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Deadlock Origins – Jesse’s DEADLOCK Survival Guide | Overwatch Comic Dub

Deadlock Origins – Jesse’s DEADLOCK Survival Guide | Overwatch Comic Dub

100 thoughts on “Deadlock Origins – Jesse’s DEADLOCK Survival Guide | Overwatch Comic Dub”

  1. So we’re just gonna ignore that Jesse was perfectly fine with getting married on the spot as long as it was winter wonderland and Clint Eastwood themed

  2. 10 years later
    Ashe: well well well,isn't it TRAITOR McCree
    McCree: welp…i know you want revenge
    Ashe:well pepare ya'self, this gonna be rough

    You know what i mean guys

  3. Mccree: i hate school

    Ashe: I hate school too

    Mccree: i like tatoos

    Ashe: i like tatoos too

    Mccree: my family sucked

    Ashe: my family sucks too


    Ashe: HELL YEAH DUDE!!

  4. I just realized that with McCree's blackwatch skin he has the tattoo in the same area Ashe has hers! So (and this is just my theory) maybe they did have a small thing together.

  5. Ashe: "Baab! Search for cool tattoo ideas on Pinterest."
    Bob walks away
    Ashe: "Baab!"
    Bob's gone
    Ashe: "Search for cool tattoo ideas!"
    still gone

    Ashe: "BAAAAAAB!"

  6. much much later
    Gabe: SUB DEADLOCK, WHO IS READY TO BE DEAD, and uhh, LOCKED UP!!!! except for you grabs McCree and slaps on hello I am blackwatch agent card

  7. You ever notice that Jesse and Ash are the only cowboy outlaw types in the setting?
    Do you think they were big fans of westerns, and because of that they became these weird outlaws that speak in funky accents and are weird as well in Overwatch's future world?

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