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Desert Survival – EATING CACTUS

Desert Survival – EATING CACTUS

barb so we decided to get up early this
morning to try to beat the heat and we’re doing some hiking but we’re also
looking person that we can eat Fuzzy’s once so this is a teddy bear Choya because it
looks so fuzzy and it’s got these little clumps and you kind of brush up on it oh
there you go up and gonna come right off and you’ll be walking your bug oh my
gosh your leg will be covered they’ll get you your barb so got these little glock heads still in
there free acupuncture Gregg if you were to
guess how old this cactus is right there how old would you say it takes about
6070 years to get first little arm so all of these are 100 years plus they
don’t grow real fast there’s two deer right there right there um there’s
another one over there and all the different characters have
really all you think stick come on chief all the different cactus have really
different bones in them go see if we can find some prickly pear bones may have
some Saguaro bones but this Troy ones are real common so here’s some old
Saguaro fruits in the early summer they’ll come and flower be white flower
and then turn into these juicy fruits that are all dried up but there’s some
bugs against some of them still people eat these trouble is trying to get them
down cuz it’s a little bit high up there to grab yeah they’re tasty what’s this
one this is jojoba I don’t know how they get
the oil but I think they take these little nuts I don’t know you could try
I don’t think so so this is a prickly pear aka nopales and they got their
little fruit these fruits are way too dried up but you can also eat the
nopales cell so we’re just gonna borrow one nopal pot here and try to cook it up
for breakfast later and we’ll cut it right at the base here these two get
connected now if they’re real fresh it’ll be easy
to cut off this one’s a little woody oh there we go
look at that oh yeah juicy here’s an old Saguaro we’ve seen better days we should
have more bones on top of it but these are federally protected so I’m gonna
break this off the whare bones people make furniture and stuff the Sun is
coming to get ourselves we’re gonna head back to the car and see if we can go
cook up the cactus see you a taste like all right so we came back to the house
and gray has prepared a wonderful breakfast for us so we have a bowl here
the cactus that’s just raw and so in order to get into that form we had to
put it on the stove and burn that whether they call it burn the block
heads off so he burned them first and then you cut them out cut them out and
then cut them up then you just cut them up and then it looks like this in the
bowl and then this bowl is the cactus mixed with some other vegetables what
else we have potatoes eggs mangoes don’t Josh little pastries little Mexican
pastries come on Ches cause it’ll attract a shell and these are called
beneath us it’s just pretty common all right to try the raw cactus first so
this is just raw uncooked you er good yeah a little sour yeah and it’s a good
amount of moisture in it as well you know when you say I vitamin Sina it does
taste like a citrusy no bomb is one but nopales would be like one nopales
like we cut off one no problem okay so I looked up some of the nutrient facts for
on-the-ball cactus single cup serving has 61 calories per serving a little
over one gram of protein less than one gram of total fat and over 14 grams of
carbohydrates also has five point four grams of dietary fiber healthy food
healthy food to eat and definitely if you were lost in the desert it would
keep you going – the spikes so yeah right probably higher you just don’t
know about it and if you have a knife you could just yeah so that’s high in
vitamin C rich in natural antioxidants it has an anti-inflammatory effect
we ain’t cactus today so if you’ve never had cactus try it out if you get the
chance and it’s pretty good and if you’re new to the channel push that
subscribe button all the way in and click the thumb war button and leave us
a comment down below and say hi we’ll see you later hats off to you

11 thoughts on “Desert Survival – EATING CACTUS”

  1. Impressive video recording! Here at Y&S FOOD! we love to discover this kind of contents. We make Travel & Food videos as well, around the world, and we are continually seeking inspirations and so ideas. Thank You.

  2. I once survived a week in the arctic with nothing more than a banana, 2 pounds of gerbil and a harmonica…. wait that was survivor man…

  3. Dude i just saw you. Sucks were stuck in traffic lmao

    I was in a hurry so i didnt went say hi sorry… Sarcasms freaking traffic

  4. That was very interesting seeing the Cactus cooking on the stove and then cutting the thorns off and being able to eat it. Thanks for sharing the fact about cactus growth and that it takes 60 years to grow one arm.

  5. Cool video. Can relate to escaping the heat. Grew up in Central Queensland (Austalia). Summer temps often hit over 100f mark. We regularly did stuff morning and afternoon out of the direct sun

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