can actually switch as well when you’re aiming and I don’t know
I couldn’t use the left hand side let’s find out awkward it’s not fuss person or
an Xbox yet I don’t believe I don’t think it will be either I think it’ll be
fun person I would like it first person I think it’s easier to control they let
me go here was take Rose Jesus now the biggest problem I used to have with DZ
on PC was I would find a gun and never find their own swara or fame
if any gun fall out so I’m hoping it’s not gonna be the same an Xbox because
for me it just got very boring grain D I’m gonna actually go anything I used to
kill with as soon as I got a decent stuff because everyone was in the same
boat and it just become you could kill her fast to look fast that’s for me just
got back Borden there wasn’t enough stuff at the
beginning of the spawn point to actually get anything personally and she’s pretty
sure people will argue that fact but the casual player it was just about Oran and
DZ was the first game that I ever played in PC I was abused by board PC no just
put off for that use the names of tones to what we’re in the map as you want
Google when you download the map that’s the easiest way to basically gave me his
cellphone that’s map I think even the hardcore
players will tell you the same use points of interest and I’m sure street
signs and tell names and stuff for the Sainz to walk you around now if you’re
in a group people you’ll hear calling out terms that their own just walk your
way towards you quickly pack it up anyway after a lot whale because there’s
not exactly mass amount of turns and there’s a lot of space in between those
towns and just beware of people who managed to get sites and their guns and
they’ve went to police stations and such and have high powered whoa they move
much quicker and next box holy shet Jesus Timnath well cracker did not
remember I’m moving that faster on the PC Jesus Christ
so that’s a zombie gesture what about Lucy I can’t light up magazine that’s
our bag that’s something you won’t get it won’t let me pack it up why would I let pac-man why won’t let it
pick up right there used to be a little thing you could do
yes and the idiots or Phi in the facility they all hung over for that
right take that and keep that right this is what I mean it’s just a little
long-winded so we go wipe in that inventory hmm it’s not gonna limit ray
see this is to bet that mean that that is pretty long Wendy – I should just let
me use the bag there’s no if I go back to this for console it needs to be super
fluid try this instead put into here put into there nope I’ve got no idea I’m
supposed to take that yesterday alone my hand had one never
mind so I’m gonna suck even taking the bag okay right so you can see that’s the
main failure meaningfully and it gimmicked easy you can’t stand the boat
too long because you won’t get killed so pick up materials you can break
materials down as well I’m it bandages etc but the main thing for dizzy offers
to give any sort of advice as if you’re gonna plead easy you have to sit aside a
good few of us actually play it because it takes a lot of time to actually go
out and do stuff no it’s not I miss pack stuff up that
should just be a pack up and it’s not right
I know they’ve put a lot of belt so for the save us so maybe Spanish sure they
may be walking on already but that should let you pick up stray away
because if you spend too much time trait pick something up get into different
menus what’s gonna happen as someone’s gonna come behind you and kill you as
simple as ours let’s – is about it and you’ll just get pissed off and leaves
again so I said that says game previews for the wall be blogs think it packed up
no and I said I think ash that looks quite good
I’ve something that looks nicer than the PC for being honest and this is a part
of the belt that’s gonna be the your PC staging for some reason I can’t actually
get or not I don’t know why they just won’t let me do it but it does seem okay
it was a paper upright it’s flat it pipe I’ve got a melee weapon though no my
hunger is lowering and so is my hydration so I need to train playing
something I think I spend too long unless cuz that’s just immoral just to
show you what it’s about and me start a lot all series unless I’m not sure I
have got a lot of games that I’m working on at the minute
so I don’t know if I can put the time in to actually do that five or six episodes
I may just do one or two like occasions and have it too but I thought nah I
don’t think I can spend a lot of time on it
no it was sussing here it’s just you should only pick things up hmm it’s a
little annoying so as I said before there’s military bases and police
stations no I used to always go to them because you get body armor and you get
better height your guns and ammunition so if you do player try and head towards
hero in the community forums as well but don’t be scared into PC forums about the
maps because it’s gonna be the same map most likely and I will tell you the best
places to go now if you want an Xbox for them unless someone who as heavily
involved in Xbox and been testing it already they will probably wouldn’t know
the best places to go whereas the guys who played PC they will definitely know
now there’s military bases in the middle of nowhere
I used to head towards them towards the west so personally I would advise maybe
head in the area when I get the high to look quite quick by again make sure you
have enough food and water before you go there up with toys you will make it
otherwise you’ll just you just die and they’ll become very annoying for you
just take it’s much she come with you I’ll just head up there yeah for me it
does actually run quite smooth and I’m not gonna lie and I’ve I’ve been quite
vocal about the PC version and as you said it’s hard but so far this hasn’t
actually that bad so guys let me know what you think if you do want to see
some sort of series on it let me know and I will consider but a warm BIOS
really and pod where the back in the next week if I do or I made you stream
it so guys in game preview from the 24 voice the belief so check it out
download up if you’re on xbox howl go on up and
there’s a lot of people will train for the ordinance or service do get quite
busy should be like mains it’s probably better on Delhi more than a few UT time
so they’re about quiet then the guys first stopping by and I’ll see you in
the next one

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  1. So they've fucked off the game they never finished to make a game for xbox that will never be finished fucking great game developers

  2. This game was the reason I got into pc gaming 4 yrs ago , haven’t played in almost a year , I must say I’m happy for gamers it’s finally come to console but sadly I couldn’t go back to using a controller plus iv been spoiled with ultra graphics and high frame rates… that said looks like it’s running great compared to the old dayz 👌

  3. Was looking forward to watching this but I can't get through it because of the loud breathing and trying to listen to you. Sorry!

  4. I thought you could play with keyboard and mouse on xbox/PS4… You should try it and see if it works and is better.

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