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Dehydrated Savoy Cabbage from Nutristore

Dehydrated Savoy Cabbage from Nutristore

Hi I’m Cami and I want to talk about our
Nutristore Savoy cabbage not many people realize
just how flavorful and nutritious cabbage is and how easy it
is to incorporate into our meals Savoy cabbage is paired
well with fruits like Apples, salads, and with meats it can also be
roasted our sateed by itself with a little olive oil when it comes to
reconstitution this cabbage is similar to other dehydrated foods just add one part
cabbage and four cups boiling water and let
simmer for about 10 minutes savoy cabbage is a great addition to
any dish and will provide your family with the nutrition they need our Nutristore dehydrated cabbage is a
great option for your food storage

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