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Did Jesus’ Writings Survive?

Did Jesus’ Writings Survive?

Perhaps the most influential figure in history
is Jesus Christ. Whether or not you believe he was the Son of God, you cannot deny history
has been shaped by people inspired by the world’s largest religion. That faith grew
out of the remarkable lessons he taught, and the miracles attributed to him. Christianity, like Judaism before it, is built
around holy scriptures. Yet many historians have puzzled for many decades over why Jesus
never put anything in writing. Or did he? Did Jesus’ Writings Survive? In 2013, Michael Paulkovich argued that the
absence of any writings by Jesus prove he did not really exist. Surely such a significant
religious leader, a deity made flesh no less, would leave proof of his existence behind
in the form of clearly written instructions for his followers? A lot of misinterpretation,
strife and death could have been avoided if generations of Christians had not had to argue
over which accounts of Jesus’ life were the most accurate. However, Candida Moss and Joel Baden argue
that we should not expect to have inherited writings by Jesus himself. Probability dictates
that the Messiah could not read or write. A study by William V. Harris estimates that
only about 5% of the population of the Holy Land in Jesus’ time were literate. We know that Jesus spoke Aramaic, because
it was the standard language spoken by Jews in the first century, and because there are
many Aramaic words preserved in the New Testament, especially in the books of Mark and Matthew.
But the original New Testament was written in Greek, which was the official language
of the elite. Scholars Chris Keith and Bart Ehrman both
argue that, since he was raised as a carpenter in an unimportant town in Judea, it is highly
unlikely that Jesus knew Greek, and therefore could not have contributed to the Bible in
writing. However, there is one document that might
have come from Jesus himself – a letter to an Arab king in Mesopotamia. King Abgar V died around A.D. 40, having ruled
from the city of Edessa for nearly three decades. He may have been one of the first Christian
kings in history, perhaps even during Jesus’ lifetime, according to a letter copied down
and shared around the Christian world during the middle ages. In the letter, the king says: “…to Jesus the good physician who has
appeared in the country of Jerusalem, greeting. I have heard of you and of your healing…
without medicines or herbs… that you make the blind to see and the lame to walk… that
you heal those afflicted with lingering disease, and raise the dead. And having heard all these
things concerning you, I have concluded that… you, who does these things, are the son of
God.” More incredibly, appended to the letter is
the reply from Jesus: “Blessed are you who have believed in me
without having seen me. For it is written concerning me, that they who have seen me
will not believe in me, and that they who have not seen me will believe and be saved…
I will send to you one of my disciples, that he may… give life to you and yours.” Were these words written down by Jesus Christ?
The earliest known example of the letter was read by the father of church history, bishop
Eusebius, in the fourth century, and he records he only saw a copy. Although Eusebius believed the letter is from
Jesus, the Church has never considered it real. The phrasing of the letter is suspiciously
similar to a second century compilation of the gospels by Syrian theologian Tatian. Regardless
of whether or not the letter to King Abgar is genuine, Eusebius says Jesus dictated his
reply to a messenger, and did not write it himself. However, there is strong evidence in Bible
that Jesus could write. The book of Luke, chapter four verses sixteen
to twenty-one, says Jesus could read Hebrew Scriptures: “On the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue,
as was his custom. He stood up to read, and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed
to him. Unrolling it, he found the place where it is written: ‘The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
Because he has anointed me To proclaim good news to the poor…’ Then he rolled up the scroll, gave it back
to the attendant and sat down.” Furthermore, the book of John, chapter eight
verses three to nine, tell us Jesus could write: “The Pharisees brought in a woman caught
in adultery… and said to Jesus… ‘In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women.
Now what do you say?’… Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his
finger… and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to
throw a stone at her.” Again he stooped down and wrote on the ground.” We do not know what Jesus wrote on the ground,
and this passage is disputed by many scholars, but at least from the Bible’s perspective
it is confirmed he was able to write. Yet if he could, why did he not leave any writings
behind? Well, practically speaking, there was no need
for him to do so. Jesus may have been one of the 5% who could read and write, but he
was preaching to the 95%. His followers were poor, disadvantaged and rural. Like overturning
tables in the temple, healing the sick, or dying on the cross, Jesus in the Bible spoke
through his actions as much as his voice. His audience did not need written prose to
believe in him. We can say with certainty that no writings
by Jesus have survived into the modern day. We can say that Jesus could possibly read
and write. We can only speculate that he ever actually wrote any document, even if it was
just a short note. As history has shown, Jesus’ message had
such power that it echoed across the world without his having to write it down. The passion
of his followers was, and still is, enough.

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  1. Good video. Fascinating. I think the reason why Christ didn't write any of his teachings down is so that people will use their free will to decide whether they'll follow the word of God or not.

  2. My Channel shows that humans can see God's omnipresent face literally eyes nose mouth and beard. In Luke chapter 17 verse 24 Jesus says that the son of man will be like the light that shines from lightning from one end of the sky to the other, in his day. Aka omnipresent

  3. Jesus never existed. Wake the fuck up. Research who really wrote it. For fuck sakes enough of these lies. Might as well make the Gospel of NASA

  4. I’m sorry, but I just can’t watch any videos like these. I can’t take anyone that believes Jesus actually existed seriously. After all, his story is just just a badly told soap opera. Like are these people retarded? The answer is most certainly yes. Yes they are and should be ashamed of themselves for believing such nonsense.

  5. why did Jesus never put anything in writing…. that beats the purpose of having 12 apostles, thousands of people watching his miracles does it?

  6. if Jesus died by lethal injection instead on the cross, would everyone wear hypodermic needles around their necks instead of a crosses?

  7. That didn’t prove he wasn’t real. See, many just handle the truth. No mater what proof they just don’t want him to be real is what it is.. many people have lived with out one single wringings YESHUA lives now what you talking about.. that’s my brother right there. Died for me to save my life I’ll do the same for him anyday

  8. First of all Jesus IS the son of God and he is not white he is Jewish which means he couldn't be white.

  9. He was born in Jerusalem. Jesus had disciples that followed him. There purpose was to learn his ways, to teach his ways to others, and to write about Jesus's life because he was going to die. They wrote the books in the Bible because God told them to and Jesus came to earth to die for US!

  10. As a Catholic, I don't think Jesus wrote, he spoke the word, and people such as Matthew his disciple wrote it down, and I believe it was either mark or John who was a friend of Peter that wrote down his teachings, while Luke, a friend of Paul wrote down the version he heard from the witnesses, keep in mind this would be less than 60 years after the resurrection, so there would be people alive who saw Jesus, the average life expectancy was low, but that is due to child mortality and death by childbirth, if you lived to be an adolescent, you would likely live a good long life into your 70s

  11. Christ our Lord told the truth about God. He knew the Law. The came not to change the Law but to verify the Law. Matthew 5:17-18 Jesus says : Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. — For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.— Jesus is God the Son, second part of the Godhead therefore He IS the Word of God. God wrote the bible through apostles, prophets and disciples therefore Jesus wrote and it is still alive today. The Law can never be destroyed…. Isaiah 40: 8 the prophet , Isaiah says:
    the word of our God will stand forever.

  12. There is plenty of evidence to suggest Jesus could read and write. In the infancy Gospel of thomas Jesus is able to read and write also

  13. "For it was been written" – The New Testament wasn't written until after his death. 30 years after his death. By people that had never met him.

  14. Son of God who turns water to wine yet we question rather he learned to write and read. anyone else see where our logic is here. lmao humans. idiots.

  15. HOLY FUCK WHAT IF what if jesus was an alien sent to earth to act as gods son himself and him using his alien powers to heal people when really god himself is the creator aka more aliens hahahahahahaha lol this is just bullshit I just made up.

  16. Lol Jesus definitely knew how to read and write one or more languages. He was known to have a deep understanding of scripture from a very young age. I think it's more likely that he had time to read scripture than he had time to memorize them as they were spoken.

    But also history on Jesus is so foggy that all of this speculation is utterly pointless. Maybe we would know more about our past if governments took a vested interest in saving archaeological findings to preserve and teach the public. I still think ISIS destroying those Sumerian artifacts was a crime against humanity itself.

  17. Jesus can't read or write? He was a Rabbi, How do you think he knew the Bible so well? Maybe he figured he didn't have to go through with the trouble of writing anything down after He rose from the dead, went to The Father and sent His Spirit to those who believe in Him to then make the largest Faith Movement in the World.. These people are so callus with their arrogance.

  18. Quote he must be alien not from this world I don't even believe in this or bible its fake man written and brain washed people

  19. The Vatican withholds information from the people to suit ther own agendas, I believe that the messiah would have done so, after all he was God carnate so to say he cudnt read or write is blasphemy

  20. In 4:55 when the Pharisees challenged Jesus about the law and He stoop down to write on the ground. I believe its as if Jesus is saying, "I know the law, I wrote it Myself". Remember when God wrote the 10 commandments.

  21. Find me any book that gets prophecy exactly correct 💯 percent of the time then we can compare the cults and “man made religions”. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, no one can come to the Father in Heaven except by Him and him alone. The BIBLE is the only true book there is on Earth and is the #1 seller, always has been and always will be. The Lord wants all to be saved and none to perish, He gave his life at Calvary to save any who just simply believe and give up their sinful pasts. I pray that you find your way and study the bible starting with the Book of John.

  22. Jesus gave his work to men, they were his witnesses. Paul, Peter, John, Matthew… Jesus is the only way, God gave his Son for us. Which father can watch his son's death? But God did it for us. Not because he loves Jesus less than he loves us, but because he knew that Jesus is the way, the perfect way. He changed my life,
    Let him do the same to you.

  23. guy has an all powerful entity as a dad on a world created by such he can turn water into wine and all that other bollocks but he can't read and write??? haha hahaha the bible is such a transparent manipulation it's almost laughable. the only reason it's so good and hard to dismantle is because so many idiots exist throughout the ages and today. even enough to fool some actual intelligent people who in turn realised the influence it could hold and or just put their creative additions towards it. like many false legends and myths, once you find one fundamental flaw the rest of it unfolds yet people still believe in the loch Ness monster even though it's entirely founded from lies. much the same as clairvoyants and psychics, which was started by 2 twins who openly admitted it was all a hoax, yet people pay an arm and leg for people to violate and discreetly ridicule their gullibility. it should be a crime to be dumb punishable by death

  24. i have to debunk you that king abgar wasn't arab at all, he was a Syriac speaking king probably from Aramean origin.

  25. The Bible was written by man man has destroyed the Bible by taking parts of it out if you'd have a manual in your vehicle and you tear Pages out you're not going to be able to fix it properly same with the Bible man is corrupted Man by the Bible itself prove me wrong

  26. You would think that Jesus has the knowledge of God and all that God says and does and God didn't give him the ability to read and write being a superior being with a poor father can't convey your word without teaching your son to read and write before

  27. No he never existed. Go watch zeitgeist it's free on YouTube. If you still believe in jesus after that then there's no helping you anyway

  28. You have no excuse if it really happened the entire literate 5% would have written it down
    It would have been proclaimed everywhere to people who could hear but it is in the bible
    And let the stories of stealing talking donkeys 🦓 and walking on water spit and mud to heal blindness the list goes on and it all was added unto itself from the vain imaginations of writers from 30AD on
    The Jesus of peace? did you hear him say if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one?

  29. The man could walk on water and raise people from the dead, I’m pretty sure he could read and write or even fly.

  30. There is a story of him writing something in sand. He knew scriptures so he had to be able to read, usually if you learn to read you also learn how to write some.

  31. So lemme get this straight. He could recite bible verses from memory but couldn’t read or write? I find that unlikely.

  32. There’s we’re protesters at the Garden state plaza once
    They kept trying to tell me Jesus wouldn’t accept me into heaven…..

  33. Jesus could not write. However, he had many people around him and i am very sure someone of them helped him to write.

  34. No actual writing everything is according to this and that, there's 40 or more authors assumed this actually said and done by Jesus…why Jesus didn't just flick his finger? then the holy book appears, then said to them here you go read it and spread the word, one for you Peter one for you Paul one for you Judas…

  35. The sun can’t write. Jesus is a metaphor for the sun. And is therefore separate from what the supreme god represents, but he was probably the sun originally because very early humans worshipped the sun. That’s the truth, stop believing in fairy tales.

  36. Jesus the virgin birth miracle make Christ did not exist however, Yeshua did, study the history of the Ebionites and the Nazarians.

  37. If you dont believe in jesus your an idiot, go to church for a 1 month and youll see the change 🙏🙏amen

  38. Jesus' Writings are kept hidden and it is much He wrote, yes even entire scrolls. He wrote one Torah scroll, which is still preserved.

  39. Maybe he couldn't read or write in Greek, but I expect he could do so in the Hebrew language. I'm not sure if that's called Hebrew or Yiddish or something else.
    If he's a teacher, he studied.
    He also came from the line of King David. No matter how far the line sank into poverty, surely they would retain the pride of being able to read and write.

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