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Deep Sea Survival Horror Game! – Narcosis (Playstation 4) [First Impressions]

Deep Sea Survival Horror Game! – Narcosis (Playstation 4) [First Impressions]

Holy moly, what what is that? I’m sure if I’m moving in the right direction, man Oh, this one is fucking you this one is freaking huge What’s up, everybody I’m Cronocyde and welcome to my first impressions video of narcosis for the PlayStation 4 So I got a free key from the developers of this game. I was super excited when I got the email So this game came out in? 2017 for Steam and Xbox one I got pretty good reviews, but it didn’t get the exposure that the developers wanted out of this game It seems like an hour game with a survival elements. So I’m super excited about this. So without further ado my friends Let’s do this. Osia. Nova was once-in-a-lifetime They’re breaking new ground making something meaningful mining methane hydrate frozen beneath the seabed There’s alternatives but none so plentiful. It’s clean and safe. I Couldn’t say no But someone had to draw the short straw The graphics are beautiful man Ok since while we are in the pool, maybe it’s like training or something like that instead oxygen This is pretty good I’m thinking like I said in the intro got pretty good reviews. I just didn’t get the exposure that It deserves I think on Steam pretty good reviews on even a Metacritic pretty good reviews You know the drill you’re stressed panicking breathing hard Elevated instinct o2 intake centers trip As you know your o2 burns down a lot faster under stress, yeah, I know that There’s a lot of physics from something like that, but come on science, right? Okay, so I’m stressed right now my stress I’m not stressed Okay, this is dog right now Okay, freaky stuff my friends freaky stuff Varta see right now and the oxygen dropped to 78 which is concerning right now All right So not racist this is the turn but The comings like that like walking simulator I like if I watch and things like that, I hate to turn because there’s so much more Than walking in those types of games all about the environment and the story and stuff like that but I think this is the type of game that You just walk and experience the order and the survival aspect of the game So far I’m quite impressed to be quite honest quite impressed about the graphics eyes Looking good. It’s looking good, and it’s interesting. It’s different, you know All right And they referred themselves as Walking to if I remember correctly from brisket I don’t I’m not sure what it means It means that I think that the glider is been really slow like if you’re inside it, too That makes sense Okay, well what is that It’s really great right now, we’ve raised – I need to get posted one more time Also, sukkah simulations pretty cool. It’s pretty cool all r2 and r2 minus 10 Okay Again, use like a jetpack – it was roster her like we call it Okay target practice, all right. Yeah reporter, all right Are two to try I’ve done injury I’ve done more difficult stuff than that max flares l want to launch Okay, oh yeah the our King I like that just like an uncharted Okay, it’s working pretty good All right, I’m nailing this man I’m freakin nailing this oh, this one’s Titleist Okay coaster check Address, I’m address when I got the freaky the free code por favor. I was I was excited what we can I was excited because Things like that. Usually I don’t get freaky for those types of game I was excited man It’s different it’s different Dreamy idec right now because in reality, I think we are in the blue but They’re trying to trick me. No rapid descent detected Yeah 6160 oxgen alright, not sure where we are right now to the jigglin seems weird to me It’s moving really slow right now – really slow so I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure about that When you move our characters slow like this it means to be interesting, you know, otherwise just frustrating Okay 5002 remain With rare move. All right Country okay. So this is how we treat the oxygen the Evo – Okay, so let’s get let’s keep a lookout for those little Tomorrow is all wrapped up It’s interesting my friends I like it so far Not sure. What is the story exactly to? Okay, I can I’m nothing 10:02, February 2nd 50 miles from the epicenter but an eight on the Richter scale makes that kind of distance irrelevant Warning elevated who can make what The shockwaves hit six minutes later striking the south face of the hab first and hardest 27 minutes in with that kind of concussive force even the sealed modules were compromised After that came the ocean. Okay, so we’re like 1033 only safe havens in a sub or one of the suits Okay, so this is the end of the Intro I would say only safe haven. All right So we are deep in the ocean my friends deep in the ocean Okay. Okay. I know I have Like that, this is no big deal I cannot do that man. I’m stuck here forever do someone help me do Can I cut that that’s not distract that is not the Strad What is the strength right Just just stock forever we are making progress I think Your superstardom Holy moly, what what is that? Okay, where was the dude man Suction We are listening or something like that when there’s low oxygen the ocean Especially at that type of distance. It’s The people are estimating something like that not sure what that means 16 percent We are in the troubles my friend deep in the ocean no oxygen left, there’s something there I do Do it you can do it Preach yeah. Yeah. I know that. I know that 9 We’re so – MS Dhoni – what seven? Okay, max that was a huge tank actually I’m quite happy about that quite happy about all right Let’s follow the path too far from the main path, I think that’s a huge mistake right now Okay, so let’s drive right as a big fish right there This one is huge I think this baby Faster with the trustor it’s taken, you know, Oh No Something flashing there, I made a difficult estate I think yeah terrible mistake Okay morning inhibited motive why because scare, baby Maybe not check already earth trust or training one of the first things you learn Okay, but the second they fail you fall back on what you know best Surviving for me. It’s the list this time itself Keep breathing find others The country was arguing kinda weird like this one Josie controlling the character itself and is controlling like The team the character is in I don’t want to call that This is why I am always like super real placed Weirdly placed But okay I got it I got this It is a bit of strata move always move with you like faster That’s useful, yeah, no don’t use it You use it just for fun, you know, the graphics are kinda beautiful too in the intro Okay That’s huge spiders though In the ocean Not sure about that man spiders are kinda scary not gonna die And they are all over the place do Moving in the right direction man Oh, this one is fucking you this one is freaking huge where’s the beep Right there get rekt song get right My only at that and to anything like that Dude it why Oh just like that To back and we are out of here my friends. Okay. So we I I think we can I attack Kenneth and tagged us to be spider But in the little kids during the loading stream, they’re telling me that I can use my knife on him that’s That’s weird, man Okay, so what’s the strap Where am I supposed to go? This is really dark That it started back, I think it’s a path Oh Progress safe. Alright step by step is that it the beginning of the other section another chapter I’m not sure yet Right, yeah Right there those flares I need stares alive names. What is that? And I have a lot of issues Me Alright go to to the floor 100% probably exactly and About that let’s go All right, so I like the game so far I think it’s Really? Light on story wise I think it should really slow too Which might be the point of the game, but I think it’s really really slow, right? And the controls are kinda weird, too No, no, I use my processor man I have right now is that I Don’t I’m going man. I don’t see anything and the issue I’m I just realized I came with the controls. I cannot look down. I Just cannot look down. I can only look to the left Right and up. I think this is the issue right now. This is unconventional Those types of games make sense in the context Let’s draw a flare Just to know exactly where we are This is an end, no, there’s no end to that pit man Okay, so this is not the time this is not the path will be cool to to know exactly where to go to Also the path is right there. All right, I’m just I think I’m just being bad right now It’s not really difficult. It’s just Missing a little bit indication to be quite honest But it’s not too bad all right when it’s all barely hung on so many levels It’s got to be managed You can’t shake the pressure Just make your peace with it Don’t let it make the wheel Little bit of story right there We have no choice right now left or right we’ll take that take the last part Know that forming section That’s a big rock Kind of helped us right now to Okay Okay We are on the path. We are on the path and It seems like any other paths It’s really dark – you That’s how long is this game I cannot believe it’s really long those types of game usually are pretty short I’m not sure. Where’s the L R element to you in it so far. It’s nothing like an hour game Okay, let’s take a walk there All right, but it’s gonna be what its gonna be now I don’t like it, man. Okay, everything is falling apart I’m inside it Why not it works, you know Let’s wait for the trusters Okay, still alive I can believe it man The controls are really clunky too. I just cannot get used to it man It is just the port the PlayStation version Because I believe with a mouse and a keyboard it would have been easier. That’s for sure I just played the PC version man What is that you all right Max Blair needs there Okay, what is that you There’s protocol for everything Has to be right second guessing puts your lives at risk It’s best to stick to procedure step by step So with an all-hands call you head straight for compass one can reach surface from cones But it comes Just go forward just go forward that’s not thinking about this Oh, there’s something there our Flair that is a flare Retreat Oh – and I – database of needle review file you that is safe. All right So there’s a dead person there Got that okay No, no, no you wanna flare if I can send you a flare not sure Knife right there. There you go. You want to fight I can fight Just go just go JJ It’s not our game Strictly in the terms of borrower. It’s more like a stressful game. You know, I think it’s more I know if I that makes sense, but it’s more stressful than scary, you know, but We are seen making progress my friends, what is that since I can come pass one? Open the door All right Just like that We are inside the campus We’ve been playing for 40 minutes now That you’re out. I’ll be editing this one It’s a team committed. That’s a stroller seems intact because there’s a solid night Well, maybe it’s okay But we’ll end the gameplay really soon not I’m just I just want to see what’s yank that door access denied there’s nothing I don’t mad and Over right? Yeah Materials right you put the freaking doorman believe, you know what to expect Once I got inside where it’s familiar and you should feel safe. Okay, so that’s more interesting these First few steps weren’t easy That’s more interesting that’s for sure So we are inside a submarine or something like that and we’ll be exploring this. I’m not sure Where this is going exactly but we’ll end the gameplay right there my friends. All right So this is it for my first impressions video of narcosis for the PlayStation 4. I hope you enjoyed it So I’m not really sure where the game is going at the end of the video at the end of the gameplay It was a little bit more interesting We were inside a submarine or something like that So maybe exploring that will be more interesting but the controls are kind of clunky and the gameplay is really really slow So I’m not sure about this one to be quite honest with you guys But I like that it’s different and they’re trying something new with the other elements and stuff like that I really dig this as always don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel to see more first impressions Video like this and I’ll see you in the next one. I’m criminal side and I’m out

31 thoughts on “Deep Sea Survival Horror Game! – Narcosis (Playstation 4) [First Impressions]”

  1. Ever heard of the deep sea horror and survival game #narcosisgame? The game just dropped on #Playstation4, so here's my first impressions video! Thanks to Honor Code for the free key!

    This is an unconventional survival horror game, almost walking simulator, with some unique elements in it. The fact that the game is set in a deep sea environment is what makes it special in my opinion. The story and voice acting is almost on point, which makes it better!

    What do you think about this game? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

  2. I saw this available on the PlayStation store but I wasn’t super captivated by it honestly. It reminds me of subnautica but with a scary undertone

  3. Great video as always, dude! I've watched the whole thing and I can tell that I'm pretty impressed from this game as well. I've never heard of it, before this video!

  4. Awesome video my friend! This game seems interesting. I think the thought of giant underwater spiders is scarier than the game itself though LOL 😂 the voice acting sounded pretty good as well.

  5. Man, this game is super eerie! Really like the underwater aspect and the sound effects! Keep on making awesome videos 🤘

  6. Good gameplay. Intense music and sounds almost all the time.. was listening with headphones and left my ears slightly ringing… 😝
    looks like an interesting game to experience.

  7. Being in water like this is just scary to begin with and the music, sound effects and 1st person view make this game insanely scary but fun to watch!

  8. Narcosis is a really good and scary game. We played it not long ago on our channel. Great video my friend !

  9. Great survival horror game that should have gotten more attention! Great of you to feature this awesome indie undersea horror title!

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