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Dead Center – Level 3 Mall, and Level 4 Atrium | Left 4 Dead 2

Dead Center – Level 3 Mall, and Level 4 Atrium | Left 4 Dead 2

Welcome to mikegolden Games and welcome
back to the next episode of left 4 dead 2
this is picking up right where we left off in the first one I hope you guys did
enjoy that if you haven’t checked it out maybe go check that out before you
continue with this video and maybe kids just subscribe me if they haven’t
already ah boys you ready to continue this oh
yeah man let’s do it I’m gonna do her up really quick you wouldn’t mind spending
the whole episode in this safe house if I’m being honest shooting them through the crack there they’re like oh that’s words that
mannequin like yeah up these days my booze
guys there’s art on over here let’s move up all right guys read on
over elos to be honest she did she did I got it reload
adrenalin if you need it I’m good oh it’s coming oh thank you last 12
anybody wants what spas-12 I’ll sit with the 18 all right this way he on you too
zombies are fighting each other yeah actually my thought about slightly
easier yeah and try to watch out the front loading
sometimes can’t help it Rochelle come on keep moving
careful be careful I heard a sixth-century about the jockey I’m gonna TiVo
a certain the dominant got a pipe bomb in here I can grab alright so the door
doesn’t work being over here this is a Pokemon Pokemon vending machine I’m ice
cream guys everybody grab a weapon that’s probably one thing that I should it’s very very fun woody Thank You
Katherine Reed outing no guns here I’m 16 I’ll stick with the ache I’m running
low on ammo yeah I get the m16 it’s alright I just saw a hundred frou-frou
theater you banging back where’s that of 1600 here we go weapons over here got
the m16 nicely done I’m gonna take another wing some cards here we go are
we kill nice kill Jesus hey there’s so many more normal mode for
whatever reason yeah let’s grenade launcher dudes did that was fun right
there I don’t know because there was nothing there when I shot the woman
don’t think that our comfort she killed it looks like our six is clear oh you did really let me take one I got
the grenade launcher Oh careful let the pop-out get its work here we go Oh sugar oh it’s coming it’s coming oh geez follow me taco knows where he’s
going alright move it Oh movie careful spreader you kind of cut
off right now careful I don’t heal you I’ll kill you
let me hear you don’t waste this but or something no crowd they’re trying to
break through this door here yeah I wanna go this way reloading that door is
completely blown up sound here yes okay alright let’s keep on moving I hear a hunger I hear a bunch of them
sorry taco you shot me thank you charger we’ve been run too far right reloading
we have a witch out there where’s the widget no clue probably
upstairs so grab my back stations of an oasis
bomb oh we’re all don’t know who using my skin yikes okay all right I’m up
oh shoot you dead reloading take that with you don’t do that there we go which
shoe take it out no come on come on keep moving Rochelle you can get in get in
get inside I’ll close the door Rochelle Rochelle please come on
Rochelle closing the doors that bitch is dead
here we go we did it boys okay yeah cuz we’re at the last part
okay all right it looks like we’re good there grab some ammo gotta make it
should I heal up now run as well I’m gonna take that home
let’s get it you feel good got your wheeled pistols
it’s always good come on people let’s get with it find anything nope keep moving up what do y’all make of this we’re pretty
screwed oh that’s a nice car down there yeah you want me to shoot it no no well
too bad cause we have to actually defend that car no I know
looks like we’re gonna have to save ourselves anybody or the car gasps you
have to find the gas tank see those white is to stay up in the top load and
just throw down all of the air the gasoline French Larry fans right near
over there far up here how do we throw things again on PC meters left quick right on me think we need to go I’ll tell you Luke does not sound good
here make them beg for it copy we’re gonna make a break for the
other two let’s see I got two over here oh shoot get back bitch back here’s
another one there’s some of theirs you were coming after me where is oh wow bitch throw the pipe out all that boomer okay
he’s down you guys good all right so we need to
get just don’t wait can’t go that way you saw me there’s not gonna be anybody
here up above me we need another smile smoker I’m loading loading reload promoted yeah Oh Rochelle just attack where is she
that’s not good I’ve just slipped I slipped
that’s not you taco jump down I can’t save Rochelle she’s better than
everybody hey over here where are they somebody want to let me a
hand here fine Oh what is spitting Andy a sec Oh this kids is not how to play up to the roid focus on our first kill that doesn’t
oh shoot this guy’s neck broken that’s yourself up waiver shells down I
didn’t even notice that well let’s give it another go boys
yeah all right let’s get this kin in this car come on come on come on here we
go here we go how do I get it here we go reloading reloading good kill good kill
God got you talk the world I got some recover me I’m trying brother thank you
thank you here we go he’s up he’s got one here wait where do you want the
Python come out by the car it’s down it’s down all right I’m gonna
move upstairs move upstairs um wait one second one second one second all right
we’re good we’re good let’s go let’s go let’s see we got these two over here
let’s go let’s go let’s go about 50 plus 96 rooms in my ear Oh God
taka back up back up back up yep where we going another guest came by
me moving to gravity all right there on the gas came down thank you oh shoot hey all right good night are we
gonna keep moving we got two more hold up
we got one more we got one more up there let’s go come back together guys dude
you’re gonna regroup yeah get over here I’m down on ammo we got 31 shots left
good kill where’s the tape oh I see mouthing my pistols cock go back now
open up we need to move up you got here yourself
up bro how are they
the killer move upstairs now I only got my pistols
I got dual pistols taco just heal yourself up heal yourself well we cover
you taco you got to heal yourself on me okay I’ll be in this I’ll cover our six I’ll cover our
setting we’re good moving how do we get to those two guests down you need to go
to the other side or okay we can get to sweet Oh got two gas kids above us Oh take on sergeant’s fire I’m stuck I’m stuck
oh damn it I’m dead daddy’s daddy whoa oh shoot take
mouthing mouthing him up where’s the car throwing the gas came down moving we’re not doing too good right now I’m
not feeling together kill me get one of the gas cans this one three more Oh ammo they’re all that thank you we got two more where are they oh I’m in
54 health are you losing health level yeah down to
53 this is not good this is dead fuck it I’ll kick that bones over that
far come on no Jack gummy you’re hotter
winter so jump down here jump down here okay coming right yeah damn I need to go
upstairs though so you gotta jump around oh I think I know what happened this is
not gonna help us we need to jump me there’s another day right now oh shoot and stuck I’m stuck all of them oh my god I found going out trying to find my way
to you guys I can’t see right now I don’t I get down talk microphones coming
for you I jump down I jump down Oh boomer guards a charger got me believe me ladies thank you thank you company while I
trying to kill myself okay I gotta get a gas can all right number got a Boomer he’s down awesome this got me thinking what are
you guys here okay taking show let’s go let’s go let’s
get in the car baby yeah beautiful Price Chopper achievement
unlocked how about to the survivors have escaped dead center
alright guys so that was the first campaign for left 4 dead 2 dead center I
hope you guys enjoyed it this is what 2nd or 3rd episode I really hope you
guys enjoyed it let me know in the comments below maybe kids are
subscribing if you haven’t already and be sure you hit that little bell icon on
the channel that way still fine when the videos to go up alright guys take it

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